Procedures & Forms

The Milford Public Schools follow a universal set of procedures and forms that dictate how the district operates and functions on a day-to-day basis. Implemented in 2002, this system has saved the district thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in manpower in the form of reduced duplication and increased productivity.


Each of these documents has gone through the proper approval process (i.e. the school, central office, and/or legal counsel). PLEASE -- do NOT re-create any of these forms! If you have any questions about this, please contact the Superintendent's Office at 203-783-3402.


ACC-F001      Petty Cash Fund
ACC-P001      Petty Cash
ACC-P002      Fiscal Year Budget Salaried Employee
ACC-P003      State and Federal Reporting Procedure
ACC-P004      Monitoring of School and Department Budgets
ACC-P005      General Ledger Reconciliation
ACC-P006      Operating Budget
ACC-P007      ED111 Cash Disbursement Reporting
ACC-P010      AS400 Grants JE
ACC-P011      Customer Safekeeping of Personal Property

Accounts Payable/Receivable


APAR-F002 Mileage Report and Mileage Chart
APAR-F003 Check Request
APAR-F004 Student Activity Check Request Memo
APAR-F005 Student Activity Unpaid Check Request Memo
APAR-F006 Student Activity Purchase Order Request Form
APAR-F007 Student Activity Transfer Request
APAR-F016 Student Activity Fund Deposit Record Form
APAR-F017 Tuition Accounts Students Activity Fund Deposit Record Form
APAR-F019 Student Activity Vendor Request Form
APAR-F020 Student Activity Fund Ticket Accountability Record Form
APAR-F021 District Reimbursement Form
APAR-F022 Parsons Perks Student Activity Deposit Record Form
APAR-F023 FYVE Special Functions Form
APAR-F024 Student Activity RLCC Order
APAR-F025 Student Activity Fund Petty Cash Reimbursement Form
APAR-F026 Student Activity Fund Purchase Order Request Form - JAY ROWE
APAR-F027 City Perks Student Activity Deposit Record Form


APAR-P001 Student Activity Funds Procedure
APAR-P002 Student Activity Funds Recordkeeping
APAR-P003 Student Activity Funds Tuition Self Funded
APAR-P005 Purchase Order Processing Procedure
APAR-P006 Travel Reimbursement
APAR-P010 Requisition Approval Processing
APAR-P011 Purchase Order Payment
APAR-P013 School-Based Bank Deposits
APAR-P014 High School Bookkeeping Procedures


ADM-F001 Permission to Disclose Confidential Information RE: HIV/AIDS

ADM-F002 Advertising/Sponsorship Proposal Form

ADM-F003 Advertising/Sponsorship Contract

ADM-F004 Notice of Intent/Instruction of Student at Home

ADM-F007 Evaluation of Coaches

ADM-F008 Travel Release Form - (Athletics only)

ADM-F009 Use of District Equipment/Employee Sign-Out Sheet

ADM-F010 Student Sign-Out Sheet – BOE Property

ADM-F012 Approval for School Fundraising

ADM-F013 Student Fundraiser Cash Report

ADM-F015-A Student Report form - Bullying - Grades K-5

ADM-F015-B Student report form - Bullying - Grades 6-12

ADM-F015-C Employee Report form - Bullying

ADM-F016 Investigation Checklist - Bullying

ADM-F017 Investigation Summary report - Bullying

ADM-F018-A Parent Letter-Allegation - Bullying

ADM-F018-B Parent Letter-Verified act - Bullying

ADM-F018-C Parent Letter-UNverified act - Bullying

ADM-F019 Verified Bullying Log

ADM-F024 Athletic Permission/Emergency Authorization

ADM-F025 Flyer Distribution

ADM-F026 Verification of Liability Insurance

ADM-F027 Travel Release form - (General)

ADM-F028 Student Drop Out Survey

ADM-F029 School Withdrawal Form

ADM-F032 Parent/Guardian Report form - Bullying

ADM-F033 Appendix IV Automated External Defibrillator Notification Letter

ADM-F034 Request for Out-of-Attendance Area Enrollment form

ADM-F035 Cardiac Arrest (Athletics) Acknowledgement Form

ADM-F036 Concussion (Athletics) Acknowledgement Form

ADM-P001 Initiation/Creation of Policies

ADM-P002 Home Schooling

ADM-P003 Initiation/Creation of Procedures

ADM-P005 Wellness

ADM-P006 BOE Property Inventory Control (School/Student)

