BOE Board-Staff Linkage

There are four Board-Staff Linkage documents in place (BSL).  These define the connections between the elected Board of Education, as a body, and the Superintendent of Schools.

BSL-1: Global/Governance-Management Connection

BSL-1 defines the single link between the BOE and the Milford Public Schools as going through the Superintendent of Schools.

BSL-2: Unity of Control

BSL-2 defines the fact that the Board must act as a single unit in its work with the Superintendent.  All decisions, requests, and instructions made to the Superintendent are made by, and with the full endorsement of, the Board, not by individuals.

BSL-3: Delegation to the Superintendent

BSL-3 defines how the Board develops or changes policies over time and how the Superintendent may proceed when these changes are made.

BSL-4: Monitoring Superintendent Performance

BSL-4 discusses the performance evaluation instrument the Board will use to evaluate the Superintendent. 

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