3rd Grade Science Collection

How Rocks are Formed

Discover how rocks are formed.  Info and examples are shown for sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks.

Let's Go Prospecting

Ever wonder what mineral resources are mined in the United States?  Click on this link for a state-by-state look at mining.

Mars Madness

Get stamps for your Martian passport by reading passages about this planet.  Once you've collected all your stamps -- you are on a fun journey to Mars!

NASA for Kids

A wonderful variety of skills, levels, puzzles and topics.


This website includes information and activities about the sun, the moon, the planets, asteroids, and stars.

Zoom School

A vast collection of links about the planets, the solar system, and activities about space.

Enchanted Learning: Our Solar System

Basic information about the planets and our solar system, along with a collection of additional web links.

Your Weight on other Worlds

Ever wonder what you might weigh on Mars or the Moon?  A fun site.

Your Age on other Planets

Ever wonder what your age might be on another planet? Planets don't all rotate at the same rate.  See how this fact affects your age beyond Planet Earth!

Science Monster

Unleash the beast! As a science monster you will have the ability to take a tour of Mars, watch a Movie of the Day, go on a World Watch and much more.  Lots of fun.

Photos of Planets from NASA

Sponsored by NASA, check out these photos of planets both near and far.

Google: Solar System

A controlled set of links about the solar system.

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