As of September 1, 2020, Milford Public Schools and the School Readiness Program have placed a moratorium on accepting new students to the waitlist. The program waitlists are full for the next three years through the 2023-2024 school year. MPS and the School Readiness Program will inform the Milford community when the moratorium is lifted and the manner through which a family may apply to the program. For other information on the program, please contact Milford School Readiness/Ready to Learn at (203) 783-3627.

The State of Connecticut Readiness Program is administered by the Office of Early Childhood.  The Connecticut Office of Early Childhood was established in 2013 to coordinate and improve the various early childhood programs and components in the state to create a cohesive high-quality early childhood system.  The OEC is organized into four divisions:  Early Care and Education, Licensing, Early Intervention, and Family Support Services.  The Milford School Readiness/Ready to Learn program receives funding from the state in order to move these initiatives forward.  Fees are also charged to participating families to help supplement the costs of operating the program.