What is Blogging?

Watch this School Tube Video to find out

Rules About Blogging:

  1. The blog is school property – you are under the AUP when using it – abuse of this blog could lead to serious consequences;

  2. Do not give out personal information on this blog – over 200 people will be reading it regularly;

  3. Use your best spelling, grammar and correct punctuation;

  4. Do not share your password for this blog with anyone;

  5. Be aware of your digital footprint – pictures, videos and words sent on the internet, by cell phone, iPad or any other device NEVER go away – even if you think you deleted it. Be thoughtful about this – act as though everything you do by computer could be going on the front page of a newspaper.

How Do I Blog

Do this first: Directions for using Kidblog are here including class codes.

After you are registered as a user you can use these links to go directly to the blog for your book:



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