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Posted Friday 08/26/16 10:58 AM
Monday 6/6/16

Final Project due TOMORROW 6/7!!!!  Board Game MUST be turned in to me by the end of the day even if you do not have class!

Posted Monday 06/06/16 3:53 PM
Tuesday 5/24/16

All classes:

Make sure that you have all the work from the Socratic Seminar:  The Manifest Destiny Packet, Texas Independence Graphic Organizer, Mexican American War Organizer, Causes of Mexican War Mini DBQ, Oregon Fever, Brainstorm Questions and 3 reasons FOR and 3 Reason AGAINST Manifest Destiny.

For Periods 2 and 4:  Make sure you have the Socratic Seminar assessment sheet done as well.

Posted Tuesday 05/24/16 4:23 PM
Monday 5/23/16

All classes:  Make sure that you answered the Socratic Seminar questions in class.  If not, complete them tonight.  Also, after reading the cases FOR and AGAINST Manifest Destiny, write down 3 reasons for each.  Make sure you are thinking about the Socratic Seminar question:  Was Manifest Destiny postive or negative for the country?

Posted Monday 05/23/16 5:22 PM
Weds. 5/18/16

Periods 1, 2 and 4:  Finish "Travelling to Gold Country" in the Gold Rush packet.

Period 5 and 6: no homework

Posted Wednesday 05/18/16 3:25 PM
Tuesday 5/17/16

Period 1, 2, 4:  Texas Revolution Sheet

Period 5:  Donner Party Doc. 1

Period 6:  "Annexation"  and questions 1-3

Posted Tuesday 05/17/16 2:39 PM
Monday 5/16/16

Period 1:  Oregon Fever sheet

Periods 2 & 4:  Donner Party Document 1

Period 5:  John O'Sullivan's "Annexation" questions 1-3

Period 6:  Manifest Destiny Packet, page 1 top 3 boxes, page 3 Read the map and answer questions

Posted Monday 05/16/16 3:22 PM
Thursday 5/12/16

Periods 1, 2 and 4:  Read "Annexation" by John O'Sullivan and answer questions 1-3.

Periods 5 and 6 finish your DBQ essay!

Posted Thursday 05/12/16 3:18 PM
Tuesday 5/10/16

Periods 1, 2 and 4:  Make sure essay is complete (DBQ, graphic organizer and peer edit)

Periods 5 and 6:  Make sure DBQ and graphic organizer are complete.  

Posted Tuesday 05/10/16 12:00 AM
Monday 5/9/16

Period 1, 2 and 4:  Make sure that your graphic organizer is complete and that you have completed the introduction and 1st body paragraph of the essay!

Posted Monday 05/09/16 4:17 PM
Weds. 5/4/16

All classes:  Complete the paragraph answering whether the Trail of Tears was a case of emminent domain or genocide.  (periods 5/6 will be due after NWEA Testing)

Posted Wednesday 05/04/16 4:02 PM
Thursday 4/28/16

Andrew Jackson Good Guy or Bad Guy Worksheet

Posted Thursday 04/28/16 2:42 PM
Weds. 4/27/16

War of 1812 Questions due tomorrow.

Posted Wednesday 04/27/16 4:24 PM
Monday 4/25/16

Madison's Foreign Affairs packet is due WEDS. 4/27.  (This is on the War of 1812, you can use the outline notes to help you).

Posted Monday 04/25/16 2:37 PM
Thursday 3/31/16
Continue to work on Political Party Project!  This is due on Monday!
Posted Thursday 03/31/16 3:22 PM
Tuesday 3/29/16

Constitution Quiz tomorrow!  Make sure the study guide is complete.  Also, here is a quizlet to help you study.


Posted Tuesday 03/29/16 1:48 PM
Monday 3/28/16

All classes work on your Create your own political party project.

Study for your Constitution quiz on WEDS!

Period 4:  Complete the John Adams packet through the XYZ Affair


Posted Monday 03/28/16 2:13 PM
Tuesday 3/22/16

Periods 1 and 2:  Complete the Democrats and Republicans sheet

Period 4:  Read the following paragraph and answers question 2 on your sheet:

Political parties played a large role in the election of George Washington's successor.  In 1796, Democratic Republicans backed Thomas Jefferson for President and Aaron Burr for Vice President.  Federalists supported John Adams for President and Thomas Pinckney for Vice President.  The election had an unexpected outcome.  Under the Constitution, the person with the most votes became President.  The candidate with the next highest total of votes became Vice President.  John Adams, a Federalist. won office as President.  The leader of the Democratic Republicans, Thomas Jefferson, came in second and became Vice President.  

2.  What was the outcome of the Election of 1796?  Would it be good or bad for our country for the president and vice president to be from opposing parties? (Explain)

Posted Tuesday 03/22/16 1:18 PM
Monday 3/21/16

Finish the Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson Bubble Sheets.

Periods 5 & 6:  I will not see your classes tomorrow due to CMT testing, so have them completed by Wednesday.

Posted Monday 03/21/16 3:28 PM
Tuesday 3/15/16

“Tis our true policy to steer clear of permanent Alliances, with any portion of the foreign world.  The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations is to have with them as little political connections as possible.”- George Washington’s Farewell Address

Have we followed Washington’s advice in terms of foreign policy?  How has this affected us as a nation?  What advice would you give the next president of the United States in terms of foreign policy?

Posted Tuesday 03/15/16 1:54 PM
Monday 3/14/16

Alexander Hamilton's Economic Program Worksheet.

Posted Monday 03/14/16 2:37 PM
Thursday 3/10/16

All classes complete an introduction for the Constitution DBQ.

Posted Thursday 03/10/16 3:45 PM
Tuesday 3/8/16

All Classes:  Constitution DBQ through Document C.  

Here is the website quiz for extra credit:


Email me your results. (or google share them)

Posted Tuesday 03/08/16 1:57 PM
Monday 3/7/16

All classes complete the Constitution DBQ Hook Exercise 1-4.

Posted Monday 03/07/16 2:28 PM
Wednesday 3/2/16

All classes complete the Checks and Balances Worksheet.

Posted Wednesday 03/02/16 1:57 PM
Monday 2/29/16

Leap Day!

All classes, complete the 7 Principles of the Constitution worksheet.

Posted Monday 02/29/16 2:20 PM
Thursday 2/25/16

All classes, finish the Ratifying the Constitution worksheet.

Posted Thursday 02/25/16 2:02 PM
Wednesday 2/24/16

Complete the Constitutional Convention Reflection sheet.

Posted Wednesday 02/24/16 3:57 PM
Tuesday 2/23/16

Answer the following question:

During the Constitutional Convention, the Northern states did not want slaves counted as population (for representative purposes) while the Southern states did.  What is your compromise for this problem?  

Posted Tuesday 02/23/16 3:22 PM
Monday 2/22/16

Finish the Articles of Confederation Star assignment.

For homework tonight answer the following question:

What would need to be changed in order to fix the Articles of Confederation and make it more effective?

Posted Monday 02/22/16 2:35 PM
Thursday 2/18/16

Finish Articles of Confederation Scenarios 1-6

Posted Thursday 02/18/16 2:20 PM
Weds. 2/17/16

Articles of Confederation Reading Activity

Posted Wednesday 02/17/16 4:12 PM
Tuesday 2/16/16

Test Tomorrow!

Quizlet to help you study: https://quizlet.com/_1z4wwo

Posted Tuesday 02/16/16 3:58 PM
Thursday 2/4/16

Revolutionary War Slogan Progect due tomorrow!

Here is a quizlet for the Revolutionary War test https://quizlet.com/_1z4wwo

Posted Thursday 02/04/16 12:00 AM
Tuesday 2/2/16
Women and African Americans in the Revolution sheet due tomorrow.
Posted Tuesday 02/02/16 4:04 PM
Monday 2/1/16

Periods 5 and 6 finish the Valley Forge DBQ for tomorrow.

All classes, Women and African Americans in the Revolution sheet due Wednesday.

Posted Monday 02/01/16 3:05 PM
Thursday 1/28/16
Periods 2 and 4 finish the Valley Forge DBQ. 
Posted Thursday 01/28/16 4:18 PM
Wednesday 1/20/16

No Homework

District Writing Assessment

Posted Wednesday 01/20/16 3:36 PM
Tuesday 1/19/16

No Homework 

District Writing Assessment

Posted Tuesday 01/19/16 12:00 AM
Monday 1/11/16
ALL CLASSES!  Homework cancelled!  We will continue it in class tomorrow!
Posted Monday 01/11/16 3:05 PM
Tuesday 1/5/16

All Classes:  Finish the Common Sense Sheet and write which argument you think is the strongest and which is the weakest.  Also describe why.

Here is the GEO BEE quiz on National Geographic


Posted Tuesday 01/05/16 2:05 PM
Monday 1/4/16

Period 1: 2 sections of Common Sense

Periods 2, 4, 5, and 6: Complete the 2nd Continental Congress Comic page questions.

Posted Monday 01/04/16 2:31 PM
Monday 12/21/15

Quick Quiz tomorrow!  Sequencing the 10 events on the Road to Revolution! 

Review sheet in Worksheets From Class folder below!

Posted Monday 12/21/15 3:32 PM
Thursday 12/17/16
No homework!  
Posted Thursday 12/17/15 3:39 PM
Wednesday 12/16/15
All classes complete the Patriot, Loyalist or Neutral sheet.
Posted Wednesday 12/16/15 2:58 PM
Monday 12/14/15
All classes:  Answer the question from your group on the Socratic Seminar sheet.  Make sure to get with your group members to share your answers before the seminar starts.
Posted Monday 12/14/15 3:15 PM
Thursday 12/10/15
Complete Townshend Act worksheet and make sure to bring in Sons of Liberty Activity to class tomorrow.
Posted Thursday 12/10/15 3:15 PM
Wednesday 12/9/15
Study for quiz!
Posted Wednesday 12/09/15 12:00 AM
Tuesday 12/8/15
Sons of Liberty Activity
Posted Tuesday 12/08/15 12:00 AM
Monday 12/7/15
Finish Document C and the questions on the Stamp Act.
Posted Monday 12/07/15 10:40 AM
Wednesday 12/2/15
Finish the James Otis Writs of Assistance worksheet if not completed in class.
Posted Wednesday 12/02/15 4:09 PM
Tuesday 12/1/15
Sugar Act worksheet
Posted Wednesday 12/02/15 4:08 PM
Monday 11/30/15

Complete the Proclamation of 1763 Map sheet using this map to help you: 



 Here is the link to the video on Pontiac's Rebellion if you missed it from class.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxbipcZ-ee4

Posted Monday 11/30/15 3:09 PM
Tuesday 11/24/15

Periods 1 and 5 complete the French and Indian War Map sheet using this map




Posted Tuesday 11/24/15 2:15 PM
Monday 11/23/15

All classes complete the Perspectives of the French and Indian War sheet with the questions and chart.

Any missing work has to be turned in by tomorrow!

Posted Monday 11/23/15 4:10 PM
Friday 11/20/15

TEST ON MODAY 11/23/15!

Make sure to STUDY! 

here is a quizlet:


Posted Friday 11/20/15 3:24 PM
Thursday 11/19/15

Periods 2, 4, 5, and 6: Finish Rivalry in North America reading sheet with 4 questions if not completed in class.

QOD books due tomorrow!

Study for 13 Colonies Test on Monday!!!!

Posted Thursday 11/19/15 4:09 PM
Wednesday 11/18/15

Study for the 13 Colonies Test on Monday 11/23/15!

Here is a quizlet to help you study!


Posted Wednesday 11/18/15 9:29 AM
Tuesday 11/17/15

Period 1 finish paragraph: "Is slavery ever justifiable?"

Period 2: no homework

Periods 4, 5, and 6:  Finish the last 4 boxes on the Socratic Seminar evaluation page.  The Overall Feedback section.

All classes:

Make sure you have your 

1.  Mercantilism DBQ

2. Middle Passage DBQ

3. Socratic Seminar Brainstorming Sheet

4. Socratic Seminar Evaluation sheet

completed and ready to be turned in tomorrow!

Posted Tuesday 11/17/15 4:12 PM
Thursday 11/12/15
Complete Middle Passage DBQ (Tables 1 and 2 with the questions)
Posted Thursday 11/12/15 4:08 PM
Wednesday 11/11/15http://online.seterra.net/en/vgp/3044

Study for 13 Colonies Map Quiz tomorrow!  

Here is another game to help you!


Posted Wednesday 11/11/15 9:23 AM
Tuesday 11/10/15
Triangle Trade Sheet
Posted Tuesday 11/10/15 4:13 PM
Monday 11/9/15

Complete the Middle and Southern Colonies worksheet for homework.

Also, remember that there will be a 13 Colonies Map Quiz on Thursday 11/12/15!  Here is a map game to help you study!



Posted Monday 11/09/15 2:52 PM
Wednesday 11/4/15

Label the 13 Colonies Map.  Also color the 3 sections: New England, Middle and Southern colonies.


Posted Wednesday 11/04/15 4:39 PM
Monday 11/2/15
Work on your Colony Piktochart project.
Posted Monday 11/02/15 2:42 PM
Thursday 10/30/15
Continue research for your Colony Piktochart project.
Posted Thursday 10/29/15 3:23 PM
Weds. 10/28/15
Compare and Contrast Jamestown and Plymouth.  Which would you rather live in and why?  Write a paragraph, make sure to have 3 reasons.
Posted Wednesday 10/28/15 2:31 PM
Tuesday 10/27/15

STUDY For Test tomorrow!

Posted Tuesday 10/27/15 4:38 PM
Monday 10/26/15

Period 1: No homework

Period 2: finish Virginia Assembly questions 1-4

Periods 4, 5, 6: No homework

Study for Test on Wednesday!

Posted Monday 10/26/15 3:42 PM
Thursday 10/22/15

Periods 1 and 2:  Finish Roanoke CSI packet including the writing at the end.

Periods 4, 5, 6:  Answer questions 1-3 on Laws Divine, Moral and Martial sheet.


Posted Thursday 10/22/15 3:22 PM
Wednesday 10/21/15

Test has been pushed back until next Wednesday 10/28/15!

Period 1 and 2: CSI packet through scenario 5

Periods 4, 5 and 6: Complete the CSI packet including your conclusion.

Posted Wednesday 10/21/15 10:18 AM
Tuesday 10/20/15

Period 1:  Roanoke CSI packet up to scenario 2.  

Period 2: no homework

Periods 4, 5, and 6: CSI packet up to scenario 5.

