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2017-18 PDS PTA membership form 
2017-18 PDS PTA Opt-Out form

PDS PTA membership benefits list, page 1  
PDS PTA membership benefits list, page 2 
10 Reasons to Get Involved
7 Ways to Stay Connected



PDS PTA member approved PTA By-Laws

Event Chair Forms:

Please feel free to contact any PTA Board Member with any questions

PDS PTA Event Worksheet (checklist for before, during, and after event)
PDS PTA Event Record (wrap up)
PDS PTA Request for Reimbursement (Submit form with any receipts)
PDS PTA Startup Cash Request (Cashbox form to be submitted two weeks in advance)
PDS PTA Deposit (Submit form with any money that was collected)
PDS PTA Check Request Form (when a check needs to be written to an outside vendor)
Milford Public Schools Building Use Form  (Pages 1 AND 2 must be included when submitting Building Use Forms for events

Other Forms:

Blue and Orange
PDS and Civic Duty 

Panther Pantry Cookbook/PDS Car Magnet Order form  


Notes from Home - free, convenient forms for you to print out at home


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