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Upcoming News & Events, 9/4 and Beyond

Upcoming News & Events, 9/4 and Beyond


Dear Members of the Milford Public Schools Family,

We are so happy to be corresponding with you again!  By way of introduction for our new followers, this is Upcoming News & Events – an informative news piece that is sent to you from the district at the end of each week. The tone is light, the information is interesting, and the length is short. Our intent is to send the news at the end of the week so you can ‘set up’ the week to come. Items we normally feature in our UNE are the Schedule for the Week, Board of Education Meeting information, district items of note, local happenings, and much, much more.  So – let’s get started!

This week, we have limited our information to only the most crucial links you will likely be looking for over the weekend.  We’ve put everything in one place for easy retrieval.  And don’t forget to watch for the important communications that come from your specific school as they will provide custom-information for you and your family. 



Monday, 9/7: Labor Day/Schools and Offices Closed
Tuesday, 9/8: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL – Welcome!
Wednesday, 9/9: Distance Learning Day (online)
Thursday, 9/10: In-Person School Day
Friday, 9/11: In-Person School Day



One Stop Shopping: A Set of Important Links

Parent-Student Handbook, 2020-21

School Hours

Bus Routes, 2020-21

Bus Procedure Video, 2020-21

Foodservice Tri-fold Brochure (lots of great foodservice info in one document)

Free- and Reduced-Price Meal Application

NEW! Foodservice: How to Pay with our new platform – TITAN

Student Voluntary Accident Insurance Available


Communication Supreme!

Our district has long been recognized as a leader across the state when it comes to keeping everyone informed and engaged.  We have several communication tools that we use to get in touch with you.  Some are emergency information tools, others are regular information channels.  You will become very familiar with these as the year progresses.  Here’s what is available to you:

SchoolMessenger:  this is a terrific communication tool we use to send emails and phone calls to our school community members. New this year – we will be adding the ability to send text messages, as well!  We’ll keep you posted on this.

MPS District Website:  This robust online resource provides information on all kinds of topics.  Check it out.

MPS ‘App’: There’s an App for that! Unveiled last year, the MPS App is an easy, convenient way to pull information into one place.  Download the app (it’s FREE) from your smartphone provider.

Twitter: @mpsctalerts  The MPS Twitter account is used when we need to communicate emergency information, such as inclement weather concerns, bus route delays, or other urgent information. Of course, we use the other tools mentioned above, as well, for emergency items – but our emergency Twitter account provides yet another way to reach our community members.  ‘Follow’ us to get all of the emergency information instantly!

School-Based Communications: In addition to district-prepared communications, your school also does a great job at ‘keeping you in the loop’ for everything happening in your specific school.  Tweets, newsletters, videos, messages, and lots more!  Watch for these terrific pieces of information as they make their way to you.


That's it for this week, friends. Thank you for visiting with us and we hope you enjoy the long weekend. We can’t wait to see you on Tuesday – welcome back!

- Milford Public Schools