Posted Tuesday 10/20/15 12:00 AM
Monday 10/19/15

Period 1 No homework

Periods 2, 4, 5 and 6:  Work on Roanoke CSI packet.  Scenarios 1 and 2 should be completed for tomorrow's class.

Posted Monday 10/19/15 3:02 PM
Friday 10/16/15
Study Guide for the First Test went out today.  It will be due next FRIDAY 10/23.
Posted Friday 10/16/15 3:40 PM
Thursday 10/15/15

All classes finish the New Spain-New France-New Netherlands chart from class if not completed.

Also, fill out the map.  Only put in New Spain, New France and New Netherlands (not Britain or Sweden)


Posted Thursday 10/15/15 12:00 AM
Tuesday 10/13/15

All classes finish the Life in New Spain packet from Monday!

Posted Tuesday 10/13/15 4:09 PM
Monday 10/12/15
All classes finish the Life in New Spain packet.
Posted Monday 10/12/15 2:53 PM
Friday 10/9/15

Study for quiz on Monday!!!!!! 

Here is a Quizlet that will help you study!   https://quizlet.com/_1m4cvh

Here is a link to the study guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15gGft1F-Aec5NGj7oXgGikdvu9oWopPIcp-pkegG3-E/pub

or you can find it below in Worksheets from Class

Posted Friday 10/09/15 3:28 PM
Thursday 10/8/15

Make sure that your Columbus DBQ is complete and the following pieces of the graphic organizer are also complete:  

1)  Background information (Names, dates, important places)

2) 3 main paragraph ideas

3) Thesis statement.

****This does not apply to period 2, they should just make sure that the DBQ is completed***********

Posted Thursday 10/08/15 12:34 PM
Wednesday 10/7/15

All classes except period 2, finish Columbus DBQ. We will be working with this tomorrow!

 You should also be studying for your first quiz on MONDAY 10/12/15! (study guides are posted below in Worksheets from Class)


Posted Wednesday 10/07/15 11:48 AM
Tuesday 10/6/15
No homework
Posted Tuesday 10/06/15 12:00 AM
Monday 10/5/15http://www.classzone.com/cz/books/amer_hist_recon/resources/htmls/rmc_atlas/rm_atlas_h1pe.html

Finish the Colombian Exchange Map activity if not completed in class.

All classes also answer the following questions

Name a traditional food that your family eats at gatherings.  Where do the ingredients originate?  Would you have been able to enjoy this meal without the Colombian Exchange?  

Here is a link for a map:


Posted Monday 10/05/15 2:06 PM
Weds. 9/30/15

Periods 1 and 2:  Finish Columbus Biography.

Periods 4, 5, and 6:  Finish the Columbus Hero or Villain? 500 Nations Questions.  

Here is the 500 Nations video clip to help you with the questions.    ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?=TJ4VkfOJLy8



Posted Wednesday 09/30/15 2:18 PM
Tuesday 9/29/15

Periods 1 and 2:  No homework

Periods 4, 5 and 6: Continue working on the Christopher Columbus Bio.

Posted Tuesday 09/29/15 3:18 PM
Monday 9/28/15
Finishing up the 1st District Writing Assessment so there has been no homework this past week.  We will begin a new unit tomorrow.
Posted Monday 09/28/15 3:25 PM
Monday 9/21/15

Periods 1 and 2 answer the following question:

•Kukulcán's pyramid is essentially a nine-step structure culminating in a flat platform that supports a two-story temple. The height to the top platform is 24 m, the temple adding another 6 m.  El Castillo's design is thought to relate to the Mayan calendar. Each of the four faces incorporates a broad, steep staircase consisting of 91 steps that ascends to the top platform. Counting the top platform as an additional step gives a total of 365 steps:1step for each day of the year. The staircases rise at an angle of 45 degrees to the horizontal, while the average inclination of the stepped pyramid itself is 53.3 degrees.
•What areas would the Mayans need to be skilled in to complete the Kukulcán pyramid?
Period 4:  Finish the Mayan DBQ Packet.

Periods 5, 6:  Finish Documents A and B in the Mayan DBQ Packet.
Posted Monday 09/21/15 1:54 PM
Friday 9/18/15
No homework unless you chose to finish the 9/11 packet.  Make sure to turn everything in on Monday 9/21
Posted Friday 09/18/15 2:55 PM
Thursday 9/17/15
All classes:  make sure all pieces of the 9/11 packet are complete.  You will be handing it in tomorrow!
Posted Thursday 09/17/15 3:50 PM
Weds. 9/16/15
All classes complete the 9/11 Interview in your packet.  You should ask an adult (parent, sibling, neighbor, teacher) these questions and WRITE THE ANSWERS OUT YOURSELF!  DO NOT HAVE THEM WRITE THE ANSWERS!
Posted Wednesday 09/16/15 2:40 PM
Tuesday 9/15/15
No homework tonight.
Posted Tuesday 09/15/15 4:38 PM
Friday 9/11/15

Periods 1 and 2 Silhouette Project due on TUESDAY 9/15!!!

I was shocked to see so many blank silhouettes left in my room today!  Not sure how the projects will be completed without them!

Posted Friday 09/11/15 2:51 PM
Weds. 9/9/15

Periods 1 and 2:  Complete the Native American similarities and differences sheet.  Also, finish the paragraph on the back.

Periods 4, 5, 6 No homework.

Posted Wednesday 09/09/15 2:43 PM
Tuesday 9/8/15

Periods 4, 5, and 6:  The Silhouette Project is due TOMORROW 9/9/15!

Periods 1 and 2: the Silhouette Project will be due Tuesday 9/15 due to NWEA testing.


Posted Tuesday 09/08/15 1:25 PM
Friday 9/4/15

Periods 5 and 6 should finish the Similarities and Differences questions and paragraph on the back if they did not finish it in class.  I normally do not give homework over weekends, but there was more than enough time in class to complete this activity.


Posted Friday 09/04/15 2:39 PM
Thursday 9/3/15

Period 4 finish the Culture Groups Similarities and Differences questions.

Periods 5, 6 should try to complete the Culture Groups charts.  We will finish the questions tomorrow.


Posted Thursday 09/03/15 2:10 PM
Weds. 9/2/15
All classes work on Silhouette Project.  This will be due Weds. 9/9/15!
Posted Wednesday 09/02/15 4:05 PM
Tuesday 9/1/15
All classes work on Silhouette Project.  This will be due Weds. 9/9/15!
Posted Tuesday 09/01/15 3:57 PM
Monday 8/31/15

All classes (except period 2) answer the following question:

Give 3 examples of how climate affects the culture of an area.

Posted Monday 08/31/15 2:07 PM
Welcome to the Orange Team!
Make sure the AUP is signed!
Posted Wednesday 08/26/15 9:15 PM
New HOMEWORK Bulletin
Posted Wednesday 08/26/15 9:14 PM
Thursday 6/11/15

Last 10 QOD!!!!!

41.  George Washington is sometimes referred to as the Precedent President, what do you think this means?

42.  In our country today, do the 2 main political parties help or hurt the American people?

43.  Would it help or hurt the American people to have the President and Vice President be from 2 different political parties?  How?

44.  What does it mean to be contradictory?  Can you give an example?

45.  Should we downsize our military to reduce the $16 Trillion dollar debt?

46.  What does it mean to be between a rock and a hard place?

47.  During the War of 1812, Britain blockaded American ports.  This was meant to cause financial hardship for America.  Instead, the blockade ended up doing the country a favor.  How so?

48.  Can a good person be a bad president and vice versa?

49.  Can the government ever make you move from your home?

50.  Would you move to Montana, Idaho or Wyoming if the government would give you 160 acres of land for free.  The catch is that you have to live on the land for at least 5 years in order to keep it.


Posted Thursday 06/11/15 2:51 PM
Thursday 6/4/15

Finish Documents C and D if not done in class. 

For homework tonight, complete the sorting sheet for Documents A-D; write the source, whether it is pro-Manifeest Destiny or pro-Mexico and how you know.

Posted Thursday 06/04/15 3:16 PM
Weds. 6/3/15
Mexican War DBQ documents A and B, complete if not completed in class.
Posted Wednesday 06/03/15 4:03 PM
Tuesday 5/19/15

Opening of the West Map and questions

Here is a map to help you.


Posted Tuesday 05/19/15 12:40 PM
Monday 5/18/15
All classes:  Finish the Manifest Destiny worksheet.
Posted Monday 05/18/15 3:35 PM
Weds. 5/13/15

All classes:

Complete introduction and 1st body paragraph for Jackson DBQ.

Posted Wednesday 05/13/15 4:30 PM
Tuesday 5/12/15
All classes:  Finish the Jackson DBQ Graphic Organizer and also write out your topic sentence if not already completed in class.  Be prepared to start writing the introduction to the essay tomorrow in class.
Posted Tuesday 05/12/15 3:12 PM
Monday 5/11/15

All classes:  Finish Jackson DBQ if not completed in class.  Also, make sure to sort the documents into PRO or CON.


Posted Monday 05/11/15 3:07 PM
Friday 5/8/15

Industrial Revolution

Breaker Boy/Lowell Girl project due on Monday 5/11!

Posted Friday 05/08/15 3:20 PM
Thursday 5/7/15
All classes:  If you did not finish the Andrew Jackson's Presidency Review sheet make sure to complete. (period 5, you have #3 and 5 to complete)
Posted Thursday 05/07/15 3:40 PM
Weds. 5/6/15

Period 1 answer section/cartoon 1 on the Andrew Jackson review sheet

Period 2, 5 and 7 answer questions 3 and 5 on the Andrew Jackson review sheet

Posted Wednesday 05/06/15 4:03 PM
Tuesday 5/5/15
Periods 1,2 and 7 finish the Andrew Jackson worksheet.
Posted Tuesday 05/05/15 4:39 PM
Friday 5/1/15

Periods 1, 2 and 7 Washington/Adams/Jefferson Test on MONDAY!

Periods 4 and 5 make sure to have your study guide on Monday, test on Tuesday

Posted Friday 05/01/15 3:19 PM
Thursday 4/30/15

Make sure to have your Chapter 9/10 Study Guide for class tomorrow!

Periods 4 and 5 make sure to have your War of 1812 questions for the quiz.

Posted Thursday 04/30/15 3:03 PM
Weds. 4/29/15

Make sure the War of 1812 questions are with you in class.  

Washington/Adams/Jefferson test on Monday 5/4

Industrial Revolution project due Monday 5/11


Posted Wednesday 04/29/15 4:12 PM
Monday 4/27/15
Make sure you have the War of 1812 questions done and with you in class tomorrow!
Posted Monday 04/27/15 3:19 PM
Friday 5/24/15
War of 1812 questions due Monday!
Posted Friday 04/24/15 3:15 PM
Thursday 4/23

Periods 1 and 5 complete the Industrial Revolution ticket to leave question.

Period 7, finish the Industrial Revolution worksheet.

Posted Thursday 04/23/15 4:14 PM
Monday 4/20/15

For the classes that I saw today, start working on the Washington, Adams, Jefferson study guide.  We will have the test next week. (Haven't decided on the day yet).


Posted Monday 04/20/15 3:30 PM
Thursday 4/9/15
All classes, finish the sheet comparing Washington, Adams and Jefferson.  On the back, finish the question Which president do you believe was the best for our nation in terms of domestic and foreign issues.  Make sure to use at least 2 pieces of evidence from the chart on the front of the page.
Posted Thursday 04/09/15 3:14 PM
Weds. 4/8/15
Please finish the Marbury V. Madison sheet if not completed in class.
Posted Wednesday 04/08/15 4:07 PM
Tuesday 4/7/15
Finish the Jefferson Presidency sheet A,B,C also the HOMEWORK question on the back.
Posted Tuesday 04/07/15 4:23 PM
Monday 4/6/15

All classes except period 4, complete the Chapter 9 Test sheet.

Period 4, finish the John Adams Ticket to Leave sheet.

Posted Monday 04/06/15 4:05 PM
Weds. 4/1/15

Make sure to read the John Adams (XYZ Affair and Alien & Sedition Act) Sheet and answer questions 1-5.

Here is a quick video to help! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw0KcA59_8s

Posted Wednesday 04/01/15 4:07 PM
Tuesday 3/31/15

Make sure to finsh the bubble sheets on Hamilton and Jefferson in order to answer the following question:

Whose views do you align with more, Hamilton or Jefferson?  Why?

If you need more info here is a short video:



Posted Tuesday 03/31/15 4:15 PM
Monday 3/30/15

Answer the follwoing question:

What are the 2 political parties in the US today?  Who are the Congressional leaders of each party?

Posted Monday 03/30/15 3:11 PM
Thursday 3/26/15
Study for Quiz tomorrow!
Posted Thursday 03/26/15 1:21 PM
Weds. 3/25/15

Please finish the Washington's Precedents work.  Here is a sheet ot help.

Washington’s Precedents

 What do you think is the most important of Washington’s precedents and why?


What are 4 problems the United States is facing right now?  Using Washington’s precedents as a guide, how would Washington advise Obama in handling these problems?

 1.      Problem: _________________________________________________________________


2.      Problem: ___________________________________________


3.      Problem: __________________________________


 4.      Problem: __________________________________________________________



Posted Wednesday 03/25/15 12:00 AM
Monday 3/23/15

All students please fill out the Debate Evalutation sheet for class tomorrow. 

Constitution Quiz will be on Thursday 3/26/15, study guide in Worksheets from class below.

Posted Monday 03/23/15 3:04 PM
Wednesday 3/18/15

Make sure you have all your information in preparation for the DEBATE on Friday.  This should include:

Your historical court cases (Tinker, Fraser, Fredericks)

Your early social media court cases (Emmet v. Kent, Bethlehem, Biedler etc)

Your roles in the debate.

Your notes on current cases from the articles.

Your statements for the debate.

Judges will also need to know the facts on both sides.


Posted Wednesday 03/18/15 4:34 PM
Tuesday 3/17/15

No homework!  Slainte! (Happy St. Patrick's Day!)

Posted Wednesday 03/18/15 4:32 PM
Monday 3/16/15
All classes, please finish the chart on court cases and social media.  Be prepared to answer follow up questions regarding these cases in class tomorrow.
Posted Monday 03/16/15 3:16 PM
Thursday 3/12/15
Please finish the Constitution V. School Rules sheet if you did not finish it in class today.
Posted Thursday 03/12/15 3:25 PM
Weds. 3/11/15
Write a situation where your rights in school are not protected by the Constitution.  Why is this the case?
Posted Wednesday 03/11/15 4:03 PM
Tuesday 3/10/15
All classes finish 1-5 on the Bill of Rights Scenarios sheet.
Posted Tuesday 03/10/15 4:18 PM
Monday 3/9/15
All classes finish the paragraph at the bottom of the Checks and Balances worksheet.  Make sure to finish the 2 column Checks and Balances worksheet.
Posted Monday 03/09/15 3:58 PM
Weds. 3/4/15

All classes make sure that the Preamble Unscrambled sheet is complete.  

