We can always use 3x3 sticky notes to demonstrate our thinking.


Interactive Read Aloud

  • 5x weekly
  • Daily reading of a text that supports our reading unit
  • Teacher models fluent reading, and thinking out loud of key reading practices

Reader’s Workshop

  • Daily mini lesson, about 15 minutes
  • Independent Practice of the skill just taught in the mini lesson
  • Share/wrap-up

Independent Reading

  • Student reads a Just Right Book while demonstarting "Thinking" on sticky notes or in Reader's Notebook. 
  • Teacher conferences with student during this time and refers to Reader's Notebook and sticky notes.

Unit Focus

  • launching unit
  • understanding narrative structure
  • navigating nonfiction
  • traditional literature – fairy tales, folk tales
  • biography
  • series book clubs
  • research in nonfiction texts
  • poetry

Need help picking Just Right Books?  Try the Link Below:


Scholastic Online Orders

Online Ordering Information
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Room 15- Vagnini:  MMPVT

Dear Parent,

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