Do we celebrate birthdays in school?

We love to celebrate birthdays!  We are a "food free" school, but there are many other fun ways to celebrate special occasions.  The children love having guest readers, and goodie bags with non-food items such as pencil grips and erasers can be distributed.


Can birthday invitations be distributed in school?

If your child is inviting the whole class, invitations may be distributed in school.  If your daughter is inviting all of the girls, or your son is inviting all of the boys, invitations can be passed out in school.  Otherwise, please make arrangements outside of school.  We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings!


Do we have snack daily?

Yes, we have snack daily at about 10:15.  Please provide a healthy, nut-free snack.  We also have snack on delayed openings.


Can conferences be scheduled throughout the year?

In addition to the two conferences provided by the district, I am available before and after school.  Please email me at or send a note with your child.

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