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Tech Status and Updates
Upgrades to the Milford Public Schools BYOD WiFi network.
09/25/2017 3:59 PM
BYOD WiFi Upgrades
We have made several upgrades and changes to the Milford Public Schools BYOD guest WiFi system. 

The two biggest changes are:

- Devices that staff/students (people with Milford logins) register on MPS-WIRELESS are now registered for 90 days unless they are inactive on the network for 30 days. No more daily registration process.

- We have a true guest option for the MPS-WIRELESS captive portal. This means that presenters, consultants, contractors, salespeople and other guests are able to enter their information, then receive a code texted to them that allows them to access the WiFi network. We no longer need to give out an account for them to use. They are completely self-sufficient. This registration lasts 24 hours.

For instructions on how to connect, see the guides below:


How to cancel the automatic shutdown on your computer
09/13/2017 12:08 PM
Cancel Automatic Shutdown
You can cancel the scheduled automatic shutdown after the message appears by double-clicking the cancel shutdown icon on the desktop. Depending on your computer model, the icon could be different. The icons appear as follows:

Double-clicking either of these icons will cancel the shutdown process.

Note that this will only cancel the automatic shutdown after the shutdown message appears. It cannot be clicked ahead of time.

The automatic shutdown times are as follows:

Elementary Schools
First shutdown - 6:00 PM
Second shutdown - 7:00 PM

Middle Schools
First shutdown - 4:45 PM
Second shutdown - 7:00 PM

High Schools
First shutdown - 3:45 PM
Second shutdown - 9:00 PM
Welcome back!
08/23/2017 2:56 PM
Welcome back!
Welcome back returning staff and welcome new faculty! There are several exciting upgrades that have taken place this summer.

We’ve upgraded to PowerSchool 11. There is a 4-minute video that highlights the enhancements that you can view when you login to PowerTeacher.

Most copiers have been replaced with new machines with new capabilities!

  • Scan To Email
First is the ability to scan documents to email. Simply swipe your badge to login to the copier and select Email on the main screen. Your email address is automatically populated in the to: field. Scan your document and you will have it in your email as a PDF instantly!

  • One Universal Print Queue
Gone are the multiple color queues. The universal Xerox1/Xerox2 (depending on your school) queue is all you need to print to. These queues are truly universal and can be released at any copier.
  • Chromebook Printing
A feature that was in testing last year is ready for production this year. Please see the following guide here on how to enable printing to the copiers from a Chromebook.
Detailed guides for the new copiers are coming soon!

Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016
How to logout in Windows 10
We have upgraded many computers in the district to Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016. The functionality of these new versions is similar to the previous versions (Windows 7 and Office 2010/2013) but with better security and stability.

One quick thing that is different is where the logout button is once you click the Start button! Please see the location on the right.

Google Classroom
While Google Classroom is not new, Supervisor of Instructional Technology, David St. Germain, has put together the following cheat sheet for Google Classroom. Please have a look here.

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