ADM-P007 Borrowing of District Equipment by BOE Employees

ADM-P008 Addition of a District-Sanctioned Sport

ADM-P009 Deletion of a District-Sanctioned Sport

ADM-P011 Approval for Student Fundraising

ADM-P013 Addition of a District-Sanctioned Student Activity

ADM-P014 Automated External Defibrillators

ADM-P1322 Flyer Distribution/Benefits & Contests

ADM-P1325 Advertising/Sponsorship

ADM-P1330/20 Sports Camps

ADM-P2000 Concepts and Roles in Administration

ADM-P2111 Equal Employment

ADM-P2113 Assignment and Transfer of Building Administrators

ADM-P2121 Lines of Responsibility

ADM-P2130 Job Descriptions

ADM-P2140 Superintendent of Schools

ADM-P2141 Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent

ADM-2151 Hiring School Administrators

ADM-2151.2 Compensation Guides and Contracts for Administrators

ADM-P2210 Administrative Leeway in Absence of BOE Policy

ADM-P2220 Representative and Deliberative Groups

ADM-P2231 Policy and Regulation Systems

ADM-P2400 Evaluation of Administrators and Administration

ADM-P3260 Business Sales and Disposal of Textbooks/Library Books

ADM-P3260a Business Sales and Disposal of Furniture and Equipment

ADM-P3542 Food Services

ADM-P3542.31 Free or Reduced Price Lunches

ADM-P3542.33 Food Sales other than National School Lunch Program

ADM-P4000 Certified/Non-Certified Concepts and Roles in Personnel

ADM-P4111 Certified Recruitment and Selection

ADM-P4111.1/4211.1 Certified/Non-Certified Equal Employment Opportunity

ADM-P4112.4/4212.4 Certified/Non-Certified Health Exam/Chest X-ray/Intradermal Test

ADM-P4112.6/4212.6 Certified/Non-Certified Personnel Records

ADM-P4117.4a/4217.4 Certified/Non-Certified Dismissal/Suspension

ADM-P4117.4bc/4217.4 Certified/Non-Certified Dismissal/Suspension Just Cause

ADM-P4118.112a-b/4218.112 Certified/Non-Certified Sexual Harassment

ADM-P4118.14/4218.14 Certified/Non-Certified Disabilities

ADM-P4118.141/4218.141 Certified/Non-Certified Disabilities Medical Examinations

ADM-P4118.142 Certified/Non-Certified Disabilities

ADM-P5111 Students Admission/Placement

ADM-P5112 Students Ages of Attendance/Required Ages of Attendance

ADM-P5131.8b Athletic/Extracurricular Activities Code of Conduct

ADM-P5131.9 Fighting and Assaults

ADM-P5141.24a-e Students with HIV/AIDS

ADM-5141.25 Managing Students With Food Allergies in School

ADM-5141.5a-e Suicide Prevention and Intervention



BEN-P001 New Hires Benefits Procedure
BEN-P002 Termination of Employee
BEN-P003 Retirement Over 65 Procedure
BEN-P004 Open Enrollment Procedure
BEN-P005 Medical/Life/Long-Term Disability Billing Procedure
BEN-P006 Retirement Under 65 Procedure
BEN-P007 Medicare Reimbursement Procedure

Curriculum/Professional Development


CUR-F006 Design Your Own Professional Development Experience
CUR-F007 Design Your Own Verification of Completion
CUR-F012 Professional Development Leave Request
CUR-F046 Field Trip Medical Form
CUR-F047 Field Trip Request Application
CUR-F049 Field Trip Permission Slip
CUR-F051 Overnight Conference Request
CUR-F056 Request for Release of Information - High School


CUR-P001 Professional Development and Evaluation Procedure
CUR-P002 Continuing Education Unit Guidelines
CUR-P003 Certified School Leader Evaluation Procedure
CUR-P004 Certified Teacher Evaluation
CUR-P005 New Textbook Procedures
CUR-P006 New Curriculum Procedure
CUR-P007 State Mandated Testing Procedure
CUR-P013 Regional Day Field Trip
CUR-P014 Overnight Field Trip
CUR-P015 Computers or Peripherals for Replacement and/or Disposal



