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Harborside Pie in the Face

HARBORSIDE FUNDRAISER FOR HURRICANE VICTIMS ENGAGES ENTIRE SCHOOL – It is always fulfilling to see students and staff come together for a common cause but when it is combined with joyful laughter, it is unmatched.  On September 29th, this became apparent at the culmination of a special fundraiser held at Harborside – to benefit the American Red Cross in support of the recent hurricane victims in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.  Nine buckets with staff member photos on them were set out last week and students/staff were instructed to drop their donations in the buckets of their favorite staffer.  Those with the top 3 totals in donations were to receive a ‘pie in the face’ from a student at a school wide assembly. In addition, if the benchmark of $1,500 was reached, ALL of the nine staff members would be ‘pied.’   Even further, if the school reached $2,250, Principal Steve Gottlieb would agree to have his head shaved in front of the whole school.  Donations came in at a feverish pace – with students spearheading efforts to make sure their favorite teachers would be ‘pied.’


Students at the school proudly presented a check for $2,250 (with more continuing to come in) to representatives from the American Red Cross. And let’s just say Mr. Gottlieb will not need a barber any time soon.  It was a wonderful event.