Milford Public Schools 

Welcome to the Milford Public Schools Preschool Program!  Your child is about to begin a preschool experience that will help shape his/her educational future.

Our program promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of young children.  Preschool learning is viewed as an interactive process between the child's thoughts and experiences with materials, adults, and other children.  Active thinking and experimenting are important activities during the school day session.

All children are welcome at the Milford Public Schools Preschool Program -- both typically developing youngsters as well as children with special needs.  Exposure to a preschool experience is extremely beneficial for all in attendance.


Students who are 3- and 4-years of age may attend Milford Public Schools Preschool. For students with special needs, entry may begin as soon as the child is 3 years of age. For typically-developing students who have turned 3 already, the school term generally will begin in the fall of that year (ex:  student turns 3 in February; student may begin preschool later that fall).  At a minimum, typically-developing children must be 3 years + 1 month of age.

Days, Hours, Fees

The Milford Public Schools Preschool schedule is uniquely flexible.  Students may attend as few as 2 sessions a week or as many as 5.

The program operates a morning session and an afternoon session.  

3-year old students are generally enrolled in the morning session for 2 ¾ hours per session.

4-year old students are generally enrolled in the afternoon session for 3 hours per session.

Students who have been identified as having special needs attend at no charge.

Typically-developing peers pay the tuition rate of $18 per day. This is the maximum rate. 
If your family qualifies for a reduced tuition scale, your fees will be lower. 


Our Preschool Program curriculum follows the State of Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards.

Developmentally-appropriate activities are planned by each preschool teacher based on the age span of the children within each class.  Our preschool classrooms have various centers specifically set up for play and learning.  Centers include Reading, Math, Building/Blocks, Dress-Up/Pretend Play, Art, Music and Fine Motor Skills.  Throughout the day, your child will have an opportunity to think, reason, experiment and participate in each center.

Skills that will be developed through play are:

Social Development
Listening & Speaking
Thought Development
Motor Development
Daily Living Skills
Creative Expression


For students who have been identified as having special needs, transportation is provided.

Students who do not have special needs may receive transportation, depending on a set of very limited scenarios.  Students without special needs can receive transportation only if they attend a registered/licensed day care center where a fellow Milford Preschool student with special needs also attends.  Please contact Nettie Harding in our PPS office at (203) 783-3453 for additional information. 

To get started, call the Milford Public Schools Preschool office.  Speak with Nettie Harding at (203) 783-3453, Andrea Giannattasio at (203) 783-3493 or Mollie Rascoll at (203) 882-5870.