MPS Chromebook 1:1 Resources

Our students live and learn in a digital world and we are committed to supporting their growth of 21st century learning skills. Providing Chromebooks to our learners will enable them to further interact with rich learning experiences and reach curriculum goals.


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Must be purchased within 30 days of the device being issued to the student by the school
*Chromebooks issued during COVID-19 Distance Learning have insurance covered by the district. 


About Chromebooks

  • Chromebooks are lightweight, easy-to-use portable computers.
  • Chromebooks utilize the Google Apps For Education suite of web-based applications including Google Classroom.
  • Chromebooks start in seconds, allowing students to get to work quicker.
  • Chromebooks have great battery life, enabling them to run all day once charged.

MPS Chromebook Overview Video

*Models issued during COVID-19 Distance Learning may have variations.