Master List, (all)


ACC-F001  Petty Cash Fund
ACC-F002 Journal Entry
ACC-P001 Petty Cash
ACC-P002 Fiscal Year Budget Salaried Employee
ACC-P003 State and Federal Reporting Procedure
ACC-P004 Monitoring of School and Department Budgets
ACC-P005 General Ledger Reconciliation
ACC-P006 Operating Budget
ACC-P007 ED111 Cash Disbursement Reporting
ACC-P010 AS400 Grants JE
ACC-P011 Customer Safekeeping of Personal Property


ADM-F001 Permission to Disclose Confidential Information re: HIV/AIDS
ADM-F002 Advertising/Sponsorship Proposal Form
ADM-F003 Advertising/Sponsorship Contract
ADM-F004 Notice of Intent/Instruction of Student at Home
ADM-F005 Application for Sponsors of Benefits and Civic Activities
ADM-F007 Evaluation of Coaches
ADM-F008 Travel Release Form (Athletics Only)
ADM-F009 Use of District Equipment/Employee Sign-Out Sheet
ADM-F010 Student Sign-Out Sheet/BOE Property
ADM-F012 Approval for Student Fundraising
ADM-F013 Student Fundraiser Cash Report
ADM-F015-A Student Report form - Bullying - Grades K-5
ADM-F015-B Student Report form - Bullying - Grade 6-12
ADM-F015-C Employee Report form - Bullying
ADM-F016 Investigation Checklist - Bullying
ADM-F017 Investigation Summary report - Bullying
ADM-F018-A Letter to Parent-Allegation - Bullying
ADM-F018-B Letter to Parent-Verified act - Bullying
ADM-F018-C Letter to Parent-UNverified act - Bullying
ADM-F019 Verified Bullying Log
ADM-F023 Board Agenda Reporting Form
ADM-F024 Athletic Permission/Emergency Authorization
ADM-F025 Flyer Distribution
ADM-F026 Verification of Liability Insurance
ADM-F027 Travel Release Form/General
ADM-F028 Student Drop Out Survey
ADM-F029 School Withdrawal Form
ADM-F032 Parent/Guardian Report form - Bullying
ADM-F033 Appendix IV Automated External Defibrillator Notification Letter
ADM-F034 Request for Out-of-Attendance Area Enrollment form
ADM-P001 Initiation/Creation of Policies
ADM-P002 Home Schooling
ADM-P003 Initiation/Creation of Procedures
ADM-P004 Evaluation and Termination of Athletic Coaches
ADM-P005 Wellness
ADM-P006 BOE Property Inventory Control (School/Student)
ADM-P007 Borrowing of District Equipment by BOE Employees               
ADM-P008 Addition of a District-Sanctioned Sport
ADM-P009 Deletion of a District-Sanctioned Sport
ADM-P011 Approval for Student Fundraising
ADM-P013 Addition of a District-Sanctioned Student Activity
ADM-P014 Automated External Defibrillators
ADM-P1322 Flyer Distribution/Benefits & Contests
ADM-P1325 Advertising/Sponsorship
ADM-P1330/20 Sports Camps
ADM-P2000 Concepts and Roles in Administration
ADM-P2111 Equal Employment
ADM-P2113 Assignment and Transfer of Building Administrators
ADM-P2121 Lines of Responsibility
ADM-P2130 Job Descriptions
ADM-P2140 Superintendent of Schools
ADM-P2141 Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent
ADM-2151 Hiring School Administrators
ADM-2151.2 Compensation Guides and Contracts for Administrators
ADM-P2210 Administrative Leeway in Absence of BOE Policy
ADM-P2220 Representative and Deliberative Groups
ADM-P2231 Policy and Regulation Systems
ADM-P2400 Evaluation of Administrators and Administration
ADM-P3260 Business Sales and Disposal of Textbooks/Library Books
ADM-P3260a Business Sales and Disposal of Furniture and Equipment
ADM-P3542 Food Services
ADM-P3542.31 Free or Reduced Price Lunches
ADM-P3542.33 Food Sales other than National School Lunch Program
ADM-P4000 Certified/Non-Certified Concepts and Roles in Personnel
ADM-P4111 Certified Recruitment and Selection
ADM-P4111.1/4211.1 Certified/Non-Certified Equal Employment Opportunity
ADM-P4112.4/4212.4 Certified/Non-Certified Health Exam/Chest X-ray/Intradermal Test
ADM-P4112.6/4212.6 Certified/Non-Certified Personnel Records 
ADM-P4117.4a/4217.4 Certified/Non-Certified Dismissal/Suspension
ADM-P4117.4bc/4217.4 Certified/Non-Certified Dismissal/Suspension Just Cause
ADM-P4118.112a-b/4218.112 Certified/Non-Certified Sexual Harassment
ADM-P4118.14/4218.14 Certified/Non-Certified Disabilities
ADM-P4118.141/4218.141 Certified/Non-Certified Disabilities Medical Examinations
ADM-P4118.142 Certified/Non-Certified Disabilities
ADM-P5111 Students Admission/Placement
ADM-P5112 Students Ages of Attendance/Required Ages of Attendance
ADM-P5131.8b Athletic/Extracurricular Activities Code of Conduct
ADM-P5131.9 Fighting and Assaults
ADM-P5141.24a-e Students with HIV/AIDS
ADM-5141.25 Managing Students With Food Allergies in School
ADM-5141.5a-e Suicide Prevention and Intervention

  Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable

APAR-F001 Transfer Request Form
APAR-F002 Mileage Report and Mileage Chart
APAR-F003 Check Request
APAR-F004 Student Activity Check Request Memo
APAR-F005 Student Activity Unpaid Check Request Memo
APAR-F006 Student Activity Purchase Order Request Form
APAR-F007 Student Activity Transfer Request
APAR-F010 Reading Partnership Mini-Grant Student Activity Check Request
APAR-F011 Reading Partnership Mini-Grant Payroll Request Form
APAR-F012 Technology Purchase Approval
APAR-F016 Student Activity Fund Deposit Record Form
APAR-F017 Tuition Accounts Students Activity Fund Deposit Record Form
APAR-F019 Student Activity Vendor Request Form
APAR-F020 Student Activity Fund Ticket Accountability Record Form
APAR-F021 District Reimbursement Form
APAR-F022 Parsons Perks Student Activity Deposit Record Form
APAR-F023 FYVE Special Functions Form
APAR-F024 Student Activity RLCC Order
APAR-F025 Student Activity Fund Petty Cash Reimbursement Form
APAR-F026 Student Activity Fund Purchase Order Request Form - JAY ROWE
APAR-P001 Student Activity Funds Procedure
APAR-P002 Student Activity Funds Recordkeeping
APAR-P003 Student Activity Funds Tuition Self Funded
APAR-P005 Purchase Order Processing Procedure
APAR-P006 Travel Reimbursement
APAR-P010 Requisition Approval Processing
APAR-P011 Purchase Order Payment
APAR-P013 School-Based Bank Deposits
APAR-P014 High School Bookkeeping Procedures


BEN-F012 HIPAA Authorization PHI
BEN-F021 Qualifying Event Notice Information (Employee Send to Benefits Coord)
BEN-P001 New Hires Benefits Procedure
BEN-P002 Termination of Employee
BEN-P003 Retirement Over 65 Procedure
BEN-P004 Open Enrollment Procedure
BEN-P005 Medical/Life/Long-Term Disability Billing Procedure
BEN-P006 Retirement Under 65 Procedure
BEN-P007 Medicare Reimbursement Procedure

