In Milford, we use a software application called Fastt Math.  This application enables students to practice their skills at home.  Students can access this site by clicking on the link here:


Cool Math Games

This site offers lots of fun activities for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, and games and puzzles!  Check it out!

A+ Math

Lots of unique offerings here -- this site has a flashcard series, math 'word find' puzzles, lots of games and worksheets to use to brush up on your math skills.

Math Cyberchallenge

Want to get better with math facts? This is the place to go! Specifically designed in a game format, this site helps students develop speed and accuracy in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Speed Math Deluxe

Here's a site for kids who are comfortable with math facts and are now in the beginning stages of writing equations.  A nice 'tournament play' feature lets kids play against each other.


This one is FUN! Using a space explorer theme, visitors are asked to blast asteroids using their knowledge of math facts.  There's also a worksheet creator and a game template to make your own math fun.

A Maths Dictionary for Kids

An animated interactive dictionary for kids explaining more than 600 common math terms in simple language.

Math Playground

One stop shopping!  This site features a wide variety of math topics.  Math games, flash cards, worksheets, word problems, logic puzzles, fractions and much, much more!

Stop the Clock Game

An easy way to help kids practice matching time in words to time as seen on a clock.  Fun, game-style format.

Elapsed Time

This program uses a flash card format.  Look at the start time and the end time and try to figure out how much time will pass from beginning to end.

Match Clocks

Two clocks -- one shows the stanrdard face with hands, the other shows a digital clock reading.  Your challenge is to adjust the clocks so they both show the same time! Great for kids who need to brush up on the concept of time.

Disaster Math

This word problem site was developed by FEMA.  Solve various weather-related word problems as you work through floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and more! 

Ask Dr. Math

This wonderful site provides assistance to students of all ages -- from elementary right through to high school -- on ANY math subject possible!  Interactive question area and a gallery of archived questions and answers are extremely helpful.

Algebra Homework Helper

Perfect for any algebra student!  Equations, quadratic formulas, exponents, graphing, variables, slope-intercept, and lots, lots more.  Check it out!

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