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Upcoming News & Events, 8/31 and Beyond

Upcoming News & Events, 8/31 and Beyond

Congratulations, Milford Public Schools Families!!

We made it!  Although the first week of school occurred simultaneously with an honest-to-goodness heat wave, we have all emerged victorious. And now we can relax and re-energize ourselves this weekend. Great job, everyone!

There have been several additions to our Upcoming Events electronic bulletin board on the district website.  Check ‘em out and see what’s happening in our community for families and youth.



Monday, Sept. 3rd:  Schools Closed in recognition of Labor Day.

Tues. Sept. 4th – Friday, Sept. 7th:  Regular Schedule




NEW!! MPS Emergency Alert Twitter Account Established

Follow us @mpsctalerts; Sign Up HERE

The Milford Public School district has implemented a new Emergency Alerts Twitter account in order to provide you with timely information regarding emergency situations impacting our schools.  With the popularity of and easy access to Twitter, it is another tool for us to effectively communicate with our school community during these situations.  The best part of this new tool is you will be able to count on accurate, up-to-date, ongoing information if a school-related emergency should present itself.  In addition to Twitter, we will continue to utilize School Messenger for family and employee notifications, as always.

Our Twitter handle is @MPSctalerts.  To sign up for this new FREE service, simply click HERE, then click on the Twitter icon and follow the directions to set up your Twitter account.  And don't forget to 'follow' us at @MPSctalerts!

We are pleased to bring you yet another Communication tool and hope you will find it helpful.


Have Your Kids Memorize Their Foodservice PIN #
If your children use the Milford Foodservice Program and have a personal pre-paid account for lunch, it would be great if you could work with them to memorize their personal PIN number.  Students are asked to enter their PIN number once they get to the register – and if they don’t know their number, it can take precious minutes out of their lunch period.  The 5-digit PIN number actually is the last 5 digits of your student’s ID number (which you can find on your child's PowerSchool file).  Thanks in advance for your help!


Got a Question?
From time to time, you may encounter an issue involving your child that requires you to speak with someone further. The good news is there’s a protocol in place that is designed to assist you in getting your question answered quickly and any additional information you need!  The Channels of Communication link should help you determine the process to take.  This chart (along with tons of other helpful information) also appears in the Parent-Student Handbook.


Hot Weather Health Tips
Last week’s Hot Weather Health Tips were so well received, we’re sending them again!  Lots of good information, including tips to follow to avoid/prevent heat-related issues.  We’ve linked it again, HERE, for your convenience.  Our thanks go to the Milford Health Dept. for this timely piece.


Thinking About Getting Your GED? Need to Improve Your English-Skills? Adult Education Can Help – for FREE!
You likely received the message on your phone yesterday – but we want to remind everyone that our Adult Education Dept. is ready to help anyone who might want to improve their academic skills.  The GED Program, the English as a 2nd Language Program, and the Citizenship Program are all open – FREE OF CHARGE --  for Milford residents.  Registration begins on Sept. 11th (and for a few other dates beyond that) at Foran High, Room 305, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.  Full details appear in the Fall 2018 Adult Education Course Catalog (pages 2-3).


Oh, and by the way, there are hundreds of cool GENERAL INTEREST courses also offered, many beginning in September.  Although ‘on time’ registration has passed, you can still sign up for many of these programs with an additional $10 late fee, (per course).  Take a look at the catalog for what’s offered this season.



Lots of things will kick into gear this week – couple of PTA meetings, a few assorted school events – but if you have a child in Middle School, please make sure you attend your child’s OPEN HOUSE (details below).  Keep up-to-date on all activities going on in our schools by clicking on the website calendar ( and scroll down to the calendar listings.  If you like to see the events listed for a full month, just click the Full Calendar listing.  It kindof puts things in perspective ....

Thursday, Sept. 6th: Middle School Open Houses, [East Shore, Harborside, West Shore], 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. It’s Open House Time! Look for details from your child’s school regarding your specific Open House program. Have fun!

That's it for this week, folks!  Enjoy the weekend and we'll see you next week.

- The Milford Public Schools