Period 7- Reading Interventions

Homework Assignments
All students are required to read at least 100 minutes per week. You will be given the following materials in class to help you with your reading:
  • Reading Logs will be given to me, not your Language Arts teacher.
  • Independent Reading book- All students are required to have an independent reading book in class at all times. Students will be required to read, record, and respond to their books.
  • Reading Log- On this reading log, students will write the date, title, and the minutes read each time he/she reads. Remember, a total of 100 minutes is required, but not all at once.
  • Black/White journal- Students will write a paragraph containing 5-7 grammatically correct sentences about their independent reading. This means all spelling, sentence structure and punctuation will be correct. If help is needed with the journal entry, students may use the “topic starter sheet.”
  • Journal Prompt sheet- Here students will find many ways to respond to their reading. Students may choose one of the topics if they get stuck on what to write. 


  • Reading Log recording date/times of reading
  • 5-7 sentences in reading journal
  • 5 points extra credit if reading log is signed by the parent!!!!!
Posted Wednesday 01/08/14 4:19 PM
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