2nd period make sure the Checks and Balances sheet is also complete.

Posted Wednesday 03/04/15 4:05 PM
Tuesday 3/3/15

Quiz on Articles of Confederation, Constitutional Convention (including the plans and compromises), Federalists and Antifederalists will be TOMORROW Weds. 3/4/15!!!!!

Posted Tuesday 03/03/15 4:24 PM
Weds. 2/25/15

Periods 1, 2, 4, 5:  Make sure the Constitution Main Idea sheet is complete.

Period 7: no homework

Posted Wednesday 02/25/15 4:19 PM
Tuesday 2/24/15
Be prepared for your test tomorrow!  Make sure you have your study guide complete and your notes ready!
Posted Tuesday 02/24/15 4:04 PM
Monday 2/23/15

Please finish the Federalists and Anti-Federalists packet for homework tonight.  

The Revolutionary War test will be on WEDS!!!!  Make sure you have your study guide and class notes!

Posted Monday 02/23/15 4:23 PM
Thursday 2/19/15
All classes:  finish the Graphic Organizer for the Virginia and New Jersey Plans and complete questions 1-3 on the James Madison Letter sheet.
Posted Thursday 02/19/15 2:54 PM
Weds. 2/18/15
All classes should complete the Shay's Rebellion worksheet.
Posted Wednesday 02/18/15 3:31 PM
Tuesday 2/17/15
All classes please complete the Articles of Confederation sheet.
Posted Tuesday 02/17/15 4:20 PM
Weds. 2/11/15

Periods 1 and 2 finish The War Ends Worksheet

Periods 4 and 5 finish the Setting the Stage Sequencing sheet use the following terms:

Declaration of Independence

Fighting ends at Yorktown

Fighting at Sea

Valley Forge

Fighting Moves South

Greene takes Command of the Southern Army

Treaty of Paris

Posted Wednesday 02/11/15 4:43 PM
Tuesday 2/10/15

Revolutionary War Slogan Project due TOMORROW!  Remember you must have the paragraph explanation on the back.


Posted Tuesday 02/10/15 4:56 PM
Friday 2/6/15

Make sure to finish all the Documents in the Valley Forge DBQ.  You should have them sorted into the Stay or Go piles.  The graphic organizer will be due on Tuesday!

Start to work on your Revolutionary War Slogan project.  This will be due Weds. 2/11

Posted Friday 02/06/15 3:22 PM
Thursday 2/5/15

All classes should continue to work on the Valley Forge DBQ

Period 1:  You should be sorting the documents and working on the graphic organizer

Period 2:  You should be completing the documents at least through Doc. C

Period 4: You should be completing the documents at least through Doc. C

Period 5:  You should be completing the documents  through Doc. D

Period 7:  You should be completing documents through Docl. B

Posted Thursday 02/05/15 4:19 PM
Weds. 2/4/15
All classes (except period 7) answer the Background Essay questions on page 2 of the Valley Forge DBQ.  Period 1 also answer Document A questions.
Posted Wednesday 02/04/15 4:01 PM
Thursday 1/29/15

All classes except Period 1 answer the following question for homework:

If Brawn Versus Brawn does not work, what must General Washington do to start winning battles against the British?

Posted Thursday 01/29/15 4:04 PM
Weds. 1/28/15
Please complete the Patriots V. Loyalist Sheet
Posted Wednesday 01/28/15 4:30 PM
Tuesday 1/13/15


Common Sense questions due tomorrow.

Posted Tuesday 01/13/15 4:02 PM
Monday 1/12/14

Study for Quiz tomorrow!

Finish the Battle of Bunker Hill packet (Reading 1 questions 1-3, Reading 2 questions 1-6)

Posted Monday 01/12/15 4:14 PM
Wednesday 1/7/15

Finish your Lexington and Concord Primary Source chart and make sure to complete your explanation of who you believe shot first.  (Make sure to cite 2 pieces of evidence from the sources).

Also make sure to vote on the link below! (you can text or use your computer to vote!)




Posted Wednesday 01/07/15 1:37 PM
Tuesday 1/6/14

Work on your project!

The due date has been extended until

WEDNESDAY 1/14!!!!!

Posted Tuesday 01/06/15 4:38 PM
Monday January 5, 2015

Research for your project is due tomorrow!

Start studying your Road to Revolution Sequence quiz review sheet.  

Posted Monday 01/05/15 3:17 PM


Posted Tuesday 12/23/14 1:09 PM
Thursday 12/18/14

Period 1:  Finish reading the Primary source from the Boston Tea Party and answer the questions.  Remember, the answer may not be in the reading.  Put "No Evidence Found" if that is the case.

Period 2:   After reading the primary and secondary accounts of what happened at the Boston Tea Party, answer the following questions:  How alike/different are the two accounts?  Why do you think this is the case?  How do we know if the version we have learned in history books is true or not?

Period 4:  Finish reading the secondary source of The Boston Tea Party. After reading the primary and secondary accounts of what happened at the Boston Tea Party, answer the following questions:  How alike/different are the two accounts?  Why do you think this is the case?  How do we know if the version we have learned in history books is true or not?

Period 5:  no homework

Period 6:  finish reading the primary source of the Boston Tea Party and answer the questions.


Posted Thursday 12/18/14 4:19 PM
Weds. 12/17/14

Please read the Boston Tea Party primary source and answer the assigned questions (1-3)  We will continue to answer them tomorrow in class.

1st period be ready for your quiz tomorrow.

7th period, you did not get the Boston Tea Party reading yet.  You will get it tomorrow.

Posted Wednesday 12/17/14 4:07 PM
Tuesday 12/16/14

All Classes, finish the Image Analysis sheet for Paul Revere's Engraving of "The Bloody Massacre."  Here is the image to help you finish.   (Period 1, you DO NOT have to finish the drawing)






Posted Tuesday 12/16/14 2:39 PM
Friday 12/12/14

Mercantilsim/French and Indian War/Pontiac's War and Proclamation of 1763 Quiz will be on MONDAY 12/15!!!!  

Study guide will also be due!!!

Posted Friday 12/12/14 2:46 PM

If you did not finish the question from class today, please finish.  Why did the colonists have such a strong reaction to the Stamp Act?

Homework:  Look up our tax system (in CT and/or in the US).   Describe who decides what taxes we will have and where the money goes.  Do the people have a say in this?  Why or why not?

Posted Thursday 12/11/14 3:51 PM
Weds. 12/10/14

After viewing the clip on tarring and feathering from HBO's documentary John Adams (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6PJ0Eoiwl4 ) , answer the following question;

"Do you approve of using brutal and illegal acts to enforce a political principal?"  (John Adams to Sam Adams)

In other words, do you think it is ok to use tactics such as tarring and feathering to get a political point across?  Why or why not?

Posted Wednesday 12/10/14 10:58 AM
Tuesday 12/9/14
Writs of Assistance sheet.
Posted Tuesday 12/09/14 4:18 PM
Monday 12/8/14
Sugar Act sheet.
Posted Monday 12/08/14 3:27 PM
Thursday 12/4/14
All classes: complete the French and Indian War review sheet.
Posted Thursday 12/04/14 3:55 PM
Weds 12/3/14

Periods 1, 4 and 5 finish French and Indian War Map.  Use this map to help you:

Posted Wednesday 12/03/14 2:11 PM
Monday December 1, 2014

Period 1, 2, 4, and 7:  If you did not finish re-writing the Mercantilism introduction complete for homework.

Period 5:  Complete the ticket to leave questions if you did not finish in class.

Posted Monday 12/01/14 3:04 PM
Monday 11/24/14

Finish Doc A-D sheet answering the question:

Is Mercantilism positive or negative?

Posted Monday 11/24/14 6:02 PM
Thursday 11/20/14

Finish Middle Passage DBQ.

Study for 13 Colonies Quiz tomorrow!  Make sure study guide is complete, it WILL be collected!

Here is an animated timeline to help you study. http://www.classzone.com/cz/books/amer_hist_recon/resources/htmls/animations/ah03_anim_foundcolonies.html

Here is a Quizlet game to help you as well. http://quizlet.com/19750632/learn

Here is another game! http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=NTcxMDU5

Posted Thursday 11/20/14 3:05 PM
Weds. 11/19/14

Finish Triangular Trade Sheet.

Here is an animated timeline to help you study. http://www.classzone.com/cz/books/amer_hist_recon/resources/htmls/animations/ah03_anim_foundcolonies.html

Here is a Quizlet game to help you as well. http://quizlet.com/19750632/learn

Here is another game! http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=NTcxMDU5



Posted Wednesday 11/19/14 2:06 PM
Tuesday 11/18/14

All Classes Finish Document 1 on Mercantilism DBQ. 

If you did not finish the double sided Mercantilism sheet in class, finish as well!

Posted Tuesday 11/18/14 4:30 PM
Monday 11/17/14

Mercantilism Sheet

Study for 13 Colonies Map Quiz tomorrow!

Here is a game to help you study! http://www.purposegames.com/game/d4c1306c

Posted Monday 11/17/14 9:27 AM
Friday 11/14/14

Study for 13 Colonies Quizzes

Map Quiz on Tuesday 11/18

Colonies Quiz Friday 11/21

Posted Friday 11/14/14 12:45 PM
Weds. 11/12/14
All classes:  Complete the "More English Settlements" packet.
Posted Wednesday 11/12/14 4:42 PM
Tuesday 11/11/14

All Classes:  Study for Quiz on Roanoke, Jamestown and Plymouth!  Study guide must be turned in as well!

Period 5:  Map Mini-Project is due tomorrow as well!

13 Colonies Infographic is due MONDAY 11/17!

****Period 1:  "More English Settlements" Packet due THURSDAY not tomorrow!!!!!

Posted Tuesday 11/11/14 3:57 PM
Monday 11/10/14

All Classes: Read the English Settlements in New England and complete the activity attached.

All Classes Roanoke, Jamestown and Plymouth Quiz on WEDS!

Period 5Map Mini-Project due Weds.


Posted Monday 11/10/14 3:32 PM
Thursday 11/6/14

All periods should continue working on the 13 Colonies Infographic Project!

Here is the link to the Livebinder: http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?present=true&id=1553240

Posted Thursday 11/06/14 3:36 PM
Weds. 11/5/14

Periods 2, 4, 5, and 7 should begin working on the 13 Colonies Infographic Project!

Period 1 should be taking notes using Easybib Notetaking page.  This is located on Livebinder on the Media Center page (under 8th grade projects/Colony Project).

Posted Wednesday 11/05/14 9:10 AM
Monday Novermber 3, 2014

All classes take notes on your Colony Project (either Society or Geography) using your Easybib Notetaking page.  This is located on Livebinder on the Media Center page (under 8th grade projects/Colony Project).

*****13 Colonies Map Mini-Project is due WEDS 11/5 for all classes except period 5!*******

Posted Monday 11/03/14 3:16 PM
Thursday 10/30/14
Periods 1 and 7: finish the 2 questions on the Jamestown V. Plymouth sheet
Posted Thursday 10/30/14 3:29 PM
Weds. 10/29/14

All Classes work on Map Mini-Project due next Weds.

Period 4, finish Virginia Assembly Laws questions.

Posted Wednesday 10/29/14 4:15 PM
Monday 10/27/14



Posted Monday 10/27/14 3:25 PM
Friday 10/24/14




Posted Friday 10/24/14 2:56 PM
Thursday 10/23/14

Periods 1, 5, and 7:

Finish reading Laws Divine, Moral and Martial and answer the pertaining questions.

Periods 2 and 4, no homework tonight.

Posted Thursday 10/23/14 3:55 PM
Weds. 10/22/14

What do you think happened to the colonists at Roanoke?

Periods 2 and 4 need to write which theory was the best and why.

Periods 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7: Don't forget to VOTE!



Posted Wednesday 10/22/14 4:02 PM
Tuesday 10/21/14

Periods 1, 5, 7:  Write which theory on the disappearance of the colonists of Roanoke is the most convincing and why. 

Periods 2 and 4:  Come up with a hypothesis of what happened to the colonists at Roanoke.  Make sure to cite 2 pieces of evidence from the John White primary source.

Posted Tuesday 10/21/14 4:29 PM
Monday 10/20/14

Periods 1, 4, 5, and 7:

Come up with a theory about what happened to the people of Roanoke.  Make sure to give 2 pieces of evidence (either 2 for or 1 for 1 against).


Posted Monday 10/20/14 10:42 AM
Friday 10/17/14

For the New Spain, New France and New Netherlands notes from class, look in Worksheets from Class below!

Posted Friday 10/17/14 12:00 AM
Thursday 10-16-14
European colonies map.
Posted Thursday 10/16/14 2:44 PM
Weds. 10/15/14

Can the factor that you determined to be the most significant (in bringing about the downfall of the Meso-American civilization) be applied in modern areas of conflict such as Iraq or Syria (or even here in America)? Why or why not?

Posted Wednesday 10/15/14 12:47 PM
Tuesday 10-14-14
No homework!
Posted Tuesday 10/14/14 4:40 PM
Thursday 10/9/14
Periods 2-7 finish Columbus map activity.
Posted Thursday 10/09/14 4:33 PM
Weds. October 8th, 2014
Finish Christopher Columbus Primary Source sheet
Posted Wednesday 10/08/14 4:38 PM
Tuesday Ocotober 7th, 2014

Christopher Columbus Biography questions due tomorrow (given out on Monday)

****Also***** Bullett 3 new items that you learned about Christopher Columbus  Also due tomorrow!

Posted Tuesday 10/07/14 4:33 PM
Monday October 6th, 2014
Please finish the Christopher Columbus Biography for Wednesday.
Posted Monday 10/06/14 1:36 PM
Tuesday September 30- Friday October 3, 2014

There has been no homework this week due to the Common Assessment we have been working on in class! 

Get ready, next week we are back to regular work!

Posted Friday 10/03/14 3:32 PM
Monday September 29, 2014

All Classes answer the following question in paragraph form:

Did the Meso-Americans (with the Mayan

 as an example) meet the criteria of

"Highly Advanced" society?  Make sure to

 use evidence from your DBQ documents.

********DUE WEDS!!!!!!!****

Posted Monday 09/29/14 2:29 PM
Tuesday September 23rd, 2014

Periods 1 and 4:  Answer the following question:

What areas would the Mayans need to be skilled in to complete the pyramid at Kukulcan?

