Common Core Information

State and National Impact on Curriculum:
The Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

For more than 100 years, philosophers and theorists have considered the notion of education delivery being consistent 'across the board.' The concept centers on teaching a subject in the same way, to the same extent, to every student, in every educational community -- no matter where the student lives or what their background may be.

With the release of the 2004 report, Ready or Not: Creating a High School Diploma That Counts, research showed:
- Employers and colleges were demanding more of high school graduates than in the past;
- Students were graduating without the skills they needed to be successful in college or the work world; and
- A standard high school diploma had, unfortunately, become devalued and was no longer enough to be successful in the future.

Since then, a set of Common Standards have been written, thanks to the devoted work of thousands of people: the National Governors Assoc., the Student Achievement Partners group, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and many, many researchers and educators across the country.

The standards, appropriately named the COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS, were released in June 2010, and every State was encouraged to adopt these standards and agree to create curriculum in support of them. Connecticut adopted the Common Core State Standards on July 7, 2010 -- and public school districts throughout the state have been working with state officials to develop curriculum in support of those standards. To date, 46 states have adopted the Common Core State Standards (also known as CCSS).

The Common Core State Standards are a set of research-based, globally competitive K-12 expectations for English languagearts and mathematics.

A great deal of information has been prepared to help parents, staff, and members of the community understand the details surrounding the CCSS and the work that continues to be done on this exciting new initiative. Please click on the logo (upper right) to learn more about the CCSS.