Grading Policy/Class Expectations

Class Expectations

Dr. Coloski



Eighth grade science class is filled with inquiry, asking questions about the world around us, research, technology, literacy, numeracy, cooperative groupings, and hands-on labs. The expectation is that as young adults, students behave in a responsible, respectful, and appropriate manner. Daily materials needed for class include a pen/pencil, covered science book, and notebook/binder section. Work that is handed in needs to be written in complete sentences. Homework is posted on the WSMS web page. Grades are found online on PowerSchool.

Students are given a username and password to access the online Physics Book titled Forces, Motion, and Energy. The online textbook is a great resource for students. To get there go to: my.hrw.com

Grades are based on the following: 50 % for tests/projects; 30 % for labs; 10% for classwork; 10% for homework. If there is a question about a score/grade feel free to email me or write me a note.

Extra help is available by appointments only due to the safety of the student. If a student needs to stay after school a written note is required and the parent needs to indicate if the student is a walker, takes the bus, or will be picked up by the parent.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 203-783-3553 from 2:55-3:05 p.m. or by email at: mecoloski@milforded.org



Mary-Ellen Coloski

Posted Tuesday 10/09/12 12:00 AM
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