The following links are featured to assist our students in their study of science.  The three buttons shown below are specific to the curriculum taught in our 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. The four links found below are of general science interest.


Grade-Specific Science Collections

3rd grade science

3rd Grade Science

4th grade science

4th Grade Science

5th grade science

5th Grade Science

 American Museum of Natural History 

What are you looking for? Zoology? Geology? Astronomy?  It's all here -- interviews with scientists, games, photo journals of animals in the wild -- and much more.

The Science Game: Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars?

Just like the TV show, this website asks you a series of questions that become increasingly more difficult.  Questions are based on science and math.  Fun for everyone!

Jefferson Lab: Study of the Elements

Test your knowledge of the elements and the periodic table.  A bit difficult -- this website is for high school and college level students.

Scientific American: Ask the Experts

Bloggers unite! This website is purely a question/answer resource.  Science experts serve on a board to answer your science questions.  Archived questions and answers also available.



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