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Student Planner:

These are the daily logs provided to the children on the first day of school. As part of our classroom routine, I guide the children to record their homework daily in their planner. I ask that you sign off on the planner nightly. Your signature communicates that your child has completed the homework and it is in their communicator folder ready to be returned to school.

I check Student Planners daily for your signature. Please help guide your child in this process. 

We will also use the Student Planner to record upcoming important school events. I encourage you and your child to also record their weekly outside of school activities in their planner. It is a great organization tool that helps build time management skills!

The Student Planner also contains other important information like our school calendar, school wide behavior expectations, reading & math at home expectations, and other wonderful resources. Student Planners should travel to and from school each day!

Communicator Folder:

Communicator folders are also provided to the children on the first day of school. Please make sure to clean out this folder each night and read through any notices and/or homework assignments. There is a side for “keep at home” materials and “return to school” materials. Communicator folders should travel to and from school each day!


Room 14 students usually receive homework Monday-Thursday, which typically consists of:

  1. Math activity page

  2. Words Their Way Choice Board

  3. Reading at Home Minutes (at least 20 minutes per night)- see more info below

  4. Math at Home Minutes (fact practice, at least twice a week)- see more info below

Homework provides review and practice of what is learned throughout the day. It is also used to revisit previously learned concepts (to keep them fresh in our minds and always accessible). It also helps students gain a sense of responsibility by remembering to bring it home, complete it, and return it to school each day.  Additionally, it is used as a communication tool so that parents are aware of what concepts are being taught in school.

Remind your child to check his/her work carefully! If your child struggles with an assignment, feel free to offer support. However, you may write a brief note right on the assignment so I am aware. I will review the skills the following day in class ☺.

If your child misses their homework, they are expected to complete and return it the following day. They will come home with a “missing homework slip” (which is just a reminder tool), that must be signed and returned with the completed homework page. Consistencies with incomplete homework and assignments/projects will be reflected on a student's report card.

Reading & Math At Home COWnts:

In the Student Planner, there is a designated space for your child to record their at home reading minutes daily. Each third grade student should read at least 20 minutes each night (read more about it on page 6 of the student planner)!

Students should also indicate in their planner when they engage in at home math (fact) practice. It is expected third grade students practice their math facts at least twice a week (read more about it on page 5 of the student planner)!

Every month, students will have the opportunity to earn $COW CASH$ for their at home reading and math work! COW Cash can be used at our Calf’s Corner Store! Students will be given a monthly grid to chart all their hard at home reading and math work.

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