The Milford Public Schools Preschool schedule is uniquely flexible.  Students may attend as few as 2 sessions a week or as many as 5.

The program operates a morning session and an afternoon session.  Students have the option of attending only morning sessions, only afternoon sessions, or a combination of both -- depending on the family's situation.

3-year old students are generally enrolled in the morning session for 2 ¾ hours per session.

4-year old students are generally enrolled in the afternoon session for 3 hours per session.

Students who have been identified as having special needs attend at no charge.

Typically-developing peers pay the following tuition rates:

2 days a week: $135/month*
3 days a week: $195/month*
4 days a week: $260/month*
5 days a week: $325/month*

* The fees presented here are the maximum fees.  If your family qualifies for a reduced tuition scale, your fees will be lower. 

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