CUS-F001 Room Cleaning Checklist
CUS-F002 Lavatory Inspection
CUS-F003 Classroom Inspection Checklist
CUS-F004 Corridor, Stairwell and Vestibule Checklist
CUS-F006 Kitchen Inspection Checklist
CUS-F007 Multi-Purpose Room Inspection Checklist
MTC-F001 Indoor Air Quality Complaint and Site Inspection Form
MTC-F004 Application for Use of Public School Building
MTC-F005 Custodial Supplies
MTC-F006 Custodial Survey
MTC-F007 Maintenance Survey
MTC-F009 Instructions to Coaches and Advisors Using School Facilities Outside Normal Hours
MTC-F010 Coaches/Advisors Sign-In Log


CUS-P001 Summer Clean Up Procedure
CUS-P002 Custodial Supervisor Inspection of Site Procedure
CUS-P003 Custodial Vacation Duties Procedure
CUS-P004 Groundskeeping for Middle and Elementary Schools
MTC-P001 Maintenance Work Order
MTC-P002 Indoor Air Quality Complaint Process
MTC-P003 Maintenance Inventory Disposal
MTC-P005 Custodial Ordering and Delivery
MTC-P006 Mail Handling
MTC-P007 Calibration Backflow Tester
MTC-P008 Use of Public Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment
MTC-P009 Use of Facilities by Coaches and Advisors



FSD-F001      New Employee Requirements Checklist
FSD-F002      Foodservice Employee Evaluation
FSD-F004      New Hire Checklist
FSD-F005      Foodservice - Substitute Information - New Hire
FSD-F007      Free/Reduced Meal Application
FSD-F008      Milford Foodservice Answers to School Lunch
FSD-F009      Refrigeration and Freezer Time and Temperature
FSD-F010      Lunch Request
FSD-F011      Thermometer Calibration Log


FSD-P001      Foodservice Substitute Application and Hiring
FSD-P002      Free/Reduced Meal Process
FSD-P003      School Lunch Payment Procedure
FSD-P005      Cash Handling Procedure
FSD-P006      Verification for Free/Reduced Meal
FSD-P007      Cooking Potentially Hazardous Foods
FSD-P008      Cooling Potentially Hazardous Foods
FSD-P009      Holding Potentially Hazardous Foods
FSD-P010      Using and Calibrating a Thermometer

Work Instructions

FSD-W001      Verification of Credit Card Deposit
FSD-W002      Measurement and Calibration of Equipment

Information Systems


ISD-P002      Help Desk Procedure
ISD-P006      Daily Attendance Procedure
ISD-P007      Personal Computer Backup



PAY-F001      Substitute Time Record
PAY-F002      Sign-Out Sheet for Paychecks
PAY-F003      Teachers Covering for Teachers - Time Record
PAY-F006      Leave Request
PAY-F008      Payroll Direct Deposit Form
PAY-F010      Tax Sheltered Annuity Adjustment Form
PAY-F014      Miscellaneous Special Payroll Authorization


PAY-P001      Payroll Processing
PAY-P002      Direct Deposit Procedure
PAY-P003      Garnishment Procedure
PAY-P004      Teachers Retirement Board Procedure
PAY-P005      Payroll Deduction Procedure
PAY-P007      Tax Shelter Annuity Procedure
PAY-P008      Payroll Absence Reporting Procedure
PAY-P009      Student Activity Funds Payroll & Benefits
PAY-P010      Leave Requests
PAY-P011      Miscellaneous Jobs Payroll

Work Instructions

PAY-W001      Payroll Processing of Personnel Action Notices (PAN)

Personnel/Human Resources


PER-F001 Personnel Alert Request
PER-F003 Employee Application for Internally Posted Position
PER-F004 Payroll Action Request
PER-F005 Degree Change Acknowledgement Letter
PER-F008 Exit Interview Survey
PER-F009 Degree Change Letter - Late
PER-F010 Student Teacher Request
PER-F011 Student Teacher Preliminary Placement
PER-F012 Student Teacher Placement Confirmation
PER-F018 Application for Employment
PER-F019 Drug/Alcohol-Free Workplace Acknowledgement Form
PER-F020 Electronic Mail Usage
PER-F023 Paraprofessional Evaluation
PER-F024 Secretarial Evaluation
PER-F025 Custodial Evaluation
PER-F028 School Nurse Evaluation
PER-F031 Substitute Teacher Profile Data Sheet
PER-F043 Letter to Coaches Regarding Paperwork Due
PER-F046 Memo Paperwork 1st Notice to Teacher
PER-F047 Paperwork Follow-up for Teachers - 2nd Notice
PER-F048 Paperwork Follow-up for Teachers - 3rd Notice
PER-F053 Sick Leave Bank
PER-F056 Employee Identification Badge Request
PER-F057 Staff Emergency Information Sheet