 Curriculum/Professional Development

CUR-F003 Professional Development Evaluation
CUR-F004 Study Group Proposal
CUR-F005 Study Group Verification of Completion
CUR-F006 Design Your Own Professional Development Experience
CUR-F007 Design Your Own Verification of Completion
CUR-F008 Request for CEU Equivalents
CUR-F009 CEU Equivalent Credits - Verification of Completion
CUR-F010 Technology CEUs Waiver Application
CUR-F011 Technology CEUs Waiver
CUR-F012 Professional Development Leave Request
CUR-F013 Textbook Evaluation for New Adoptions
CUR-F030 School Leader Evaluation Plan Goals
CUR-F031 Log of Mid-Year School Leader Conference with Evaluator
CUR-F032 School Leader Year-End Evaluation
CUR-F040 Goal Setting Form - Summative Evaluation Year
CUR-F041 Teacher Observation Report
CUR-F043 Summative Evaluation End-of-Year
CUR-F044 Professional Learning Plan
CUR-F045 Professional Learning End-of-Year Evaluation
CUR-F046 Field Trip Medical Form
CUR-F047 Field Trip Activity Worksheet
CUR-F049 Field Trip Permission Slip
CUR-F050 Teacher Input to Summative Evaluation End-of-Year Report
CUR-F051 Overnight Conference Request
CUR-F052 Appeal Request Worksheet
CUR-F053 Assistance Plan
CUR-F054 Appeal Summary
CUR-F055 Structured Assistance or Intensive Assistance
CUR-F056 Request for Release of Information - High School
CUR-P001 Professional Development and Evaluation Procedure
CUR-P002 Continuing Education Unit Guidelines
CUR-P003 Certified School Leader Evaluation Procedure
CUR-P004 Certified Teacher Evaluation
CUR-P005 New Textbook Procedures
CUR-P006 New Curriculum Procedure
CUR-P007 State Mandated Testing Procedure
CUR-P013 Regional Day Field Trip
CUR-P014 Overnight Field Trip
CUR-P015 Computers or Peripherals for Replacement and/or Disposal


CUS-F001 Room Cleaning Checklist
CUS-F002 Lavatory Inspection
CUS-F003 Classroom Inspection Checklist
CUS-F004 Corridor, Stairwell and Vestibule Checklist
CUS-F006 Kitchen Inspection Checklist
CUS-F007 Multi-Purpose Room Inspection Checklist
MTC-F001 Indoor Air Quality Complaint and Site Inspection Form
MTC-F004 Application for Use of Public School Building
MTC-F005  Custodial Supplies
MTC-F006 Custodial Survey
MTC-F007 Maintenance Survey
MTC-F008 Backflow Prevention Device Inspection and Maintenance Report Form
MTC-F009 Instructions to Coaches and Advisors Using School Facilities Outside Normal Hours
MTC-F010 Coaches/Advisors Sign-In Log
CUS-P001 Summer Clean Up Procedure
CUS-P002 Custodial Supervisor Inspection of Site Procedure
CUS-P003 Custodial Vacation Duties Procedure
CUS-P004 Groundskeeping for Middle and Elementary Schools
MTC-P001 Maintenance Work Order
MTC-P002 Indoor Air Quality Complaint Process
MTC-P003 Maintenance Inventory Disposal
MTC-P005 Custodial Ordering and Delivery
MTC-P006 Mail Handling
MTC-P007 Calibration Backflow Tester
MTC-P008 Use of Public Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment
MTC-P009 Use of Facilities by Coaches and Advisors
  Work Instruction
CUS-W001 Summer Clean Up Work Instruction


