Homework is an essential part of the learning process and needs to be completed on time. Students should expect to have homework each week. The weekly number of assignments will vary. In the absence of written homework, students are expected to study for 15-20 minutes. When students maintain a regular study schedule, tests/quizzes will be more manageable as they have been preparing all along in smaller increments. Homework is given to review what was learned in class that day or to prepare students for the next day's lesson. It is for this reason that students must be prepared with their assignments. All work should be carefully completed reflecting much effort and pride. Students should always feel that any assignment that has been completed demonstrates their best work. Work should always have proper capitalization and punctuation and MUST be proofread before being turned in. All homework will be recorded in the assignment pad. Work should be done neatly, with the proper heading as modeled in class, on white lined notebook paper or typed on the computer.

Organization is a key to success in middle school!


At the start of every class, students are asked to put their pencil(s), a blue/black pen, a highlighter, and correcting tool out at their space so they are prepared for class. Next, any work (homework, unfinished work from the previous class) should also be ready on the student's table. Finally, we are ready to begin the process of learning!

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