Periods 5 and 7: Create your final list of criteria for an Advanced Society. You should have the headings with the criteria that goes with it.  For example:

Culture:  religion, music, art, written language.


Posted Tuesday 09/23/14 3:43 PM
Monday September 22, 2014

Please complete the Meso-American Map.  Use the links below to help you.

Maya/Aztec/Incas  http://www.ducksters.com/history/aztec_maya_inca_map_lg.gif

Western Hemisphere Map http://mapas.owje.com/img/Mapa-de-America-844.jpg 

Western Hemisphere Physical Map with mountains  https://mapshop.com/classroom/Continents/KlettWesternHemisphere31032-over.htm


Posted Monday 09/22/14 6:40 PM
Friday September 19th, 2014

Study for your first quiz on Monday! 

Remember, you need to complete and turn

in your study guide!  If you need another

copy, it is posted in Worksheets from Class

under Native American

Climate/Resources/Culture Study


Posted Friday 09/19/14 7:39 PM
Thursday September 18, 2014

In finishing up our 9/11 Unit, for homework tonight:

Summarize what you have learned through the course of this unit.  How would you pass on this information to the younger generation who were born after 9/11?  (Think 3rd graders)  What should they know?  Why?

*******Make sure that you have all of your 9/11 Unit work completed! I will be collecting it all together tomorrow!*******

Posted Thursday 09/18/14 10:45 AM
Weds. September 17, 2014
Tonight interview an adult friend or family member regarding 9/11.  Answer the four questions on the sheet.
Posted Wednesday 09/17/14 3:55 PM
Tuesday September 16, 2014

Answer the 9/11 question on the bottom of your sheet.

 (Posted below as "9/11 Questions")

Posted Tuesday 09/16/14 12:00 AM
Monday September 15, 2014

No homework.

Study for Quiz next Monday!

Posted Monday 09/15/14 11:08 AM
Friday September 12, 2014
No homework.
Posted Friday 09/12/14 12:00 AM
Thursday September 11, 2014
No homework.
Posted Thursday 09/11/14 12:00 AM
Weds. September 10, 2014
Native American comparison/contrast questions.
Posted Wednesday 09/10/14 12:00 AM
Tuesday September 9, 2014

Using your class notes answer the following question:

Explain how culture (in the Native American communities) is determined by climate (and/or natural resources).  Make sure to use at least 2 examples.

Posted Tuesday 09/09/14 2:56 PM
Monday September 8th, 2014

Please finish the Native Americans as mascots paragraph tonight that you started in class today. (Should teams with Native American mascots (like the Washington Redskins) have to change their mascot?  Why or why not?)

You should have completed:

1.  Read your article with the following primary/secondary source questions in mind: Is it a primary or secondary source?  Who wrote it?  Why?  Who is the audience?  Was it written to persuade you? Is it biased? Is it a good source to use?

2.  Summarize your article for the members in your group.

3.  Share your summaries with your group.

4.  Pull out a piece of text evidence from your article and write it in your graphic organizer (either FOR or AGAINST).

5.  Look at your evidence.

6.  Decide on a claim.

7.  Use your evidence to back up your claim.


Posted Monday 09/08/14 4:29 PM
Friday September 5, 2014

Please text in your vote on whether the Washington Redskins and other teams with Native American mascots should change their names? at


Also remember that your Silhouette is due on MONDAY!

Posted Friday 09/05/14 9:39 AM
Thursday September 4, 2014

Please re-watch "What Makes the Red Man Red" song from Peter Pan and note any stereotypes you see. 

For homework write a paragraph to Disney with suggestions on how to update the song to make it more realistic.

Here is the link for the song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_at9dOElQk

Posted Thursday 09/04/14 12:58 PM
Weds. September 3, 2014

Please complete the Primary/Secondary Source Rules sheet.

Posted Wednesday 09/03/14 1:03 PM
Tuesday September 2, 2014
Please finish the Expectations worksheet.
Posted Tuesday 09/02/14 1:38 PM
We Are American History Silhouettes

Our first project, the Silhouette project will be due next Monday 9-8.  Please see the rubric in Worksheets from Class Unit 1 section below or posted on the Upcoming Tests/Projects tab.

Posted Friday 08/29/14 12:00 AM
Homework assignments will be posted here daily!
Posted Tuesday 08/26/14 12:00 AM
Welcome to Team 8 Blue
Posted Monday 08/25/14 3:17 PM
Monday 5/19/14
No Homework!
Posted Monday 05/19/14 2:47 PM


Posted Friday 05/16/14 3:29 PM
Weds. 5/14/14

Texas Revolution Worksheet

Posted Wednesday 05/14/14 4:31 PM
Tuesday 5/13/14
What are Magic Mormon Underpants?
Posted Tuesday 05/13/14 4:32 PM
Monday 5/12/14
Manifest Destiny Sheet
Posted Monday 05/12/14 12:00 AM
Friday 5/9/14

Andrew Jackson Paragraph Due on MONDAY 5/12/14!!!

If you need another copy, it is listed as Andrew Jackson Paragraph in Worksheets from Class tab below.

Posted Friday 05/09/14 2:28 PM
Weds. 5/7/14

Finish the paragraph on whether

 the Trail of Tears was a

case of Eminent Domain or


Posted Wednesday 05/07/14 3:59 PM
Tuesday 5/6/14

All classes:  Finish the Andrew Jackson and the Bank War sheet.  If not completed, complete Documents 4-5 on the Andrew Jackson DBQ.


Posted Tuesday 05/06/14 4:44 PM
Monday 5/5/14
All classes, finish the Jackson and the Spoils System worksheet.
Posted Monday 05/05/14 3:13 PM
Weds. 4/30/14

Periods 1 and 4:  Finish Industrial Revolution Ticket to Leave AND the Nationalism/Sectionalism packet from yesterday.

Period 2:  Complete the Nationalism/Sectionalism packet.

Periods 5 and 6:  Finish the  the Nationalism/Sectionalism packet from yesterday

Posted Wednesday 04/30/14 4:13 PM
Tuesday 4/29/14

Periods 1, 4, 5 and 6:  Read and answer questions on the American Sectionalism and Nationalism packet.  Due Thursday.

Period 2:  Make sure that your War of 1812 graphic organizer is complete.  Answer the War of 1812 Questions sheet to help you study for the quiz.

Posted Tuesday 04/29/14 1:09 PM
Monday 4/28/14

Make sure that your War of 1812 Graphic Organizers are complete for the Quiz tomorrow!  Here are some questions that will help you prepare for the quiz!

War of 1812 Questions

  1. What were the main issues which led to James Madison’s Declaration of War in 1812? 
  2. What was impressment and why do you think it became such an issue between the U.S. and Great Britain?

 3.  Why did the New England Federalists oppose the war? How did this opposition play into later events in the war?

 4. Why was Tecumseh angry? What did he do to fight against the Americans?

 5. Why was the Battle of New Orleans considered to be an important battle?

6.  Who do you think were the heroes of the War of 1812?

 7.  Was the Treaty of Ghent an effective treaty? Why or why not? 

8.  What do you think the long-term ramifications of the war were for the United States, in other words what were the major effects of the war?

 9.  Why do you think the War of 1812 has been referred to as “America’s Forgotten War”? Why should it be studied and remembered today?

Posted Monday 04/28/14 9:27 AM
Thursday 4/24/14
All Classes:  Complete the Secession Crisis (Hartford Convention) Worksheet.
Posted Thursday 04/24/14 4:22 PM
Weds. 4/23/14

Periods 1, 5 and 6:  Answer the following question:

With the budget problems that the US is facing, should we decrease the size of our Army/Navy to save money?  Why or why not?

Periods 2 and 4:  No homework.

Posted Wednesday 04/23/14 1:52 PM
Tuesday 4/22/14

Period 1: finish the Lewis and Clark Map (using the map listed in Worksheets from Class under Lewis and Clark map)

Periods 2, 4, 5, 6:  Finish the Lousiana Purchase question sheet.

Posted Tuesday 04/22/14 1:47 PM
Monday 4/21/14
Obama's business style question.
Posted Monday 04/21/14 12:00 AM
Weds. 4/9/14

Period 1:  Finish Hamilton's Financial Plan using pages from the book.  Listed in Worksheets from Class as Hamilton's Financial Plan Pages

All Classes please answer the following question:

What would Washington do in the Ukraine?  Should we get involved in the dispute between Russia and the Ukraine or not (according to Washington) and why?


Posted Wednesday 04/09/14 2:10 PM
Tuesday 4/8/14
Posted Tuesday 04/08/14 12:00 AM
Monday 4/7/14

Periods 1, 2, 5 and 6:  Finish Stations 1-5 on graphic organizer.  On back answer the following question:  Which precedent was the most important and why?

Stations are listed in Worksheets from Class below under Washington's Precedents.

Posted Monday 04/07/14 1:00 PM
Thursday 4/3/14

Periods 1-6:  Shay's Rebellion v. Whiskey Rebellion Sheet.

Reminder:  Constitution study guide is now due NEXT week!

Posted Thursday 04/03/14 6:44 PM
Weds. 4/2/14

Period 1:  Did not meet due to SBAC Testing, no homework.

Period 2:  Finish DBQ, graphic organizer and intro paragraph.

Period 4:  Complete Shay's Rebellion/Whiskey Rebellion Venn Diagram and question

Period 5 and 6:  Complete the Compare/Contrast sheet on Shay's Rebellion and the Whiskey Rebellion.


Posted Wednesday 04/02/14 3:57 PM
Tuesday 4/1/14

Constitution Study Guide due for all classes on Friday 4/4/14.

If you did not complete the introduction paragraph for the Constitution DBQ, it must be turned in by tomorrow. (Along with the DBQ, Question sheet, Doc. A-D sheet, and graphic organizer)

Posted Tuesday 04/01/14 2:30 PM
Monday 3/31/14

Period 1:  Finish Constitution DBQ organizer and intro paragraph.

Period 2:  Finish Constitution DBQ Documents A-D.

Period 4 and 5:  Finish Constitution introduction.

Period 6:  We did not meet today due to SBAC Testing, no homework.

Posted Monday 03/31/14 3:39 PM
Thursday 3/27/14

Period 1: 1st Amendment Ticket to Leave question.

Period 2: School rules v. constitutional rights question

Period 4, 5, 6: Finish the Constitution DBQ through Document D.

Posted Thursday 03/27/14 3:56 PM
Weds. 3/26/14

Periods 1 and 2:  Finish the question Constitutional Rights v. School rules.

Period 4:  Finish the Ticket to Leave Question

Period 5 and 6:  no homework

Posted Wednesday 03/26/14 4:01 PM
Tuesday 3/25/14

Period 1 and 2:  Complete the Bill of Rights scenarios activity.

Periods 4, 5, and 6:  Complete the question on the bottom of the School Rules v. Constitutional Rights sheet.

Posted Tuesday 03/25/14 4:16 PM
Monday 3/24/14

Periods 1 and 2:  Finish the Checks and Balances sheet for homework.

Periods 4, 5, and 6:  Finish the Bill of Rights Scenarios sheet for homework tonight.


Posted Monday 03/24/14 2:30 PM
Thursday 3/20/14

Happy Spring!

Periods 1 and 2:  Study for your QUIZ tomorrow!  Also finish the 7 Principles of the Constitution worksheet that we started in class.

Periods 4, 5, and 6:  Study for your QUIZ tomorrow! Also remember to either write a jingle for 3 of the 7 Principles of the Constitution or write 3 of the 7 as you would to a kindergartener!


Posted Thursday 03/20/14 4:27 PM
Weds. 3/19/14

Periods 1 and 2:  We did not meet today due to the Science CMT.  Just remember to study for the Articles of Confederation and Constitutional Convention quiz on FRIDAY!

Periods 4, 5 and 6:  Either write a jingle (nursery rhyme) or explain the 7 Principals of the Constitution to a kindergartner.  This is due on Friday.  Remember to study for the Articles of Confederation and Constitutional Convention Quiz for this Friday as well!

Posted Wednesday 03/19/14 4:22 PM
Tuesday 3/18/14
Complete the Classroom Preamble.
Posted Tuesday 03/18/14 1:42 PM
Monday 3/17/14

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tonight, finish the Federalist/Anti-Federalist sheet that we started in class.  The back side has the Articles of Confederation review.

Also, you should start on the study guide for the Articles of Confederation/Constitutional Convention Quiz which will be this FRIDAY 3/21!

Posted Monday 03/17/14 3:44 PM
Thursday 3/13/14

Articles of Confederation Star Project due Monday 3/17/14!

See template in Worksheets from Class.

Posted Thursday 03/13/14 4:21 PM
Weds. 3/12/14
Finish Articles of Confederation Scenarios sheet tonight.
Posted Wednesday 03/12/14 11:23 AM
Monday 3/10/14

Articles of Confederation Sheet is due on Weds. 3/12/14.

Revolutionary War Test is tomorrow Tuesday 3/11/14!

Posted Monday 03/10/14 1:57 PM
Friday 3/7/14

Make sure that your study guide is all filled out.  Revolutionary War Test has been moved to Tuesday 3/11/14

Copies of study guide, Terms Test exemplar and Terms Test rubric listed below in Worksheets from Class section.

Posted Friday 03/07/14 2:46 PM
Thursday 3/6/14
Revolutionary War study guide
Posted Thursday 03/06/14 12:00 AM
Weds. 3/5/14
Revolutionary War sheet
Posted Wednesday 03/05/14 12:00 AM
Tuesday 3/4/14

Finish up DBQ graphic organizer if not completed in class.

Write the introduction paragraph for the Valley Forge DBQ essay.  (make sure to include background information as well as the 3 reasons you would stay or go).

Posted Tuesday 03/04/14 2:29 PM
Monday 3/3/14
Finish Valley Forge DBQ and finish the Question Sheet.
Posted Monday 03/03/14 1:03 PM
Thursday 2/27/14
No homework
Posted Thursday 02/27/14 12:00 AM
Weds. 2/26/14
No homework.
Posted Wednesday 02/26/14 4:04 PM
Tuesday 2/25/14
No homework.
Posted Tuesday 02/25/14 12:00 AM
Monday 2/24/14
Revolutionary War term definitions.
Posted Monday 02/24/14 12:00 AM
Friday 2/21/14

Studey for Road to Revolution Test!

Study guide listed in Worksheets from Class.

Here are some interactive quizzes to help you study!




Posted Friday 02/21/14 3:12 PM
Thursday 2/20/14

Battle of Bunker Hill Sheet, if you did not finish in class.

Make sure to study for your upcoming test!  Test is on Monday 2/24!