PER-P001 Substitute Teacher Application and Hiring Process
PER-P003 Retiree Recognition Letter Procedure
PER-P004 Recruitment
PER-P005 Varsity Head Coach Recruitment and Hiring Procedure
PER-P006 Degree Change Procedure
PER-P007 Payroll Action Notification (PAN)
PER-P008 Exit Interview Survey Procedure
PER-P009 Grievance Procedure
PER-P010 Non-Renewal of Non-Tenured Teacher Contracts
PER-P012 Employee Identification Badge

Work Instructions

PER-W001 Job Posting Work Instruction
PER-W002 Annual Administrators' Salary Agreements
PER-W003 Annual Evaluation of Para-Educators, Secretaries, Nurses
PER-W004 Annual Teachers' Salary Agreements
PER-W005 Strategic School Profile
PER-W006 New Teacher Employment Verification
PER-W007 Student Teacher Placement
PER-W008 Intern Placement
PER-W010 Monthly Personnel Activity Reporting to the BOE
PER-W012 New Hire
PER-W017 Processing of Unemployment Claims
PER-W018 Probationary Period Evaluations for Para-Educators/Secy's/Media Aides/Custodians

Pupil Personnel Services (Special Education)


PPS-F002 McKinney-Vento Act Residency Eligibility/Rights Info
PPS-F003 Affadavit of Residency #1
PPS-F004 Affadavit of Residency #2
PPS-F005 Affadavit of Residency #3
PPS-F007 Proof of Residency for Purpose of School Attendance
PPS-F008 to F011 Crisis Reporting Form; Crisis Reporting Exit; Safety Plan; Crisis Intervention Re-Entry Form; Resource List
PPS-F012 Transfer of Confidential Information
PPS-F014 Incident Report of Seclusion
PPS-F015 Incident Report of Physical Restraint
PPS-F018 Crisis Intervention
PPS-F019 Consent for Reimbursement/Medicaid


PPS-P001 Parent Referral for Special Education Services
PPS-P002 School Referral Process for Special Education
PPS-P003 Evaluation of Student Referral to Special Education
PPS-P004 Re-evaluation of Student for Special Education
PPS-P005 Decision on Independent Educational Evaluation
PPS-P006 Individualized Education Program Meeting
PPS-P007 Special Education Transfer Students
PPS-P008 Special Education Student Placement
PPS-P010 Residency



PUR-F002 Inventory Disposal Form
PUR-F004 New Vendor Request Form
PUR-F005 Student Accident Report
PUR-F006 Athletic Injury Report Form
PUR-F008 Incident/Issue Report for Students
PUR-F009 Incident/Accident Report for General Public
PUR-F012 Student Activity Funds - New Vendor Request Form


PUR-P001 Bid Procedure
PUR-P002 Inventory Disposal
PUR-P003 Athletic Accident/Insurance Procedure
PUR-P004 Vendor Qualification and Evaluation Procedure
PUR-P005 Accident/Incident for Students and/or General Public Procedure
PUR-P006 Vendor Number Assignment



SAF-F001      Emergency Evacuation Plan for Person with Accommodations


SAF-P002      Elementary Students' Safety on School Buses While Utilizing Backpacks
SAF-P003      Emergency Evacuation Plan for Person Requiring Accommodations



TRN-F001      Request for Bus Stop/Route Changes/Additions/Deletions
TRN-F002      Bus Accident/Incident Form
TRN-F003      Application for Non-Eligible Resident Students Regarding Bus Transportation


TRN-P001      Regular Education Students Grades K-12 Bus Route Scheduling
TRN-P002      Accident/Incident Report for School Buses
TRN-P003      Transportation Route Changes K-12 Grade all School Regular
TRN-P004      Transportation Student Conduct/Complaint
TRN-P005      Application for Non-Eligible Resident Students