Mrs. Bacon's Dictionary

Random Words by Mrs. Bacon


Beautilicous- Something that is SO beautiful, it's more than just beautiful.


Fantabulous- Fabulous and fantastic put together.


splendiforous- First off- this is a real word. It is just a fancy way of saying splendid.


"Super-duper ruler trick"- When you line up the side of your ruler to the side of your paper to create straight vertical or horizontal lines.


Smudge- To smooth and push together at the same time.


Purperder- A dark purple color. (Thanks Dazon)


"Super Duper Brick Trick"- The fastest technique of using the SDRT to create bricks. 


Blubble- The combination of a block and bubble letters.


Surfaceseses- A way to emphasize that you need to scratch ALL surfaces of the clay to make them stick together.


Parellelelel- A way to emphasize to make your lines parellel to the original shape when drawing in perspective.



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