I will use this Parent Page to share ways that you can be involved in your child's Science education. I hope that you will share with me as well so we can learn and grow with each other.Because the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) mark a significant shift in how science is both taught and learned, parents may be curious as to what their children's classrooms will look like. To help parents better understand the importance of standards and the role they play in education, NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) has developed a short Q&A for parents. This tool explains what standards are in general and why the NGSS in particular are so critical for developing college and career readiness in the sciences. The Q&A is a great resource for science teachers, principals, and other administrators to distribute to and discuss with parents. Find this and other great NGSS  resources at the NGSS@NSTA Hub.

www.tryscience.org is a website full of great ideas for how you and your child can share an interest in science. The Parent Page contains information which will help you understand why science education is so important for your children and how it can enrich their connection to the world around them. This feature also provides links to specific topics which can be explored further with many links to well known organizations (NASA for example). At home experiments, webcam footage and "in the news" options give you and your child opportunities to follow up on interests in a variety of science related topics.

Within our classroom there are policies in place to foster your child's learning. Milford's Grading Policy requires students who fail an assignment to correct their work so that they will learn the material. Once the corrected work is resubmitted, they may earn an 83% on this assignment (B). In my class the following procedure will be enforced so that your child can be more successful:

1. Any work that your child earns below a 70% will be returned with a note attached explaining the retake requirements. They will have 3 days to correct the sections that are incorrect. You will be required to sign this form before I will change the grade.

2. If I do not receive corrected work after 3 days , I will request the child come to my room during Flex period or stay after school to complete the work.

3. If the child/family does not follow through with these steps to correct the work, the original grade that has been entered into PowerSchool will remain.


Please check PowerSchool and make sure your child has handed in any work that is marked with a missing label.


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