Egg-speriment With a Cell

Date Due

Directions for submitting the lab:

1. Keep all data arranged in the data table. Use as much space as is necessary to fully describe the appearance, texture and circumference of your egg. Use only metric measurements.

2. It is easier to keep track of your work by crossing out the steps you have completed as you work through the directions.

3. Type lab if at all possible.

4. Lab MUST include:

a. Problem- in your own words, describe the question your project is trying to answer.

b. Procedure- Give the steps you took (directions, recipe) in completing the project. What did you do? Could your lab partner complete the experiment by following your written procedure steps?

c. List the Independent variable-_____________________

d. List the dependent variable-_______________________

e. Data table, recopied and neat

f. Graph-don’t forget necessary labels and titles

g. Claim

In order to write a strong claim, look closely at the data obtained from the “Egg-speriment”. What conclusions can be made? Think about what you learned, and write a couple of sentences to clearly state your findings. Check the rubric for clarification. Make a true statement based on the data. To start the claim, you can use “the cell membrane was found to…………..”

h. Elaboration of evidence

The second paragraph should give detail to support the claim. Think evidence. Think proof for the claim. Discuss numbers. Do some simple math! Quote those math examples!  Discuss if there were any patterns in the data table. What were they? Are there values that fall outside the pattern? Discuss them. You can start this paragraph with “The claim is true because……..”

i. Reasoning (which includes an explanation of the science concepts connecting to what was observed).

This is where you explain what you know and what you observed. Think of the “why” behind the results. Here, words like diffusion, osmosis, semipermeable and cell membrane all connect to what we’ve been learning in science and to the Egg-speriment. Use them. These vocabulary words will help make your project shine! You can start this paragraph with “This makes sense because of ………….”


4. Type your report.

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