FSD-F001 New Employee Requirements Checklist
FSD-F002 Foodservice Employee Evaluation
FSD-F003 Payroll Change Notice
FSD-F004 New Hire Checklist
FSD-F005 Foodservice - Substitute Information - New Hire
FSD-F006 Memo to Personnel Dept. RE: Fingerprints/TB
FSD-F007 Free/Reduced Meal Application
FSD-F008 Milford Foodservice Answers to School Lunch
FSD-F009 Refrigeration and Freezer Time and Temperature
FSD-F010 Lunch Request
FSD-F011 Thermometer Calibration Log
FSD-P001 Foodservice Substitute Application and Hiring
FSD-P002 Free/Reduced Meal Process
FSD-P003 School Lunch Payment Procedure
FSD-P005 Cash Handling Procedure
FSD-P006 Verification for Free/Reduced Meal
FSD-P007 Cooking Potentially Hazardous Foods
FSD-P008 Cooling Potentially Hazardous Foods
FSD-P009 Holding Potentially Hazardous Foods
FSD-P010 Using and Calibrating a Thermometer
  Work Instruction
FSD-W001 Verification of Credit Card Deposit
FSD-W002  Measurement and Calibration of Equipment

  Information Systems

ISD-P002 Help Desk Procedure
ISD-P006 Daily Attendance Procedure
ISD-P007 Personal Computer Backup


PAY-F001 Substitute Time Record
PAY-F002 Sign-Out Sheet for Paychecks
PAY-F003 Teachers Covering for Teachers - Time Record
PAY-F006 Leave Request
PAY-F008 Payroll Direct Deposit Form
PAY-F010 Tax Sheltered Annuity Adjustment Form
PAY-F012 Payroll Warrant - Grants Payroll
PAY-F014 Miscellaneous Special Payroll Authorization
PAY-P001 Payroll Processing
PAY-P002 Direct Deposit Procedure
PAY-P003 Garnishment Procedure
PAY-P004 Teachers Retirement Board Procedure
PAY-P005 Payroll Deduction Procedure
PAY-P007 Tax Shelter Annuity Procedure
PAY-P008 Payroll Absence Reporting Procedure
PAY-P009 Student Activity Funds Payroll & Benefits
PAY-P010 Leave Requests
PAY-P011 Miscellaneous Jobs Payroll
  Work Instruction
PAY-W001 Payroll Processing of Personnel Action Notices (PAN)

  Personnel/Human Resources

PER-F001 Personnel Alert Request
PER-F002 Coaching Interview Format
PER-F003 Employee Application for Internally Posted Position
PER-F004 Payroll Action Request
PER-F005 Degree Change Acknowledgement Letter
PER-F008 Exit Interview Survey
PER-F009 Degree Change Letter - Late
PER-F010 Student Teacher Request
PER-F011 Student Teacher Preliminary Placement
PER-F012 Student Teacher Placement Confirmation
PER-F015 Board Appointment Letter
PER-F018 Application for Employment
PER-F019 Drug/Alcohol-Free Workplace Acknowledgement Form
PER-F020 Electronic Mail Usage
PER-F021 Sexual Harassment Policy
PER-F023 Paraprofessional Evaluation
PER-F024 Secretarial Evaluation
PER-F025 Custodial Evaluation
PER-F026 Probationary Period Evaluation Memo
PER-F028 School Nurse Evaluation
PER-F029 Memo to Administrators re: Evaluation of Secretaries
PER-F030 Memo to Principals re: Evaluation
PER-F031 Substitute Teacher Profile Data Sheet
PER-F035 Request for Substitute
PER-F036 Monthly Record of Intern Usage
PER-F038 Memo to Employee re: Deadline for Fingerprints/TB Test
PER-F039  Memo to State of CT re: Fingerprinting
PER-F040  Reminder Fingerprint Memo
PER-F041 Reminder Letter to Substitutes re: Fingerprinting/TB Test
PER-F043 Letter to Coaches Regarding Paperwork Due
PER-F046 Memo Paperwork 1st Notice to Teacher
PER-F047 Paperwork Follow-up for Teachers - 2nd Notice
PER-F048 Paperwork Follow-up for Teachers - 3rd Notice
PER-F049 Letter to Volunteer Coaches
PER-F052 Para-Educator Data Sheet
PER-F053 Sick Leave Bank
PER-F054 Web 2.0
PER-F055 Employee ID Badge Procedure Acknowledgement
PER-F056 Employee Identification Badge Request
PER-F057 Staff Emergency Information Sheet
PER-F058 Substitute Secretary Profile Data Sheet
PER-F059 Substitute ParaEducator Profile Data Sheet
PER-F060 Itinerant Teacher Schedule
PER-P001 Substitute Teacher Application and Hiring Process
PER-P003 Retiree Recognition Letter Procedure
PER-P004 Recruitment
PER-P005 Varsity Head Coach Recruitment and Hiring Procedure
PER-P006 Degree Change Procedure
PER-P007 Payroll Action Notification (PAN)
PER-P008 Exit Interview Survey Procedure
PER-P009 Grievance Procedure
PER-P010 Non-Renewal of Non-Tenured Teacher Contracts
PER-P012 Employee Identification Badge
   Work Instruction
PER-W001 Job Posting Work Instruction
PER-W002 Annual Administrators' Salary Agreements
PER-W003 Annual Evaluation of Para-Educators, Secretaries, Nurses
PER-W004 Annual Teachers' Salary Agreements
PER-W005 Strategic School Profile
PER-W006 New Teacher Employment Verification
PER-W007 Student Teacher Placement
PER-W008 Intern Placement
PER-W010 Monthly Personnel Activity Reporting to the BOE
PER-W012 New Hire
PER-W017 Processing of Unemployment Claims
PER-W018 Probationary Period Evaluations for Para-Educators/Secy's/Media Aides/Custodians

