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February 26, 2014

Students are working on their Weebly.com websites about Japan.  Students should have completed the "physical geography" page.  Due on Friday, February 28th are the page(s) about government and economy.  Students may use the websites under the "Links" section of this page to find information.

Also, students were supposed to finish the Create Your own Anime Character in class yesterday.  If they did not finish it, they must hand it in tomorrow.

Posted Wednesday 02/26/14 12:37 PM
February 25 update
Students are working on their weebly.com projects.  Tomorrow, students will be responsible for having their physical geography page completed.  Their government/ economy page will be due on Friday.
Posted Tuesday 02/25/14 1:55 PM
Homework February 3, 2014
Students should read "Island Arc of Japan" and complete the Main Idea and Key Details graphic organizer.  Students should also complete the Analyze Geothermal Power Activity
Posted Tuesday 02/04/14 2:48 PM
Important! January 27, 2014

Students should come prepared and ready to complete their Essay:  Was Imperialism in India good or bad?

Students should have completed Primary Source Document analysis sheets (8), the questions for each primary source, and a graphic organizer for their essay.  Tomorrow in class is the last day to type the essay.  If students wish, they can hand in a written version of the essay.

Posted Monday 01/27/14 3:03 PM
Homework January 13, 2013

Students should complete "Build a Time Line of Colonialism in India"  Activity.

Additionally, Periods 4 and 5 need to complete their Modern South Asia Timeline for Wed. January 15

Posted Monday 01/13/14 2:55 PM
Quiz Tomorrow! Wed. Jan 8
Students should study for tomorrow's quiz.  The quiz will cover labeling a map of South Asia (political and physical features) and vocabulary found on Quizlet.com
Posted Tuesday 01/07/14 9:19 AM
Homework January 2, 2014

Students should study vocabulary on Quizlet.

There will be a Quiz on Wed. January 8th that will cover political and physical locations and vocabulary.

Posted Thursday 01/02/14 12:42 PM
Homework November 19, 2013
Students should complete "Understanding Bias" activity.
Posted Tuesday 11/19/13 3:09 PM
Homework November 13, 2013
Students should complete two summaries.  One summarizes the history of colonization in Australia and the other summarizes the colonization of New Zealand.  Students should be prepared for a quiz on the two tomorrow.
Posted Wednesday 11/13/13 3:53 PM
Homework November 12, 2013
Students should complete History and Governments guided reading activity.  Use pages 792-797 in Exploring Our World
Posted Tuesday 11/12/13 2:43 PM
Homework November 6, 2013

Students should read pages 783-786 Oceania Climate Regions and answer the Section Review questions 2 and 3

Also, students are finishing up an in-class project researching the physical climate and indigenous cultures of the region.  Please check in with your student to make sure they are on track to present on Friday!

Posted Wednesday 11/06/13 3:11 PM
Homework November 4, 2013
Students should read Exploring Our World pgs 776-779 and complete Physical Geography Guided Reading activity.  Students should also choose 4 vocabulary words and complete the "word web"
Posted Monday 11/04/13 2:48 PM
Homework, October 29, 2013
Students should complete the "Analyze the Results of Plate Tectonics" GeoActivity
Posted Tuesday 10/29/13 1:50 PM
Homework October 23, 2013

Students should complete Physical Features matching activity.  Use Exploring Our World (all students should have a textbook at home) to complete.  The unit begins on p. 776

Also, retakes for last week's quiz are tomorrow during flex.  Students who scored below a 70 are expected to take the retake.

Posted Wednesday 10/23/13 12:52 PM
Homework October 17, 2013
QUIZ TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!  Study the study guide!!!
Posted Thursday 10/17/13 2:52 PM
Homework, October 15, 2013
Study guides were distributed for Friday's quiz.  Students should review study guide with their notes and textbook and identify any definitions or concepts they are unfamiliar with so we can review those in class.
Posted Tuesday 10/15/13 10:11 AM
Homework October 14, 2013

Students will be having a quiz on the following topics: population, economics, and governments. Study guides should be distributed tomorrow.

Tonight all students, except period 4, should complete Types of Economies compare and contrast and Economic Activity Map.

Posted Monday 10/14/13 3:32 PM
Homework October 9, 2013
Students today explored the Push Pull Theory of Human Migration.  This theory identifies factors that "push" people from their birth country and "pull" people to a new country.  Students should find one news story that shows a real world connection to one or more of these factors we identified in class.
Posted Wednesday 10/09/13 3:52 PM
Homework October 8, 2013
Students will create a line graph charting population growth over the last 500 years.  Students will then summarize the trend of that growth, identify causes and effects of rapid population growth on human and physical geography.
Posted Tuesday 10/08/13 2:51 PM
Homework Friday, October 4, 2013- TAKE HOME QUIZ
Using newspapers, magazines, flyers, internet or other sources, students should find 2-3 examples of each theme.  Examples can be pictures, words, or symbols.  Paste the examples to construction on poster paper and provide a 2-3 sentence caption for each one that explains how it fits into each theme.
Posted Friday 10/04/13 12:00 AM
Homework, Thursday, October 3, 2013
Students should read and take notes on handout "5 Themes of Geography".  Students should have definitions for each theme and examples.  Students should also answer 2 Assessment questions at the end of the reading.
Posted Thursday 10/03/13 9:19 AM
No Homework Tuesday October 1, 2013
Some students may need to make up some work.  Please check PowerSchool as many grades have been updated.
Posted Tuesday 10/01/13 2:59 PM
Homework Week of September 23, 2013
We will be having a map skills quiz on Friday, September 27.  The quiz will cover parts of a map, reading latitude, longitude, and scale, labeling continents and oceans, and which type of map to use to find information.  Study guides went home on Monday.  I am available for extra help at 7:30am daily and during Flex on Thursday.
Posted Tuesday 09/24/13 7:26 AM
September 19, 2013
Homework:  Students should complete the Plan a Trip to Daytona Beach.  Students are using scale to find the cost of gas to go round trip from New Haven to Florida.  This WILL be collected and graded.
Posted Thursday 09/19/13 2:30 PM
Homework September 18, 2013

Students in periods 1, 2, 4, and 6 should complete : Finding Distance in the United States Activity

Students in period 5 should complete the Planning a trip to Florida activity

Posted Wednesday 09/18/13 3:50 PM
Homework September 11, 2013

Students should read "How al-Qaeda Began" by Toni Lee Robinson then respond to the prompt:  What are the motivations and methods used by the terrorists and groups in this article? 

Prompt responses should be about 1 page in length.

Posted Wednesday 09/11/13 12:32 PM
Homework September 10, 2013
Periods 1 and 2 ONLY:  Students should use atlas in textbook to complete Using Scale activity.  Students should use scale to determine cost for trip to Daytona, Florida
Posted Tuesday 09/10/13 2:30 PM
Homework Sept 6, 2013
PERIODS 1 and 2 ONLY!!!  Complete Latitude and longitude activity.  Use atlas in textbook to find the absolute locations 
Posted Friday 09/06/13 2:53 PM
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