Assistant Superintendent

The Assistant Superintendent’s Office serves as the instructional center of the district.  Curriculum development, teacher placements, textbook adoptions, state reports, and much more is handled here.

Dr. Amy Fedigan was appointed to the post of Assistant Superintendent for the Milford Public Schools in August 2018.  Dr. Fedigan has served as a professional educator for the past 19 years in Milford.  Her career began in September 1999 as a teacher of world language at Harborside Middle School.  In 2006, she was appointed as assistant principal at East Shore Middle School, where she remained for five years.  In 2012, Dr. Fedigan was appointed as the principal of Calf Pen Meadow Elementary, where she remained until her appointment to Assistant Superintendent.


Dr. Fedigan is a long-time Milford resident, having attended Simon Lake Elementary and Lauralton Hall.  She received her bachelor of arts degree in Spanish from Saint Michael’s College in Vermont in 1999, as well as her Master of Science degree and 6th year administrative certificate in educational leadership, both from Southern Connecticut State University, in 2002 and 2005, respectively.  In 2018, she received her doctoral degree in educational leadership from SCSC.  Her doctoral dissertation was published under the title A Study of Leadership Competencies for the Inclusion of Elementary Students with Special Education Identification at the Elementary Level.


Dr. Fedigan’s educational credentials are extensive. Aside from her prolific writings on educational topics, she was also named a National Board Certified Teacher in 2004. She has served on many boards and in leadership roles both in Milford and across the state, including her work on the State Board of Education Committee (BEST portfolio standards/world language), as well as ASCD (Assoc. for Supervisors and Curriculum Development) and has been a member of COLT (Connecticut Organization of Language Teachers). She was instrumental in the work conducted on several high-profile instructional projects, including the district’s work on Strategic Planning and Reconfiguration, Standards Based Report Card, Instructional Framework, Grading Practices, and Attendance and Truancy.


More recently, Dr. Fedigan participated in the UCONN Neag School of Education PK-3 Leadership program and the Yale Seedlings Institute to support the social, emotional, and behavioral well-being of individuals and the overall educational system.


Dr. Fedigan has been a staunch supporter of school-based programming, particularly in parent/school community development.  Her strong belief in communication between and among the school community groups has long fueled a vibrant school community during her time at Calf Pen Meadow.