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The students in grades K-2 participated in a unit called open space games. They had to accomplish various tasks while remaining safe in the physical education environment. We learned what an open space is and why they are important for our safety. As we progressed through this the kids were introduced to and played games that incorporated open space rules. We also worked on skills that increased our heart rates to promote healthy strong bodies. Skills such as hopping, skipping, jumping, jogging, and running were used as well as balancing. Students in grade 2 ran a test called the PACER. It's a test of endurance and they ran it to get a base line score. These  scores will be used throughout the year as motivation to improve their amount of PACER laps. Please refer to the Links page for the website which will give you information about the PACER test.
Posted Friday 10/31/14 12:00 AM
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