Writer's Workshop

Each writing unit this year includes a wonderful selection of mentor texts that expose your child to great models for writing. The program, Writing Fundamental, supports your child through all stages of the writing process:

1) Immersion into texts and authors who are models and mentors for their writing

2) Generating ideas by adopting the habits and practices of successful writers

3) Selecting subjects that matter and are relevant to their purpose and intention to write about

4) Strategies for developing and researching their ideas

5) Drafting

6) Revising to craft their writing to fit the genre, purpose and needs of their audience

7) Editing using proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation

8) Publishing

9) Evaluating their work


Writer’s Workshop

  • 5x weekly mini lesson
  • Independent practice
  • Share

    Unit Focus

    • personal narrative
    • author study-Patricia Polacco
    • biography
    • poetry
    • nonfiction and research writing

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