Reading/Language Arts


Type in a word and generate a list of words that rhyme with it.  This site also generates lists of synonyms, antonyms, definitions and a host of other literary devices.

The BookHive

Got a favorite author? Looking for a good read? Or perhaps you'd like to read a review on a suggested title? Check out the BookHive for lots of literary advice!

Letters, Shapes, Colors, Numbers

Sponsored by the Early Childhood Education Network, use this site to help your child learn basic shapes, colors, numbers and letters.  Great for Pre-K and Kindergarten students.

Read, Write, Think

This is a collection of online student materials to support literacy and learning in the classroom.  Subject matter ranges from grades K - 12!

Practice Writing Letters

Watch Spinner, the Writing Spider, draw the letters of the alphabet and then try it yourself.  Great for beginning writers.


Want to read more about famous people, past and present? Check out this website version of the popular cable tv show, Biography.

Interactive Quizzes (Language Arts)

Need some practice identifying verbs, nouns, adjectives, infinitives, gerunds?  These multi-level quizzes will help you improve your language arts skills.

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