Suggested Supply List

Everything on this list is for your personal use. You are not required to purchase the supplies on the list. These are recommended items to help you in school on a daily basis.

1 – 1 ½ inch 3 ring binder – The one with the clear pocket cover is the best choice. You will be designing your own cover. This will be used for a portfolio, not for daily classwork. Please don’t pre-fill it with paper and dividers.

1 packet of loose leaf paper

Subject dividers

Composition notebook

Small pencil box/bag – the large ones do not fit in the desk

Package of pencil-these will need to be refilled frequently

A few dry erase markers

A few colored pens for correcting

1-2 glue sticks

A clean mis-matched sock – We use these as erasers on white boards

Donations of tissues and disinfecting wipes are always welcome!!!

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