Posted Thursday 02/20/14 2:37 PM
Weds. 2/19/14
Study for upcoming TEST!
Posted Wednesday 02/19/14 10:49 AM
Weds. 2/12/14

Please start working on the Road to Revolution (Chapter 5) Review sheet. 

The test will be either next Weds. or Thursday depending on the snow situation.

If you need another copy, it is in the Worksheets from Class section below.

Posted Wednesday 02/12/14 4:35 PM
Tuesday 2/11/14
No homework, continue to work on SLO in class.
Posted Tuesday 02/11/14 2:56 PM
Monday 2/10/14

No homework.

Review for Road to Revolution Test will be given out in class tomorrow.  A copy of the review is located in Worksheets from Class section below.

Posted Monday 02/10/14 1:50 PM
Thursday 2/5/14

Periods 1 and 2:  we did not meet today, no homework.

Periods 4, 5, and 6:  finish the Declaration of Independence packet.

Posted Thursday 02/06/14 1:46 PM
Weds. 2/5/14
Snow day, no school.
Posted Thursday 02/06/14 1:44 PM
Tuesday 2/4/14

Period 1 and 2:  Finish Declaration of Independence packet. (Attempts to Address Grievances and Declaration)

Period 4:  Finish the question from class:  Pick the top 2 grievances and write why you believe they were the tipping point that led to the Declaration/Revolution.

Period 5:  since we missed class today, no homework.

Period 6:  begin working on Attempts to Address Grievances section of the Declaration of Independence packet.

Posted Tuesday 02/04/14 1:52 PM
Monday 2/3/14
Snow day, no school!
Posted Tuesday 02/04/14 1:49 PM
Thursday 1/30/14

Periods 2 and 6:  finish questions 1 and 2 under the section BELIEFS on the Declaration of Independence.

All other classes do not have homework.

Posted Thursday 01/30/14 2:03 PM
Weds. 1/29/13
No homework.
Posted Wednesday 01/29/14 12:00 AM
Tuesday 1/28/14

Complete the Comparing and Contrasting Patriots and Loyalists worksheet.

*copy can be found in Worksheets from Class

Posted Tuesday 01/28/14 9:33 AM
Monday 1/27/14
Answer question #7 on the Common Sense questions packet.  If you did not complete the other questions up to that point, they should be completed for tomorrow as well.
Posted Monday 01/27/14 3:39 PM
Thursday 1/23/14
Finish writing/rewriting the "Who fired first at Lexington and Concord" sheet.  Don't forget to text in on the link from Friday.
Posted Thursday 01/23/14 3:49 PM
Tuesday 1/21/14
For those of you who did not have their project completed for turn in today, make sure that they are ready tomorrow or in event of a snow day, Thursday.
Posted Tuesday 01/21/14 12:26 PM
Friday 1/17/14

Revolutionary Raps are due on TUESDAY 1/21/14!

Feel free to text in who you believe fired the first shot at Lexington and Concord.  Follow the link below!


Posted Friday 01/17/14 11:23 AM
Thursday 1/16/14
Complete the Steps to Revolution sequencing worksheet.
Posted Thursday 01/16/14 3:32 PM
Tuesday 1/14/13

Work on Project!

Period 4 answer the following question:

Was the Boston Tea Party a terrorist event?  Would the Sons of Liberty be Patriots or terrorists?

Posted Tuesday 01/14/14 3:55 PM
Monday 1/13/14

Periods 1,2,5,6:  Answer the following questions:  Whas the Boston Tea Party a terrorist event?  Would the Sons of Liberty be Patriots or terrorists?

Period 4:  Draw your version of the Boston Massacre on the sheet provided.  Write down what actually happened on the night of March 5th, 1770.  Would your version still be titled "The Boston Massacre"?

Posted Monday 01/13/14 1:14 PM
Friday 1/10/14

All research for your Revolutionary Raps was due today! 

Make sure that you have your lyrics ready to be checked on Tuesday 1/14/14!

Project is due on Friday 1/17/14!

Posted Friday 01/10/14 2:45 PM
Thursday 1/9/14

All periods (except period 4)

Draw your version of the Boston Massacre on sheet provided.

What do you think actually happened on the night of March 5th, 1770? Give specific details. Would your version still be titled “The Boston Massacre”?


Posted Thursday 01/09/14 1:42 PM
Weds. 1/8/14

Answer the following question (from John Adams documentary clip)

Do you believe it is alright to use brutal, illegal acts to enforce a political principle?

Posted Wednesday 01/08/14 1:15 PM
Tuesday 1/7/14

Answer the following questions:

Why were the colonists so against the Stamp Act?

How did the Stamp Act help bring about the Revolutionary War?

***Except period 5, finish question from class only.  Which of the 6 people from Boston society did the Stamp Act affect the most and why?**********

Posted Tuesday 01/07/14 12:00 AM
Monday 1/6/14

Periods 1,4, 5, and 6: Finish Stamp Act sheet.  If you need a copy it is under Worksheets from Class.

Period 2:  Finish your different version of the Stamp Act sheet.

Posted Monday 01/06/14 12:00 AM
Thursday 12/12/13

Study for QUIZ tomorrow!  Remember, the study guide must be handed in as well!  If you need another copy, it is located below as Mercantilism/French and Indian War Study Guide in Worksheets from Class.

Posted Thursday 12/12/13 3:07 PM
Weds. 12/11/13

Finish Proclamation of 1763 Map sheet.

Use this map to help you:


Posted Wednesday 12/11/13 11:22 AM
Tuesday 12/10/13

Study ofr Quiz on Friday!

Start research on Revolutionary Rap Project.

Posted Wednesday 12/11/13 11:20 AM
Monday 12/9/13
Quiz on Friday 12/13/13!  Make sure to complete the study guide.
Posted Monday 12/09/13 1:57 PM
Thursday 12/5/13
Mrs. Flaherty out sick, no homework!
Posted Monday 12/09/13 1:56 PM
Weds. 12/4/13
Finish up the Conflict Scenarios sheet for the French and Indian War.
Posted Monday 12/09/13 1:56 PM
Tuesday 12/3/13

Period 1:  Finish the Which Side Would You Choose sheet

Periods 2, 4, 6:  make sure that your conflict scenarios sheets are completed. 

Period 5:  make sure that you have up to conflict #2 completed on your sheet.

Posted Tuesday 12/03/13 3:43 PM
Monday 12/2/13

Periods 2, 4, 5, and 6:  Finish French and Indian War Questions.

Posted Tuesday 12/03/13 3:42 PM
Monday 11/25/13

Periods 2, 4, 5, 6:  Finish Middle Passage DBQ.  Second, please watch the first video on the link below.


If the video is not working, please look at this website to help you:     http://www.foodispower.org/slavery-in-the-chocolate-industry/   

After you watch this video, answer the following question:

Do the profits that the chocolate companies make justify the way that they go about making it?  In other words, is the profit they make at the expense of human misery justifiable?

Posted Monday 11/25/13 1:45 PM
Thursday 11/21/13

Study for your 13 Colonies Map Quiz for tomorrow! 

Here is an interactive quiz website to help you practice:  


Posted Thursday 11/21/13 11:27 AM
Weds. 11/20/13

Study for your 13 Colonies Test tomorrow!

Remember 13 Colonies map quiz is FRIDAY

Posted Thursday 11/21/13 11:26 AM
Tuesday 11/19/13

Make sure your notes are in order for the Test on THURSDAY!

Remember, quiz on 13 Colonies Map on FRIDAY!

Make sure your QOD Blue book is up to date.  I will be collecting the books on FRIDAY 11/22/13!  If you are missing any questions, they are all located on the QOD tab to the left of the page.

Posted Tuesday 11/19/13 1:46 PM
Monday 11/18/13

Make sure that all of the information on the 13 Colonies is completed in your chart. 

Periods 4,5,6 finish 13 Colonies map.

Posted Monday 11/18/13 3:00 PM
Friday 11/15/13
Powerpoints are all uploaded onto the WIKI page.  Make sure that you have all of the notes for the 13 colonies copied from the powerpoints onto your chart.
Posted Friday 11/15/13 12:42 PM
Monday 11/11/13

Map Project due tomorrow!  Make sure that everything is identified and colored appropriately.  Also make sure that you located the Appalachian Mountains and added the colonial products.

If you need to see the maps, they are listed in Worksheets from Class under COLONIAL PRODUCTS.

Posted Monday 11/11/13 1:32 PM
Thursday 11/7/13

The 3 maps needed to help you put the COLONIAL PRODUCTS onto your map project are located below in Worksheets from class listed as COLONIAL PRODUCTS.


Posted Thursday 11/07/13 12:44 PM
Tuesday 11/5/13

Study for TEST on WEDS!!!!!

Posted Wednesday 11/06/13 8:31 AM
Weds. 11/6/13

13 Colonies Map Mini-Project given today and due on Tueday 11/12/13.

QOD, first 10 questions will be due this FRIDAY 11/8/13.  If you are missing any, the first 10 are posted on my website under the QOD LOG tab.

Posted Wednesday 11/06/13 12:00 AM
Monday 11/4/13

Study for Test on WEDS!!!!!

Posted Monday 11/04/13 10:41 AM
Friday 11/1/13

Make sure to start studying for the test on Weds!

Posted Friday 11/01/13 1:59 PM
Thursday 10/31/13

No Homework!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Posted Friday 11/01/13 1:59 PM
Weds. 10/30/13

Periods 1, 2, 5:  Study for test next week

Periods 4, 6:  Start 13 Colonies map project and study for test next week.

Posted Wednesday 10/30/13 10:50 AM
Tuesday 10/29/13
No homework.
Posted Wednesday 10/30/13 10:50 AM
Monday 10/28/13

Periods 1 and 2:  Finish up the Virginia Assembly questions.

Periods 4, 5, and 6:  Finish up the Mayflower Compact:  Would you sign?

Posted Monday 10/28/13 1:52 PM
Thursday 10/24/13

Periods 1 and 2:  Finish writing which theory of Roanoke you believe was the most convincing.

Periods 4, 5, and 6:  Text in your Roanoke theory to Polleverywhere.com


Also, finish the Laws Divine, Moral and Martial worksheet for Jamestown.

Posted Thursday 10/24/13 1:44 PM
Weds. 10/23/13

Periods 1 and 2:  Write up your theory on what happened to the colonists at Roanoke.  Remember to include 3 pieces of evidence from the text.

Periods 4, 5, and 6:  Complete the write up on which theory on the disappearnance of the colonists at Roanoke was the most convincing and why.

Posted Wednesday 10/23/13 3:59 PM
Tuesday 10/22/13
Out sick today:  no homework all periods.
Posted Wednesday 10/23/13 3:57 PM
Monday 10/21/13

Periods 1 and 2:  no homework

Periods 4, 5, and 6:  Finish your theory of what happened to the colonists at Roanoke tonight.  Remember, you must include 3 pieces of evidence from John White's primary source.

Posted Monday 10/21/13 2:42 PM
Weds. 10/16/13

Finish Explorer Chart

AFTER THAT:   Complete map.  Shade in the areas for England, Spain, France and Netherlands (Dutch).  You DO NOT have to shade in SWEDEN.

Use this map to help you!

Posted Wednesday 10/16/13 12:44 PM
Tuesday 10/15/13

Finish Graphic Organizer for Columbus Essay.

You should do the following:

1.  List 3 reasons

2.  For each reason you should list 2 details

3. For each detail, find a quote, statistic or other information from your data.

4.  Cite where you got the information, whether it is an outside source or from a document.

Make sure you have all of your data in order:

Columbus Bio, Columbian Exchange Map, 500 Nations Sheet/Primary Sources, Columbus Journal, Invasion of Mexico notes, Man or Myth sheet.

Posted Tuesday 10/15/13 1:41 PM
Monday 10/14/13
Finish Columbian Exchange Map for tomorrow.
Posted Tuesday 10/15/13 1:37 PM
Friday 10/11/13

Periods 4,5,and 6

Finish Columbian Exchange Map.  Due Tuesday!

Link for a map.

Posted Friday 10/11/13 11:16 AM
Thursday 10/10/13

Answer the following question:

Can the factors discussed in class that led to the downfall of the Mes-American empires be applied to areas of modern conflict such as Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria?

If you prefer to answer this on a worksheet, it is posted in Worksheets from Class as "Conquistador Homework"

Posted Thursday 10/10/13 2:00 PM
Weds. 10/9/13

Read the following article on conquistadors. (Spanish conquerors)  If you would like to print a copy, it is located in Worksheets from Class as Conquering the Americas

                           Conquering the Americas

When Columbus arrived in the Caribbean, Native American had been living in the Americas for tens of thousands of years. In what is now Mexico and Peru, complex civilizations had developed. But these civilizations were unprepared for the Spanish attacks that began in the early 16th century.

The Invasion of Mexico

While Magellan’s crew was sailing around the world, the Spanish began their conquest of the Americas. Hernando Cortes landed on the Mexican coast with 508 conquistadors in 1519. He already knew that the Aztec Empire was not a single unified nation. Rather it was made up of several hundred min-states who fought one another and hater their conquerors- the Aztecs.

The Spanish arrival shook the Aztec Empire which ruled most of Mexico. The Aztec emperor Montezuma II feared that Cortes was an Aztec god sent to reclaim the throne. Montezuma sent Cortes precious gifts to get him to leave. But the gifts only excited Spanish dreams of riches.

            The Spaniards marched inland and formed pacts or treaties called alliances, with the native peoples who hated Aztec rule. After a few months, Cortes reached the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan. Montezuma welcomed Cortes with great ceremony. However, Cortes took Montezuma captive and tried to rule the Aztec by giving commands through the Aztec emperor.

            But, the Aztecs rebelled and trapped the Spanish in Tenochitlan (teh-nawch-tee-TLAHN). On June 30th, 1520, the Aztecs caught the Spaniards trying to escape, and fighting broke out. About 1,800 Spaniards and their allies were killed. The Spaniards called the event La Noche Triste- the Sad Night.

            Despite this defeat, Cortes led his forces back to Tenochtitlan in May 1521. At this point, the Spaniards got help from an unusual source- disease. Many Aztecs fell victim to an outbreak of smallpox, which severely weakened their ranks. The germs that caused this disease had been brought to America by the Europeans.

            On his return, Cortes placed Tenochtitlan under siege for several months. When Tenochtitlan finally fell in August 1521, the empire lay in ruins. On the rubble of the Aztec capital, the Spanish built Mexico City. Over time, the populations and cultures of Spain and Mexico merged and produced a new society, that of the present day nation of Mexico.

