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NEW! Community Resources Listing - Take a Look!


We are so very fortunate to have such a robust collection of community resources available to us.  Take a look at the information we have provided below.  Special thanks to Annaliese Spaziano, (Instructional Supervisor of Health/Wellness 6-12), and Sean Smyth, (Instructional Supervisor of Health/Wellness PK-5).


Milford Community Support Webinar Presentation (PDF)

Milford Community Support Webinar Presentation


The Milford Public School district is proud to share a wonderful resource available to everyone!  The MPS Community Connection Center, located at Pumpkin Delight Elementary, opened at the beginning of the school year, offering assistance and resources on dozens of topics to those in need. 

Given our current COVID-19 environment, we suggest you check out the information posted on their new website -- and come back often! Topics and information are updated all the time - check it out!

Click HERE for the website.