BOE Executive Limitations

The 18 documents in the Executive Limitations section of Policy Governance focus on the specific way in which the Superintendent must approach his obligations in this leadership role.

EL-1: Global Executive Constraint

Defines the fact that the Superintendent cannot knowingly allow or cause any illegal, unsafe, or imprudent practice to take place in the district.

EL-2: Treatment of Parents and Community

EL-2 describes the Superintendent's responsibilities and methods used in communicating with parents and guardians of Milford Public School students.

EL-3: Staff Treatment

EL-3 talks about the Superintendent's responsibilities in his interactions with staff members, most notably with regard to employment practice.

EL-4: Staff Compensation

EL-4 defines the involvement of the Superintendent with regard to benefits and compensation of Milford Public Schools employees.

EL-5: Staff Evaluation

EL-5 defines the linkage between employee performance and student achievement of the Ends Policies.

EL-6: Financial Planning/Budgeting

EL-6 defines the Superintendent's approach toward producing an annual budget and financial plan.

EL-7: Financial Administration

EL-7 defines the Superintendent's requirement to abide by and communicate all budget-related activity, as dictated by the annual adopted budget.

EL-8: Asset Protection

EL-8 talks about the Superintendent's responsibility to protect and monitor the assets of the district, specifically equipment and funds.

EL-9: Facilities

EL-9 addresses the fact that the Superintendent is responsible for ensuring the district's facilities and properties are preserved.  Funding for such work must be spent wisely and according to priority.

EL-10: Emergency Superintendent Succession

EL-10 defines the steps that must be taken in the case of a sudden loss of a Superintendent.

EL-11: Accomplishments Reporting to the Public

This policy details the type and frequency with which the Superintendent must communicate student achievement. 

EL-12: Commitment to Accomplishment and Accountability

EL-12 defines the relationship between student performance and it's relationship to each individual school's Academic Improvement Plan.

EL-13: Instructional Program

Based on the Board's Ends policies and the requirements of the Academic Improvement Plan, the instructional program needs to flexible in order to meet those requirements.  EL-13 defines how revisions are to be made.

EL-14: Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption

This policy defines the manner in which textbooks and other instructional materials are reviewed, replaced and/or updated throughout the district.

EL-15: School Year Calendar

This policy defines the process in which the annual school calendar is developed and distributed.

EL-16: Treatment of Students

EL-16 addresses the responsibility of the Superintendent with regard to the rights and expectations of all Milford Public School students. 

EL-17: Communication and Counsel to the Board

This policy details the frequency and manner in which the Superintendent is expected to communicate with the board.

EL-18: Decision-Making Process

This policy delineates the process used throughout the district for decision-making.  This policy is directly based on the district's ProMS-PO-10, a guiding document of the Process Management System followed by the district.

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