Meadowside has HEART







Each month, a student will be nominated for the HEART award.  For a student to receive the HEART award, he/she must show HEART everyday.  When a student is honest, they tell the truth.  They are honest with their friends, peers and adults in the school setting. For a student to demonstrate effort, he/she must put in 100% effort into their work, even if it is not their favorite subject!  Something may be a little difficult, but just put in your best effort and persevere!  When students come to school with a positive attitude everyday and are ready to learn no matter the circumstances, he/she is showing HEART.  Being respectful to all adults and students at Meadowside school is another way a student can show HEART.  Lastly, working together and being a team player will show you know how to use teamwork while showing HEART!

 Congratulations to the HEART Award Winners in Room 9!




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