The Inca Empire Falls

            Despite the fall of the Aztec, the Inca still had a powerful empire in the Cuzco Valley in what is now Peru. By 1525, the Inca ruled a 2,000 mile long territory in the Andes Mountains along the western coast of South America. The Inca also possessed much gold and silver. Stories of Incan wealth reached the Spanish. In 1531, a conquistador named Francisco Pizarro led 180 men into Peru.

            Incan emperor Atahualp (Ah-tuh-WAHL-puh) went to greet the Spaniards, but the Spanish killed thousands of Inca and took him captive. To free himself, Atahualpa gave the Spanish a treasure of gold, but the Spaniards killed him anyway. With the Incan emperor dead, the Inca Empire collapsed. Then Pizarro took control of this area for Spain, which he had already called Peru.


Posted Wednesday 10/09/13 2:19 PM
Tuesday 10/8/13
Periods 4, 5, 6 finish Columbus Primary source sheet.
Posted Wednesday 10/09/13 9:33 AM
Monday 10/7/13
Columbus Man or Myth sheet.
Posted Wednesday 10/09/13 9:32 AM
Weds. 10/2/13

Read the Biography of Christopher Columbus and answer questions number 1-4. 

If you need another copy, it is below in Worksheets from Class as Biography of Christopher Columbus.

Posted Wednesday 10/02/13 12:41 PM
Tuesday 10/1/13

Quiz tomorrow!  Remember to A) STUDY!  B) Have your study guide filled out and ready to turn in tomorrow.

If you did not finish the Mayan DBQ, make sure that it is finished.  All classes (except period 2) should have finished the question posed at the end of class:  "Did the Mayan/Meso-American people meet the qualifications of an advanced society?"

Posted Tuesday 10/01/13 1:49 PM
Monday 9/30/13

Finish up the Mayan DBQ up to document C if not completed in class.

If you need another copy, see the link below:


Posted Monday 09/30/13 3:18 PM
Thursday 9/26/13

All classes finish Meso-American Map.  Use the following links to help you.

Posted Thursday 09/26/13 10:37 AM
New HOMEWORK Bulletin

All classes finish Meso-American Map. Please using the following maps to help you.

Posted Thursday 09/26/13 12:00 AM
Weds. 9/25/13

All classes except for period 6: finish the Native American Similarities and Differences question/paragraph for homework.

Period 6:  Finish questions sheet and begin paragraph.

Sheet located in worksheets from class under: Native American Similarities and Differences.

Posted Wednesday 09/25/13 11:46 AM
Tuesday 9/24/13

Period 1:  Finish questions 1-6 on the Native American Culture Groups.

Periods 2,4, and 5:  Make sure that your chart is completely filled in.  Answer questions 1-3 on the Native American Culture Groups.

Period 6:  We did not get to meet today, make sure that your large chart is completed for class tomorrow.

Posted Tuesday 09/24/13 1:18 PM
Monday 9/23/13
Finish your Native American Culture Group Chart tonight if not finished in class.
Posted Monday 09/23/13 2:51 PM
Thursday 9/19
No homework tonight due to Open House.  Please continue to work on researching your Native American Tribe tomorrow in class.
Posted Thursday 09/19/13 4:21 PM
Weds. 9/18/13

Complete the Native American way of life v. European way of life question.

Compare/Contrast the two sides and answer:

Which wasy of life do you think you follow the most, the Native American or European?  Why?  (make sure to give at least 3 examples!)

Posted Wednesday 09/18/13 2:14 PM
Tuesday 9/17/13

Answer the following question:

Do you think that schools and professional sports teams should be required to change their mascots (if they are Native American)?  Why or why not?

***Remember**** It doesn't matter which side you choose, be sure to give good supports for your idea.

****For all students who were in Enrichment, the powerpoint from class is posted below as Native American Mascots*********

Posted Tuesday 09/17/13 2:05 PM
Monday 9/16/13
After watching the clip "What Makes the Red Man Red" on Disney's Peter Pan, write how Disney could rework the song to make it more realistic (eliminate the stereotypes).
Posted Monday 09/16/13 11:39 AM
Friday 9/13/13
Make sure that your work from the 9/11 unit is complete and ready to turn in on Monday 9/16/13.
Posted Monday 09/16/13 11:38 AM
Thursday 9/12/13
Make sure that you have all of your work in your September 11th folder.
Posted Thursday 09/12/13 2:59 PM
Weds. 9/11/13
Write a paragraph on the back of the George W. Bush Thought Bubble Sheet.  This paragraph should express your thoughts and/or emotions regarding Bush's speech, the 9/11 timeline etc.
Posted Wednesday 09/11/13 2:45 PM
Tuesday 9/10/13

Ask parent/guardian the questions on the sheet passed out in class.

If you need another copy, look below in Worksheets from Class9/11 Questions

Posted Tuesday 09/10/13 1:48 PM
Monday 9/9/13

All periods except period 5 complete the following questions for homework:

"The first plane hits, most people think it is an accident, the second plane hits, this is really happening to us, what does it mean to America/the world?"

Period 5, answer the following question:

Why do we study 9/11?

Posted Monday 09/09/13 1:57 PM
Friday 9/6/13
Silhouette Project is due on Monday.
Posted Friday 09/06/13 3:04 PM
Thursday 9/5/13
No school!  Finish last night's assignment.
Posted Friday 09/06/13 3:04 PM
WEDS. 9/4

Finish Primary and Secondary Worksheet.

Period 5 please also finish the Exit Slip from class as well.

Posted Wednesday 09/04/13 3:52 PM
Tuesday 9/3/13

Begin Silhouette Project.  Make sure to write out your name in an ACROSTIC poem (with sentences).  Make sure that it is colorful and you can see the lettering from at least 5 feet away. 

This is due MONDAY!

Posted Tuesday 09/03/13 12:00 AM
Weds. August 28th, 2013
Please get the Blue Team 8 Form signed by yourself and your parent and return to your homeroom teacher.
Posted Wednesday 08/28/13 3:02 PM
Monday 6/17/13

Make sure you are ready for the EPIC BATTLE RAP tomorrow!

Quiz on the strengths/strategies of North and South on Weds. 6/19/13!

Posted Monday 06/17/13 3:12 PM
Tuesday 6/11/13

Weapons of War sheet

Use this link to answer questions.


Posted Monday 06/10/13 3:31 PM
Monday 6/10/13
Continue to work on take home test, due Weds!
Posted Monday 06/10/13 3:29 PM
Friday 6/7/13

Period 1:  read Day 2 Chapter 1 Freemantle pages 155-165 and answer questions.  There WILL be a QUIZ!

Period 2/4/6:  read Day 2 Chapter 3 Longstreet pages 181-191 and answer questions.  There WILL be a QUIZ!

Period 5:  read pages 176-187 and answer questions.  There WILL be a QUIZ!

Posted Friday 06/07/13 9:36 AM
Thursday 6/6/13

Period 1: Weapons of War, fill out the sheet using this website below.


Per 2 and 4 and 6: Read pages 166-172 and answer the questions, there WILL be a QUIZ tomorrow on the reading!

Period 5: Read pages 164-169 and answer the questions, there WILL be a QUIZ tomorrow on the reading!

Posted Thursday 06/06/13 1:13 PM
Weds. 6/5/13

Period 1: go to this link and answer the questions on "Who They Were"



Period 2/4/5/6: Go to this link and answer the questions on "How They Died"


Posted Wednesday 06/05/13 11:27 AM
Weds. 6/5/13

Period 1:  Click on the link below and answer the questions. 


Period 2,4,5, and 6:  Click on the link below and answer questions.


Posted Wednesday 06/05/13 11:25 AM
Tuesday 6/4/13

Period 1:  go to this link and answer the questions on "How They Died?"


Period 2: read pages 131-135 and answer the questions.

Period 4/5/6:  Go to this link and answer the questions on "Who They Were"


Posted Tuesday 06/04/13 11:35 AM
Monday 6/3/13

Period 1:  Write the summaries for Day 1: Chapter 2 Buford and Chapter 3 Lee.  Make sure to finish the questions.

Periods 2, 4, 5, 6:  Read pages 126-131.  Make sure to answer the first 3 questions on the questions sheet.

Posted Monday 06/03/13 3:29 PM
Thursday 5/30/13

Period 1:  read pages 73-78.

Periods 2,4,5,6:  Complete summary for Day 1, Chapter 1 Lee.  Make sure to complete the vocab too.

Posted Thursday 05/30/13 2:06 PM
Weds. 5/29/13

All classes:  Complete the Character Page homework except period 2. 

 Period 2 needs to finish Chapter 4 Longstreet and fill out the last questions.

Posted Wednesday 05/29/13 3:58 PM
Tuesday 5/28/13

Periods 1, 2, 4 and 5:  Write Chapter 3 summary and look up the vocab words.

Period 6: no homework.

Posted Tuesday 05/28/13 3:01 PM
Thursday 5/23/13

Finish Slavery DBQ, it is due tomorrow!

Posted Thursday 05/23/13 4:05 PM
Weds. 5/22/13

Slavery DBQ due on Friday

Posted Wednesday 05/22/13 2:05 PM
Tuesday 5/21/13

Make sure that you have completed the introduction to the Mexican-American War DBQ essay. 

Essay is due next TUESDAY 5/28!!!!

Posted Tuesday 05/21/13 2:50 PM
Monday 5/20/13
Make sure that Chapter 2 Chamberlain questions and summary are completed.  Make sure to bring in your book as we will be completing Chapter 3 Buford.
Posted Monday 05/20/13 2:07 PM
Thursday 5/16/13

Periods 1 and 2, no homework.

Period 4, no homework.

Periods 5 and 6 finish Chapter 2 Chamberlain questions.

Posted Thursday 05/16/13 4:22 PM
Weds. 5/15/13
No homework unless you did not complete chapter 1 The Spy.  Finish reading up to page 16.
Posted Thursday 05/16/13 4:21 PM
Tuesday 5/14/13
No homework tonight.   Except, make sure that you have your book, chapter summaries and chapter questions for the Killer Angels with you tomorrow in class.
Posted Tuesday 05/14/13 1:45 PM
Monday 5/13/13

Industrial Revolution projects due tomorrow!

Posted Tuesday 05/14/13 1:44 PM
Thursday 5/9/13

Periods 1 and 2:  Complete Document B in Mexican American War DBQ.

Periods 4, 5, and 6 start to organizer your details for your essay.

Posted Thursday 05/09/13 1:32 PM
Weds. 5/8/13

Periods 1 and 2 no homework due to SBAC testing.

Periods 4,5,6:  Finish Mexican American War DBQ documents C and D.

Posted Wednesday 05/08/13 1:37 PM
Tuesday 5/7/13

Finish Mormon Trail Worksheet.

Posted Tuesday 05/07/13 11:14 AM
Monday 5/6/13

Finish Frontier Math sheet.

Posted Monday 05/06/13 2:13 PM
Thursday 5/2/13

Finish Andrew Jackson 3 paragraph mini-essay.

Posted Thursday 05/02/13 4:05 PM
Weds. 5/1/13

Finish Andrew Jackson DBQ

Andrew Jackson writing assignment due on FRIDAY 5/3/13!

Posted Wednesday 05/01/13 9:34 AM
Tuesday 4/30/13

Andrew Jackson DBQ Documents 1-3

Posted Tuesday 04/30/13 2:56 PM
Monday 4/29/13

Research for Industrial Revolution project due tomorrow!  Must have graphic organizer complete AND have at least 3 sources documented.

If you didn't finish the John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson sheet, finish tonight.

Posted Monday 04/29/13 9:54 AM
Thursday 4/25/13

Start the research for your mini-project!

Use graphic organizer posted in worksheets from class.

Posted Thursday 04/25/13 8:39 AM
Tuesday 4/23/13

Based on Clay's American System:

Write one paragraph outlining what YOUR American system would be to fix our country's economic problems today.  Your plan should have 3 points like Clay's plan.

Posted Tuesday 04/23/13 12:44 PM
Monday 4/22/13
No homework
Posted Tuesday 04/23/13 9:35 AM
Weds. 4/17/13

Study for test!

Study guide on Worksheets from Class section below.

Posted Wednesday 04/17/13 1:19 PM
Tuesday 4/16/13
Test moved to Thursday!
Posted Wednesday 04/17/13 1:19 PM
Monday 4/15/13

Secession Crisis Sheet

Study for Chapter 9/10 Test this WEDS!!!

Here is a link for a Jeopardy game to help you study!


Posted Monday 04/15/13 2:43 PM
Weds. 4/10/13

Read the following and answer the questions on the Cartoon Sheet.


Definition:First decision by the Supreme Court to declare a law unconstitutional (1803).

Here is a summary:

  • At the very end of his term, President John Adams had made many federal appointments, including William Marbury as justice of the peace in the District of Columbia.
  • Thomas Jefferson, the new president, refused to recognize the appointment of Marbury.
  • The normal practice of making such appointments was to deliver a "commission," or notice, of appointment. This was normally done by the Secretary of State. Jefferson's Secretary of State at the time was James Madison.
  • At the direction of Jefferson, Madison refused to deliver Marbury's commission. Marbury sued Madison, and the Supreme Court took the case.
  • Chief Justice John Marshall wrote that the Judiciary Act of 1789, which spelled out the practice of delivering such commissions for judges and justices of the peace, was unconstitutional because it the gave the Supreme Court authority that was denied it by Article III of the Constitution. Thus, the Supreme Court said, the Judiciary Act of 1789 was illegal and not to be followed.

This was the first time the Supreme Court struck down a law because it was unconstitutional. It was the beginning of the practice of "judicial review."

Posted Wednesday 04/10/13 1:38 PM
Monday 4/8/13

Sedition Act Sheet

Periods 1 and 2

Also, the 2 sheets on The Lousiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition are due FRIDAY!

If you need them, they are located at the bottom of the page in Worksheets from Class.

Posted Monday 04/08/13 12:38 PM
Thursday 4/4/13

Finish the work packet that you were working on in class:

Hamilton v. Jefferson

Political Party scenarios

Shay's Rebellion v. Whiskey Rebellion chart

Posted Thursday 04/04/13 5:49 PM
Weds. 4/3/13
Finish Hamilton and Jefferson worksheet
Posted Thursday 04/04/13 5:47 PM
Tuesday 3/16/13

Bill of Rights Scenarios sheet (except period 6)

Sheet is in the Worksheets from Class section at the bottom of the page if you need another copy!

Posted Tuesday 03/26/13 3:32 PM
Monday 3/25/13

  Finish Checks and Balances Sheet

Use this chart to help you



Posted Monday 03/25/13 2:38 PM
Thursday 3/21/13


Study For Articles of Confederation Quiz!!!!!

