Curriculum &
      Professional Development


CUR-F003     Professional Development Evaluation

CUR-F004     Study Group Proposal

CUR-F005     Study Group Verification of Completion

CUR-F006     Design Your Own Professional Development Experience

CUR-F007     Design Your Own Verification of Completion

CUR-F008     Request for CEU Equivalents

CUR-F009     CEU Equivalent Credits – Verification of Completion

CUR-F010     Technology CEUs Waiver Application

CUR-F011     Technology CEUs Waiver

CUR-F012     Professional Development Leave Request

CUR-F013     Textbook Evaluation for New Adoptions

CUR-F030     School Leader Evaluation Plan Goals

CUR-F031     Log of Mid-Year School Leader Conference with Evaluator

CUR-F032     School Leader Year-End Evaluation

CUR-F040     Goal Setting Form – Summative Evaluation Year

CUR-F041     Teacher Observation Report

CUR-F043     Summative Evaluation End-of-Year

CUR-F044     Professional Learning Plan

CUR-F045     Professional Learning End-of-Year Evaluation

CUR-F046     Field Trip Medical Form

CUR-F047     Field Trip Activity Worksheet

CUR-F049     Field Trip Permission Slip

CUR-F050     Teacher Input to Summative Evaluation End-of-Year Report

CUR-F051     Overnight Conference Request

CUR-F052     Appeal Request Worksheet

CUR-F053     Assistance Plan

CUR-F054     Appeal Summary

CUR-F055     Structured Assistance or Intensive Assistance

CUR-F056     Request for Release of Information - High School

CUR-P001     Professional Development and Evaluation Procedure

CUR-P002     Continuing Education Unit Guidelines

CUR-P003     Certified School Leader Evaluation Procedure

CUR-P004     Certified Teacher Evaluation

CUR-P005     New Textbook Procedures

CUR-P006     New Curriculum Procedure

CUR-P007     State Mandated Testing Procedure

CUR-P013     Regional Day Field Trip

CUR-P014     Overnight Field Trip

CUR-P015     Computers or Peripherals for Replacement and/or Disposal

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