Classroom Update: December 4th

Important Dates to Remember:

  • December 8: Report Cards will be sent home in Tuesday folders

  • December 9: Early Dismissal

  • December 11: Holiday Fair in school shopping opportunity

  • December 11: Holiday Fair evening event (6:30-8:30)

  • December 23: Early Dismissal

    TABLE TALK: This week we kicked off our Folktales and Fable Unit.  Two favorites in our class this week were The Emperor and the Kite and Anansi Does the Impossible.   Ask your child to share with you the events in the books.  What makes these stories folktales? Ask them to share with you the moral or the lesson in both of the stories.

    Here's a website with quick fables that you can talk about at home:

    Curriculum News:

    Reading:  In reading we have started our folktales and fables unit.  We have identified the typical characteristics of folktales, such as they are fiction stories from a specific country or culture, they were passed down orally before being written down, characters may be people or animals, and contain a lesson or explain something about the natural world. We are analyzing the actions and dialogue of characters to better understand their traits before figuring out the moral of the story and how we can apply it to our own lives.

    Writing: In writing this week, we have started our nonfiction unit.  We have been reading different ways authors organize their nonfiction texts.  On Monday we will choose a topic of interest to write about and take books out at our library to begin our research.  We will include many nonfiction text features in our own published piece.

    Math: In math we continue to work on Unit 3 Equal Groups.  We worked with arrays making the connection to multiplication using the dimensions to find the product for equations.  We also liked this learning to finding the area, in addition to introducing prime and square numbers.  We worked closely with the 2 and 4 time tables and will begin to focus on the 3 and 6 times tables next week.  Next week we will have a multiplication assessment on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables that we have been working on for several weeks.  Please help your child study using flashcards, Fastt Math, Math Magician website ( or using any of the math websites located on my teacher page.

    Social Studies: This week we used map scales to measure distances on a map.  With our wall map and desk maps, we used blocks to measure distances from one location to another.  We then used a scale to measure distances that were not able to be measured with blocks.  Next week we will use a map grid to find locations on a map and also take the Unit 1 Assessment at the end of the week.

    Technology:  This week our Math Coach introduced a website called Khan Academy to our class.  The kids were able to log on a work with math problems that were "just right" for their independent level at this time.  At this time, the site will only be accessed in class.  As soon as the children are able to log in at home, we will send home instructions, just like we did for RAZ-KIDS.  I have heard from many of the children that they are enjoying logging onto the RAZ-KIDS website.  This website is great for motivating the children to read just right books and respond to comprehension questions about the text.

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