  Pupil Personnel Services (Special Education)

PPS-F002 Homeless Students Questionnaire
PPS-F003 Affadavit of Residency #1
PPS-F004 Affadavit of Residency #2
PPS-F005 Affadavit of Residency #3
PPS-F006 Student Residency Questionnaire
PPS-F007 Proof of Residency for Purpose of School Attendance
PPS-F012 Transfer of Confidential Information
PPS-F014 Incident Report of Seclusion
PPS-F015 Incident Report of Physical Restraint
PPS-F018   Crisis Reporting Forms
PPS-P001 Parent Referral for Special Education Services
PPS-P002 School Referral Process for Special Education
PPS-P003 Evaluation of Student Referral to Special Education
PPS-P004 Re-evaluation of Student for Special Education
PPS-P005 Decision on Independent Educational Evaluation
PPS-P006 Individualized Education Program Meeting
PPS-P007 Special Education Transfer Students
PPS-P008 Special Education Student Placement
PPS-P010 Residency


PUR-F002 Inventory Disposal Form
PUR-F004 New Vendor Request Form
PUR-F005 Student Accident Report
PUR-F006 Athletic Injury Report Form
PUR-F008 Incident/Issue Report for Students
PUR-F009 Incident/Accident Report for General Public
PUR-F012 Student Activity Funds - New Vendor Request Form
PUR-F013 Vendor Service Form
PUR-P001 Bid Procedure
PUR-P002 Inventory Disposal
PUR-P003 Athletic Accident/Insurance Procedure
PUR-P004 Vendor Qualification and Evaluation Procedure
PUR-P005 Accident/Incident for Students and/or General Public Procedure
PUR-P006 Vendor Number Assignment


SAF-F001 Emergency Evacuation Plan for Person with Accommodations
SAF-P002 Elementary Students' Safety on School Buses While Utilizing Backpacks
SAF-P003 Emergency Evacuation Plan for Person Requiring Accommodations


TRN-F001 Request for Bus Stop/Route Changes/Additions/Deletions
TRN-F002 Bus Accident/Incident Form
TRN-F003 Application for Non-Eligible Resident Students Regarding Bus Transportation
TRN-P001 Regular Education Students Grades K-12 Bus Route Scheduling
TRN-P002 Accident/Incident Report for School Buses
TRN-P003 Transportation Route Changes K-12 Grade all School Regular
TRN-P004 Transportation Student Conduct/Complaint
TRN-P005 Application for Non-Eligible Resident Students


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