Literacy/ELA w/Ms. Kristie

(Mrs. Carlson: Reading Interventionist/Classroom Reading Support)

We have a wide selection of books in our classroom library. There are fiction and non-fiction (informational), texts of varied levels, and lots of student favorites in genre, author, and series. 

A few Literacy Units we'll work on this year are:

>Building a community of readers, establishing good reading habits, choosing the right books, building reading stamina, comprehension strategies 

>Character Traits - identify traits to describe characters in books/stories, explain why the trait is fitting for the character, supporting choice with evidence from the text

>Poetry, Prose, and Drama - compare and contrast poetry, prose, and drama; continued practice with fluency - students practice reading aloud with expression, using appropriate and meaningful pausing and phrasing, etc. 

>Myths, Legends, and Tall Tales - compare and contrast myths, legends, and tall tales; identify theme/central message of a story, explain why that is the theme, and support theory with evidence from the text

Writing w/Mrs. Hardt

Some writing units Mrs. Hardt will work on this year include: Narrative Writing, Poetry Writing (aligning with Literacy Unit) Writing Editiorials, Research Skills/Informational Writing

Science w/Mr. Messina

Some of the Science units this year are:

Energy and Waves; Changes in the Earth's Surface; Animal Senses & Adaptations

Social Studies: Map/Globe Skills; Native Americans of the Northeast, particularly Connecticut; European Explorers and the Impact on Native Americans; Early Settlements in Connecticut; Government and Being a Good Citizen

Math: Addition and Subtraction; Multiplication and Division; Geometry; Fractions; Multiplication and Division of Larger Numbers



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