Typed assignments are due on the due date. 

If a student does not have access to a printer, he/she should save the document to a flash drive or create the document in Google Docs

 and print it in the library before homeroom. 



Complete 100 minutes of independent reading each week. 

Be sure to fill in your reading log completely:

title of book, author and minutes read on that day.

You must have a PARENT SIGNATURE.  Logs are checked on Mondays.


DAILY HOMEWORK - —If there is not a formal homework assignment, students are expected to review by:

  • completing unfinished classwork
  • reviewing work under your "Ongoing Work" TAB in your three-ring binder
  • creating essential questions when reading based on main ideas, headings and bold words
  • —creating flashcards (review vocabulary and concepts)
  • —rewriting notes
  • —drawing pictures to make connections
  • creating mnemonic devices
  • —creating a practice quiz
  • —teaching to someone else
  • —making connections between lessons taught in class to current events

5/12/16 - Practice reading your color poem.  You will need to project your voice and read slowly and clearly, with the proper tone and rhythm.  Consider eye contact and mark your poem accordingly (discussed in class).  If you have not finished your reflection page, please do so.

5/2/16 - Bring in your Color Poem rough draft tomorrow (typed or written).  Make sure you include the title, poem and your name centered at the bottom.  Pick your font and size (title, poem and name must fit on one sheet of paper).  You will edit and revise before printing your final copy.  DUE tomorrow 5/3/16.  You worked on these in class and had a couple of weeks to type them at home.

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