Community Service

The Milford Public School district places a high priority on students volunteering their time in the community.

To reward these good efforts, students who complete 200 hours or more of community service during their time in high school will be awarded a Graduation with Distinction for Community Service certificate.

Community service is voluntary time (without compensation) spent on selfless acts which benefit the school community and/or the wider community.

Students are required to keep track of community service hours on the Foran High School form available in the Main Office and the Guidance Office with all recorded hours of service authenticated by a volunteer coordinator signature. There are a variety of requirements associated with this distinction so it is essential to thoroughly read the policy and procedure on the form and in the Parent-Student Handbook. Any questions please contact Mrs. Wunder in Guidance. 

Community Service Forms 

Summer Form June 1, 2017- August 31, 2017

Community Service Form September 1, 2017- May 31, 2018

Student Parking Permit

All students who drive to school must all their vehicles registered and display a Foran issued Parking Pass. There is NO exception to this rule. Parking on campus will only be permitted if a student has an updated Foran issued parking pass in their vehicle. Student drivers may park in the front of the school and lower lot by the band wing. Students are not allowed to park beyond the yellow line in the back of the building.  Go the security booth for a form or click on the link below. 



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