Hello, room 21 families...Here is this month's classroom update!

In math, we are in the midst of our "Equal Groups" unit. The kids have been using a variety of strategies (skip counting, using related facts, drawing arrays, etc.) to solve multiplication equations. We have also used multiplication to help us find the area of certain shapes, and have highlighted the relationship between multiplication and division - repeated addition, versus repeated subtraction. Next up will be our exploration of Perimeter, Angles, and Area! Practicing math facts at home will continue to be helpful! In reading, we have just started our Nonfiction unit. The kids are able to question themselves before, during, and after reading, and are learning how nonfiction text features can help us better understand what we are reading. We'll transition from Nonfiction to our Traditional Literature unit. In writing, we are continuing to use our five senses to show rather than tell the reader what we are writing about. In science, the kids are learning all about weather. Most recently, they have been comparing and contrasting weather and climate, and are charting the weather daily. Once finished, we will move back into social studies, and will begin our study of America's indigenous peoples.

We will be visiting the Holiday Shop December 13 at 2:00 p.m.

As always, check back monthly for updates! Happy Holidays! :)

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