Definition of a constitution:


2 Strengths of the Articles of Confederation


3 Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation


What is Shay’s Rebellion and how did it show that the Articles of Confederation needed to be changed?

 Compare and Contrast the Virginia and the New Jersey Plans.

 List the Parts of each plan. (Fill in the roles of the 3 branches)

 Answer the questions down below.

3 Branches of Government: (Define these terms)

 1.)    Legislative: _____________

 2.)    Executive:_______________

 3.) Judicial: ____________________


Which House of Congress is similar to the Virginia Plan? Why? 

Which House of Congress is similar to the New Jersey Plan? Why?

Explain, in your words, the 3/5ths Compromise and how a northerner and a southerner would react to it?                                    


Posted Thursday 03/21/13 4:30 PM
Weds. 3/20/13


Finish the 7 Principles of the Constitution Worksheet.

Use these to help you!

Popular Sovereignty

The principle that government gets its authority from the people, therefore people have a right to change or abolish their government.

Limited Government

The principle that government has only the powers that the Constitution gives it. Everyone, no matter how important, must obey the law.

Separation of Powers

The idea of limiting government power by dividing it among different branches of government.

Checks and Balances

Each branch of government has power to check, or limit, actions of the other branches.


The principle of dividing power between the federal government and the states.


A form of government in which citizens elect representatives to carry out their will.

Individual Rights

Individual rights include freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to trial by jury.

Posted Wednesday 03/20/13 9:28 AM
Tuesday 3/19/13
No homework
Posted Wednesday 03/20/13 9:24 AM
Monday 3/18/13

Quiz on Articles of Confederation on Friday 3/22/13

If you need a copy of the study guide, print one off the Worksheets from Class section at the bottom of the page.

Posted Monday 03/18/13 2:11 PM
Weds. 3/13/13

Complete the Strengths and Weaknesses Sheet

It is posted in Worksheets from Class if you need an extra copy.

Posted Wednesday 03/13/13 9:29 AM
Tuesday 3/12/13

Example of Open Note Test

Stamp Act

Thomas Jefferson

Sugar Act

Thomas Paine

Samuel Adams

Writs of Assistance

Quartering Act

Lexington and Concord

Paul Revere

Boston Massacre

Boston Tea Party

Proclamation of 1763

Townshend Act

Intolerable Act

Committees of Correspondence

Tea Act

Continental Congress

Tarring and feathering


John Hancock


Sons of Liberty



Daughters of Liberty



King George III

Common Sense

Olive Branch Petition


Were the Patriots justified in their bid for independence?   Use 20 out of 30 terms

The Patriots were justified in their bid for independence from the British for many reasons. The British monarch, King George III needed to repay the debt from the French and Indian war and he decided to raise taxes on the colonists in America to produce the revenue. This would have been fine as the colonists were used to paying taxes to their local representative governments. However, King George III did not allow the colonists to have representation in the government; they had no one to speak for them in Parliament. This angered the colonists when the first of the taxes, the Sugar Act was placed upon them. Even though the Sugar Act really lowered the tax, it still angered colonists because it made smuggling impossible. Combined with this was the writs of assistance which gave British customs officials free reign to search colonial houses and places of business at any time for smuggled goods. This invasion of privacy further angered the colonists. After King George III enacted the Stamp Act, placing a tax on all legal documents, the colonists started forming organized groups to protest. The woman formed the Daughters of Liberty which participated in protests such as boycotting which means to stop buying all British goods and sending petitions to the British Parliament. The men formed the Sons of Liberty which included the founding fathers: Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and John Hancock. The Sons of Liberty participated in much more violent forms of protest such as tarring and feathering the tax collectors and hanging effigies or dummy representations of the tax collectors in hopes of intimidating them. The women were more successful in their attempts at protest and eventually the Stamp Act was repealed or taken away. However, the Townshend Act was soon put into place which taxed many household items such as paint, lead, glass, paper, and tea. This infuriated many colonists as it hurt them financially. This coupled with the Quartering Act which required that colonists allow British soldiers to live in their house caused many colonists to take their protests to the streets. Such a case happened in March of 1770 when a group of workers in Boston who had lost their jobs to British soldiers and were angry at the Townshend Act took to the streets and started yelling and throwing ice balls at a group of British soldiers. Panic ensued and the soldiers fired on the unarmed crowd killing five. Son of Liberty Paul Revere immediately created a piece of propaganda with his drawing of the act when he labeled it the Boston Massacre and had it circulated around the colonies to make people even angrier at the British. These violent protests also succeeded in having most parts of the Townshend Act repealed. On the other hand, the tax on tea was kept in the form of the Tea Act. Like the Sugar Act, the Tea Act also lowered the tax placed on tea. While the British thought the colonists would be pleased, they were wrong. The colonists were furious that under the Tea Act, the only company they could buy tea from was the East India Company. The Tea Act cut colonial tea merchants and smugglers out of the tea business. Once again, the Sons of Liberty protested. They dressed up like Mohawk Indians and boarded 3 British tea ships. They threw 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor worth over one million dollars. This became known as the Boston Tea Party. Although King George III did get the message, he was in turn beyond angry at the citizens of Boston and established the Intolerable Acts to punish them. These acts put Boston on lock down until the cost of the tea was repaid. The port of Boston was shut down; causing thousands to lose their jobs and the shipments of food that Bostonians depended on was also stopped. A new and more substantial Quartering Act was issued and these soldiers would not be tried in Boston if they did a crime, but in England. Many realized that this essentially gave the soldiers free reign to commit crimes against the people in Boston. All town meetings were cancelled and citizens could not congregate in groups of larger than 3. King George III thought this would cripple Boston, but it did not. Samuel Adams had formed Committees of Correspondence which were systems of letter writing that allowed the protestors to plan their next actions in secret.   The founding fathers also created the first Continental Congress which was a meeting of delegates from the 13 colonies that would sit down and decide how to formally handle the British. They decided to send food to Boston and to start training an Army just in case. The Continental Congress also tried one last time to reason with King George III and sent the Olive Branch Petition. Again, this petition like all previous attempts; was ignored by King George III. In the meantime, Thomas Paine had written a pamphlet called Common Sense that told colonists that kings were bad and that people deserved to rule themselves if they were abused by their government. Common Sense caused many people in the country to join the Patriot cause and believe that it was time for the colonies to become independent and many militias were formed. Soon, King George III sent soldiers to Lexington and Concord to disarm these militias. A shot was fired (known as the Shot heard round the world) and the American Revolution had begun. Although the colonists tried to show their disapproval of the taxes and treatment shown to them by King George III, they were all ignored. Only armed conflict resulting in the separation of the two countries would prove to show the King that the colonists were serious. Therefore, the colonists were indeed justified in their bid for independence.

Posted Tuesday 03/12/13 12:51 PM
Monday 3/11/13

Read the passage on Shay's Rebellion and answer the following question:

What was Shay's Rebellion and how did it show that the Articles of Confederation was not working?


Shay's Rebellion

After the Revolution, the United States owed millions of dollars to individuals and foreign nations.  Without the power to tax, Congress had no way to repay these debts.  It asked states for money, but the states often refused.

After the Revolution, the nation suffered an economic depression.  A depression is a period when business activity slows, prices and wages fall and unemployment rises.

The depression hit farmers har.  The war had created a high demand for farm products.  Farmers borrowed money for land, seed, animals and tools.  However, when the Revolution ended, demand for farm goods went down.  As prices fell, many farmers could not repay their loans.

In Massachusetts, matters worsened when the state raised taxes.  Courts seized the farms of those who could not pay their taxes or loans.  Angry farmers felt they were being treated unfairly.

Daniel Shays, a Massachusetts farmer who had fought at Bunker Hill and Saratoga, organized an uprising in 1786.  More than 1,000 farmers took part in Shay's Rebellion.  They attacked courthouses and prevented the state from seizing farms.  finally, the Massachusetts legislature sent the militia to drive them off.

Posted Monday 03/11/13 9:54 AM
Friday 3/8/13

Snow Day! 

Monday's test will be on TUESDAY!

Posted Monday 03/11/13 9:42 AM
Wed. 3/6
Northwest Ordinance sheet
Posted Wednesday 03/06/13 4:25 PM
Thursday 2/28/13
Final draft of essay due on MONDAY with the peer editing sheet and reflection piece on editing sheet completed.
Posted Thursday 02/28/13 4:32 PM
Weds. 2/27/13

Finish writing your conclusion paragraph for your Valley Forge essay.


Restate thesis (would you stay or go) and recap your three reasons in the same order you originally put them in the introduction.  This should tie up the entire essay.  Don't introduce any new material into the conclusion.


Posted Wednesday 02/27/13 8:18 PM
Tuesday 2/26/13

Valley Forge Essay:  Write the introduction.

(If you didn't finish the outline in class, DO IT TONIGHT!!!)

Posted Tuesday 02/26/13 9:37 AM
Monday 2/25/13

Write would you stay at Valley Forge or would you leave.

Write out your 3 reasons why.

Posted Monday 02/25/13 2:03 PM
Thursday 2/21/13

Valley Forge DBQ:  Please complete Document A for homework tonight. 

Make sure you bring it to class tomorrow!

If you need a copy, it is located in Worksheets from Class section at the bottom of this page.

Posted Thursday 02/21/13 4:26 PM
Tuesday 2/19/13

Test tomorrow!  Make sure to study.

Also finish Comparing and Contrasting Patriots and Loyalist worksheet.

Posted Tuesday 02/19/13 2:57 PM
Thursday 2/7/13

STUDY for your Chapter 5 test tomorrow!

If there is no school tomorrow, the test will be on Monday!

If you need another copy of the study guide, it can be found in the WORKSHEETS FROM CLASS section at the bottom of this page.

Feel free to email me if you have any problems or questions!

Posted Thursday 02/07/13 4:44 PM
Weds. 2/6/13

Here is the copy of the Declaration of Independence in modern English.

The time has come for us to have our own separate nation - a nation that is ruled by no one but ourselves. This nation shall be equal to all others on Earth. We believe this is the wish of God.

Because this is such an important decision, we feel strongly that everyone should know our reasons for making it.
We believe certain things to be true and that no one should question them: that all persons are created equal in God's sight; that God gives to all certain rights; that each person's rights must be respected and cannot be taken away for the use of another person. Among these rights are: the right to life itself; the right to enjoy the special liberties and privileges due us as property owners; the right to look for those things that will bring happiness.

We believe that governments are formed by people for the purpose of protecting God-given rights, and that governments receive all their power from the people.

We believe that when a government fails to protect people's rights, the people have the right to change the government. They may even take it apart and start over. Then they must carefully plan to form a new government that will truly work for the safety and happiness of all.
It is wise to remember that changing a government is a serious matter - especially if that government has been in power for many years. People grow used to it. We have seen through history that even when a government is bad, people often put up with it as long as they can instead of making changes. But a government may grow unfair and cruel. It may try to take all rights away from its people. If that happens, the people must act. It is their duty to end that kind of government. Then they must create a new and better government to protect their rights in times to come.

We have been patient, suffering a long time without complaining. Now it is our duty to make changes. This King of Great Britain, our present ruler, seems set on becoming even stronger. He has already tried to rule us completely, without listening to what our American leaders have to say. And we have proof of such evils. Here are the facts for the whole world to see:

The King has refused to sign laws that our American leaders have written - important laws that are needed for the good of the American people.

The King has controlled the judges in our courts. Judges must please the King in order to keep their jobs and earn a living. How fair can these judges be?

The King has ignored the laws and leadership of our American government. He and others have worked together to make their own set of laws. So now the Kings feels it is all right to: Force us to feed and house great numbers of his soldiers, allowing those soldiers to break laws - even murder people - without being punished; Stop us from trading with the rest of the world; Set up taxes that we must pay, although we have no say in the matter; Punish people without holding a fair trial first..

The King has seized our ships, burned our towns and killed our people

The King has already carried out many acts of war. Now he is sending in an army he has hired - foreign soldiers he is paying to keep up the killing and destruction. Is this the work of a civilized leader?

The King has caused trouble between slaves and their owners, stirring up the slaves to anger and violence. He is even trying to help the Indians in their wars against settlers in the wilderness.

Throughout our sufferings we have made our feelings known - politely and respectfully and things have only gotten worse. A power-hungry King who allows such suffering is unfit to rule. We have warned our friends and family members still in England about this trouble. We have asked them to remember why people came to America in the first place, hoping to turn them to our side. But it seems that neither their sense of fairness nor family ties is strong enough to change their minds. So they will be like foreigners to us - our enemies in war, our friends in peace.

Therefore, we, the Representatives of the United States of American look to God to judge our actions. We speak in the name of the good people of these colonies in making this declaration. We declare Great Britain no longer rules us - that because of our rights we ought to be free and independent states. Thus, we have all the powers of free states: the power to make war and peace, the power to draw up treaties, the power to carry on trade, and other such powers. We stand united in this declaration, trusting in God and pledging to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

Photo Credit

Posted Wednesday 02/06/13 4:05 PM
Tuesday 2/5/13
Finish Declaration of Independence worksheet tonight for homework.
Posted Tuesday 02/05/13 2:55 PM
Monday 2/4/13

Chapter 5 Test moved to Friday 2/8/13 due to my illness and the power outage.

Make sure the study guide is completed!

Posted Monday 02/04/13 9:24 AM
Tuesday 1/29/13

Finish Common Sense questions tonight.

Posted Tuesday 01/29/13 1:54 PM
Wed. 1/23/13

Time Line Mini Project

Choose 5 events leading up to the Revolutionary War.  Put them on a time line.

For each event, write a paragraph (5-7 sentences) explaining why it is important AND how it lead to the Revolution.


Posted Wednesday 01/23/13 11:21 AM
Friday 1/18/13

Revolutionary Raps are due on TUESDAY! 

Be ready!!!

Posted Friday 01/18/13 3:10 PM
Thursday 1/17/13
Finish Chapter 5 section 1 and 2 study guide for quiz tomorrow!
Posted Thursday 01/17/13 1:49 PM
Weds. 1/16/13
Continue working on Revolutionary Raps.
Posted Thursday 01/17/13 1:49 PM
Tuesday 1/15/13

Answer the following question:

What were the Committees of Correspondence? How did they work and how did they help bring about the Revolutionary War? 

Posted Tuesday 01/15/13 7:41 PM
Monday 1/14/13
We saw the two depictions of the Boston Massacre (the Patriot point of view and the British point of view).  Draw a picture of what really happened.
Posted Monday 01/14/13 1:41 PM
Friday 1/11/13

Chapter 5 sections 1/2 Quiz on next Thursday 1/17/13!

