Guidance Counselors

At the middle and high school levels, each school has Guidance Counselor support. 

Middle School
At the middle school level, there is a social worker, school psychologist, and a guidance counselor who work as a team.  This team is designed to help students make vocational, social and personal growth decisions.  Parents and/or legal guardians have the right to request a conference with any member of this team.  To do this, the parent/guardian is directed to ask the student's homeroom teacher to set up an appointment, or the parent/guardian may request an appointment through the main office.

High School
At the high school level, a team of Guidance Counselors are in place.  Students entering high school are assigned a guidance counselor based upon alphabetical order.  Counselors work collaboratively with students, parents, school personnel and administrators to provide individual, academic and career counseling.  In order to assure continuity, each student remains with his/her counselor throughout the high school experience.

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