Third grade uses a math program called Math Investigations.  Occassionally there will be a parent letter sent home regarding activities that you can try at home to support the learning in class as well as some information about the unit of study.


Each parent is welcome to borrow a Math Investigation Resource Book.  This book can be helpful while trying to assist your child with some of the homework activities.  As I am sure you have already seen in past years, many of the concepts taught do not follow the traditional math practices we all learned in school.  Please try to reinforce the way each new concept is being taught in class, even if you think you know an easier way.  These concepts scaffold each year.  So it is very important that your child learns the way being taught in school.


Math problems are typically scored on a 3 point basis.  When applicable- 1 point for writing the proper equation, 1 point for showing how he/she solved the math problem/explained their thinking and 1 point for solving the problem correctly. 


Math Workshop


  • Daily lesson
  • Independent practice
  • Share
  • 3x weekly WIN Time- What I Need


Unit Focus


  • Surveys and Line Plots
  • Collections and Travel Stories
  • Perimeter, Angles, and Area
  • Equal Groups
  • Finding Fair Share
  • How Many Hundreds, How many Miles?
  • Factors, Multiples and Arrays
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