Make sure to complete the study guide!

Posted Friday 01/11/13 10:50 AM
Thursday 1/10/13
Continue working on the Revolutionary Raps!
Posted Friday 01/11/13 9:34 AM
Weds. 1/9/13

On the clip from the HBO John Adam's show (showing the tarring and feathering scene), John Adams asks his cousin and Son of Liberty member Sam Adams the following question:  "Do you approve of brutal and illegal acts to enforce a political principle?"

With that in mind, answer the following question:

Were the Sons of Liberty Patriots or terrorists?

(make sure to write 5-7 sentences)

Posted Wednesday 01/09/13 3:36 PM
Tuesday 1/8/13

Read the information on the Quartering Act and Townshend Act and fill out the DETAILS box on your chart.

Stamp Act and Quartering Act

In 1765 Parliament passed the Stamp Act as a further measure to raise revenue by placing taxes on newspapers, almanacs, pamphlets, advertisements, land deeds, marriage licenses, insurance policies, and even dice and playing cards. Revenue stamps or stamped paper had to be purchased before goods could be sold in the colonies. Colonists united in opposition and organized committees to boycott British goods. Some newspapers refused to

purchase stamped paper and published in defiance of the law. The Sons of Liberty, a secret organization, was formed to intimidate anyone who cooperated by purchasing the hated stamps. Members of the organization terrorized men who had been selected to issue the revenue stamps and were responsible for tar and feathering tax collectors. The commander of British forces in America, General Thomas Gage, called on Parliament to send troops to the colonies to impose order. Parliament passed a Quartering Act requiring the colonies to supply food and shelter for the troops in inns and unoccupied dwellings. Later Quartering Acts house troops in private homes at the expense of the homeowners.

Several of the colonies called for a special congress to meet to take measures to oppose Parliament’s tax policy. The Stamp Act Congress accused Parliament of violating their rights as Englishmen. The Congress called on all colonies to refuse to buy any goods made in England until the act was repealed. The governor of Rhode Island refused to enforce the Stamp Act. In several other colonies the courts were closed rather than usethe required stamps.

Revenues Parliament had expected from the Stamp Act were not being raised and British merchants were being seriously hurt by the success of the colonial non-importation agreements. In 1766 Parliament debated repeal. Benjamin Franklin in London as an agent for several colonies was called to testify. Franklin warned that if Britain attempted to send more troops to enforce the Stamp Act there would likely be open rebellion. Parliament relented and repealed the Stamp Act. On the same day it repealed the Stamp

Act, Parliament, not wishing to give the impression that it was “backing down,” passed the Declaratory Act. This act simply stated that Parliament had the power to pass any laws it wished to govern the colonies.

Townshend Act

In 1767, Parliament tried again to tax the colonies. Charles Townshend, as Chancellor of the Exchequer or finance minister, called for a tax on goods imported by the colonies. The Townshend Duties placed a tax on glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea. Money raised from these duties was to pay for the defense expenses and the cost of running colonial governments.

The colonists saw little distinction between this new tax and the earlier Stamp Act and revived the non-importation agreements as a way of forcing repeal. Sam Adams, a leader of the Sons of Liberty in Boston, denounced the Townshend Acts arguing that they violated the principle of “no taxation without representation.”

Colonists demonstrated in the streets of Boston to express their opposition to British policy. As a result Britain sent troops to Boston to maintain order. In 1770 colonial protests convinced the British to repeal the Townshend Acts. Lord North, the new prime minister, feared that if all the taxes were removed it would be taken as a sign of weakness. He therefore persuaded Parliament to repeal all the duties except for tea.

In Massachusetts, as in the other colonies, people celebrated repeal but continued to boycott tea until that tax was also removed. Since the French had been expelled from the North American continent, colonists voiced more and more resentment to the stationing of British troops in the colonies. This was especially the case in Boston. British soldiers were not paid well and many took part time jobs in the city. Boston laborers felt that the soldiers were taking jobs away from them and often clashed with troops.



Posted Tuesday 01/08/13 11:51 AM
Monday 1/7/13
No homework.
Posted Tuesday 01/08/13 11:50 AM
Weds. 1/2/13

Finish Writs of Assistance questions on the back of the Road to Revolution smuggling scenario worksheet.

Posted Wednesday 01/02/13 2:32 PM
Wed. 12/19
No Homework
Posted Wednesday 12/19/12 1:59 PM
Tuesday 12/18

French and Indian War map activity.

Use the map below to help.

Posted Tuesday 12/18/12 9:32 AM
Monday 12-17
No homework
Posted Tuesday 12/18/12 9:28 AM
Tuesday 12/11

Finish French and Indian War scenarios

Use this map to help you

File:French and Indian War.png

Posted Tuesday 12/11/12 11:09 AM
Monday 12/10
Complete Triangular Trade Worksheet tonight
Posted Monday 12/10/12 6:53 PM
Friday 12/7

Look on QOD Log tab on left side of website:

Make up any missing QOD in your blue book.

There should be 30 total!

Make sure to write 3 sentences for each!

These will be on your first trimester grades!

Posted Friday 12/07/12 2:59 PM
Weds. 12/5

Finish 13 Colonies Study Guide utilizing your chart and class notes.

13 Colonies Quiz tomorrow!

Extra Practice Map

Posted Wednesday 12/05/12 12:32 PM
Tues 12/4
Finish 13 Colonies Chart using the wiki page.
Posted Wednesday 12/05/12 12:31 PM
Monday 12/3

Go onto Links page

Hit Wiki page

Sign in with flaherty9

password      harborside

Go onto your class period and make sure to take notes on an additional 2 colonies tonight!

Posted Monday 12/03/12 11:30 AM
Weds. 11/28
13 Colonies Map now due on FRIDAY 12/1
Posted Wednesday 11/28/12 12:51 PM
Tuesday 11/27

1. Finish researching your colony.  Due tomorrow.

2. Begin working on PowerPoint

3. Work on Map Project that is due THURSDAY. (If you need another map, it is listed on Worksheets from Class section at the bottom of the page.)  Maps on Upcoming Tests/Projects page if you need help.

Posted Tuesday 11/27/12 9:28 AM
Monday 11/26

Complete 13 Colonies Map  DUE THURSDAY!!!

Begin Researching your colony!  The research is due on Wed.  If you need another graphic organizer, they are located in Worksheets from Class section at the bottom of the page!

Posted Monday 11/26/12 10:17 AM
Tues 11/20

Finish the Mayflower Compact Would you sign? sheet tonight.

If you lost the copy, it is located on the Worksheets From Class section at the bottom of the page.

Posted Tuesday 11/20/12 9:21 AM
Monday 11/19

Study for Chapter 3 Test tomorrow!

Here is a link to play Jeopardy for extra studying.


 Finally....make sure to know these terms:

Precedent, persecute, Cortes, Pizzaro, courier du bois, Squanto, Columbus, John Smith and representative government, House of Burgesses.




Posted Monday 11/19/12 1:44 PM
Thurs. 11/15

Period 1 No Homework

Period 2 House of Burgess Sheet

Periods 4,5,6  Finish Laws Divine, Moral and Martial Sheet

Posted Thursday 11/15/12 2:34 PM
Weds. 11/14

Period 1:  Finish documents D and E

Periods 2, 4, 5, 6: Finish all documents if not completed in class and answer the following question in a paragraph:

Why did so many people die at Jamestown?  (Make sure to use the date from the DBQ).


Posted Wednesday 11/14/12 4:33 PM
Tues 11/13

Period 1 Finish Jamestown Map

Period 2 Finish doc. A, B and C on Jamestown DBQ

Periods 4,5,6  Finish doc. A and B on Jamestown DBQ

Posted Tuesday 11/13/12 2:35 PM
Weds. 11/7

Period 1 No Homework

Period 2 Finish Roanoke sheet.  Decide which was the best hypothesis based on what your classmates wrote.

Periods 4-6 Finish front page of Roanoke sheet.  Write out your hypothesis based on the clues from the primary source reading.


Posted Wednesday 11/07/12 2:54 PM
Tuesday 11/6

No School Election Day!

Make sure to check out Team 8 Blue's Election results!

Posted Wednesday 11/07/12 2:53 PM
Monday 11/5

Welcome Back!  I hope you all made it through Hurricane Sandy safely!

Finish reading the article on Roanoke. 

Election Results can be found in Worksheets from Class!

Posted Monday 11/05/12 1:41 PM
Weds. 10/24

Periods 1 and 2:  Answer the following question in three sentneces-  What is the difference between an explorer and a conqueror?

Periods 4-6:  Read your document on the Conquistadors.  Then answer the following at the bottom of the page:

1)  What is the main idea of this document?

2)  Which hypothesis on why the Conquistadors were able to overpower the native americans did the document fall under?  (example:  better weapons or the Conquistadors betrayed the natives)

3)  Re-answer the question of the day:  Why were the outnumbered Conquistadors able to conquer the native people of the Americas?

Posted Wednesday 10/24/12 1:54 PM
Tuesday Oct. 23rd.


Periods 4-6:  Complete map on the routes of the Conquistadors (the ones listed on your graphic organizer) using the link below: (Make sure to ignore the routes other than the Spanish.  Also make sure to color each Conquistador's route a different color even though they are all gold on the map)


Posted Tuesday 10/23/12 2:48 PM

Periods 1 and 2

Periods 4-6:  Complete the reading on the Conquistador and complete the questions.

Posted Tuesday 10/23/12 2:46 PM
Thursday 10/18.

Periods 1 and 2:  Christopher Columbus Bio AND Columbus Hero or Villain Graphic Organizer

Periods 4-6:  Your Columbus Hero or Villain essay should have been peer edited in class.  Re-write or type final draft to be turned in tomorrow!

Posted Thursday 10/18/12 11:29 AM
Wed. 10/17

Periods 1 and 2:  Columbian Exchange Ticket to Leave

Periods 4-6: Native American and Meso-American Test Review Sheet

Posted Thursday 10/18/12 11:27 AM
Tuesday Oct. 16th.

Periods 1 and 2:  Finish the Columbus Takes Possession of the New Country drawing.

Periods 4-6:  Finish Columbus Hero or Villain graphic organizer in preparation for writing tomorrow.

Posted Tuesday 10/16/12 2:57 PM
Monday October 15th.

Periods 1 and 2:  Finish the Columbus Primary Source Sheet

Periods 4-6:  Answer the following question:

What did you have for dinner?  What are the ingredients?  Where did they come from (Old World or New)?

Posted Monday 10/15/12 2:32 PM
Weds. 10/10

Periods 1 and 2:  Finish Mayan DBQ documents C and D.

Periods 4-6:  Finish Columbus Hero or Villain questions 5-7.


Posted Wednesday 10/10/12 4:00 PM




Posted Friday 10/05/12 2:17 PM
Thursday Oct. 4th, 2012

Periods 1 and 2:  Finish Map activity

                          WPP due on Tues!

Periods 4-6:  WPP due tomorrow!

                    Map due tomorrow

                    Mayan DBQ due tomorrow

Posted Thursday 10/04/12 2:38 PM
Wed. October 3rd, 2012


Periods 4-6 Finish Mayan DBQ packet and work on  the map activity sheet for tonight.

Posted Wednesday 10/03/12 5:29 PM
Tuesday October 2nd, 2012

Period 1 and 2:  Continue to work on WPP paper.  DUE TUESDAY 10/9

Periods 4-6:  Finish Documents A and B on the Mayan DBQ for tomorrow.  You will finish C and D in class tomorrow.

Posted Tuesday 10/02/12 1:45 PM
Monday October 1st, 2012

Period 1-  Finish introduction of your WPP paper.

Period 2- Finish another paragraph of WPP paper.

Periods 4-6-  Answer the following question in 3-5 full sentences:  What does it mean to be an "advanced" society?  What are some of the qualifications?

Posted Monday 10/01/12 1:46 PM
Friday September 28

Period 1-  If you did not finish in class.......

Write 3 similarities and 3 differences between the Native American cultures in North America.

Use your chart for information.

Posted Friday 09/28/12 2:39 PM
Tuesday September 25th.
No Homework Yom Kippur
Posted Tuesday 09/25/12 3:22 PM
Monday Sept 24th.

PERIOD 1  Answer the following questions:  How similar were your drawing of an Indian and the Disney version?  Why do you think this is the case?  What can be done so that future students do not come into this American History class with misconceptions about Native Americans based on stereotypes?

PERIODS 2-6  Make sure to finish the entire culture comparison chart.  Also, write down 3 similarities and 3 differences that you noticed when comparing the 5 Native American culture groups. (Yes, write in complete sentences!)

Posted Monday 09/24/12 3:33 PM
Thursday Sept 20th. IMPORTANT CHANGE!!! American Indian Research Square!

Each student was assigned a square on the research graphic organizer.  You much complete that research tonight and bring it in complete for class tomorrow. (Example: housing, food, religion etc.)

If you need another sheet, please look in Worksheets from class section at the bottom of the homework page.

Posted Thursday 09/20/12 12:43 PM
September 18th and 19th. NO HOMEWORK
Be ready for homework towards the end of the week!
Posted Wednesday 09/19/12 2:19 PM
Thursday September 13th, 2012 Explaining 9/11 to a 6th grader.

In at least one paragraph, explaining the events of 9/11 to an incoming 6th grader who was born after the events took place.  Make sure to cover the Who What Where When and Why of the event.

This will be due for all classes on TUESDAY 9/18

Posted Thursday 09/13/12 3:34 PM
Weds. September 12th. 9/11 Homework #2

Talk with your parents/grandparents/older relatives.  Discuss what they were doing on 9/11.  What were their reactions to the events that took place?  How did they feel?

Make sure to write down 5-7 sentences on the paper we have been working on.

Posted Wednesday 09/12/12 10:53 AM
Tuesday September 11th. 9/11 Homework

"The first plane hits, most people think it is an accident, after the second plane hits, this is really happening to us, what does this mean for America?  The World?"

Answer in 2-3 sentences.

Posted Tuesday 09/11/12 11:23 AM
Which candidate would you choose question.
Complete the last question on the political platform/issues sheet from class.  (Based on the issues that you think are important, your political viewpoint and how the candidates view each issue, which candidate would you vote for in November if you could vote?)
Posted Monday 09/10/12 10:07 AM
Primary and Secondary Sources
Make sure to complete the Primary and Secondary Sources quiz for homework tonight.
Posted Wednesday 09/05/12 2:24 PM
New HOMEWORK Bulletin
Start Silhouette Project!  Due on FRIDAY SEPT. 7th!
Posted Tuesday 09/04/12 1:52 PM
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