SPANISH 3 Course Description 

Grade 9, 10, 11, 12 (1.0 Credits)

Levels: 1-751340, 2-752340


Students continue to develop and increase their language acquisition in Spanish through the study of language structures in cultural and historical contexts. Students will be engaged in a study of language structures and vocabulary through reading, listening, speaking, and writing activities. Aspects of contemporary Spanish and Hispanic cultures are emphasized in this class. Students will be assessed using a variety of methods including: oral and written tests and quizzes, classroom discussions and interactive activities, oral/aural assignments, presentations, dialogues, short compositions, and other displays.

TEXTBOOK: Realidades by Pearson (2014 edition)

In addition, the following ancillary materials may also be utilized: Total Physical Response storytelling materials, novels, short stories, soap operas, and authentic realia such as but not limited to frequent level-appropriate listening activities that correspond to the textbook as well as music, radio announcements, podcasts, SAT II Spanish, and pre-AP activities, newspapers, magazines, Wiki’s and other online exercises.

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