Foran Resource Lists for Social Studies Research Projects:

      World War II

      World War I

      Diseases That Change America

      Greek Myths and History of Ancient Greece 

      Reformers of the Early Nineteenth Century - Dinner Party Activity

      Enlightenment Figures Resources  

      The Enlightenment 

      Landmark Cases of the Supreme Court    

      Mr. Cesare's Civil War webquest link 

      Primary Source Resources for the Reconstruction Era

      The Roaring Twenties

      The New Deal

      Directions for Creating a Google Site

      Genetically Modified Foods, Factory Farming, Animal Rights


      Copyright Free Images and Photos

      Progressive Era Resources

      Progressive Era Presidents

      Civics - Cartoons (Google Drawing instructions)

      Constitutions of the World

      World Religions

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World Historical Newspapers Elephind

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General Social Studies websites

Library of Congress                                   Primary Source Documents

National Archives                                      Government Printing Office

U.S. Census Bureau                                  Life Images of World Events

Infotopia Social Science links                     Public Speeches

Internet Public Library links                       Federal Register

U.S. Statistical Abstracts                           Amazing Americans biographies

Best of History websites                           Notable American Women

Google Cultural Institute                           Declassified FBI Records

Gilder Lehrman History Collection              History News Network (George Mason U)

American History & Government

U.S. Government (web portal to all U.S. governmental agencies)

Congress: House of Representatives

Daily Congressional Hearings

American History documents

American Memory Project

Historic American newspapers

Historical newspapers

U.S. Office of the Historian

Veteran's History Project

American Local History network

U.S. Civil Rights Movement

Congressional Timeline

Federal News Service transcripts of political events

Television News Broadcasts since 1968

Early Films of New York 1898-1906

Historic New York City Photos

Federal Election Commission

Congress Votes

Correspondence/Writings of Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison

National Archives Blogs

Women's History

National Women's History Project

National Women's History Museum

Makers documentaries of women's lives

Revolutionary War

American Revolution Princeton University Primary Resources

Civil War

Smithsonian Civil War website

American Civil War Resources (iCONN)

Civil War nautical charts

National Park Service Civil War

World War I

World War I in Photos

Connecticut in World War I

World War II

Homefront Project:

U.S. Homefront in WWII (

America's Patriotic Victory Gardens (

American Homefront (Gilder Lehrman collection)

The American Homefront (

Homefront (National World War II Museum)

Women on the Homefront (Digital Public Library of America)

Connecticut History

Connecticut Historical Society

List of local Connecticut town historical societies

Milford Historical Society

Bridgeport Library Historical Collections

New Haven Museum


Presidents of the United States

American Presidency documents

Historic Presidential Campaign Commercials

Presidential Biographies

George Washington Encyclopedia

Writings of Abraham Lincoln

Presidents Morphing Portraits

National Archives: Presidential Libraries

John F. Kennedy Library

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

The American Presidency Project

Preserving U.S. Presidential Campaigns

PBS 30 Second Candidate

4 President.Org Guide to Presidential Campaigns since 1960

The Campaign Trail

U.S. Presidential Audio Recordings

Stanford's Political Communication Lab

Presidential Campaigns

Commission on Presidential Debates

Great Moments in Campaign History

Primary Sources

American History Primary Sources

World History Primary Sources

Gilder Lehrman Collection Primary Source Documents

Images of Colonialism

Retronaut Images, Audio & Video from the Past

Primary Source Sets from the Library of Congress

Primary Source Sets from the Digital Public Library of America

Geography/Current Events

The United Nations

CIA World Factbook

World Health Organization

U.S. State Department

U.S. Embassies & Consulates

Library of Congress Country Studies

UNESCO Institute for Statistics (international stats)

Geography Links from Infotopia

Government Debt

Roper Public Opinion Archives

Gallup Survey Statistics

US Geological Survey Historical Topographic Maps

Worldwide Statistical Information

Global Migration Info (1990-2010)  :GeoGuessr is a web-based geographic discovery game. It uses a Google Street View locations and requires players to guess their location using only the clues visible. There are different challenges/games, including the world, USA, Famous Places, Canada, Japan, etc.  You can play in Single player or challenge mode.


Youth and Government

National Constitution Center

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Cases

Landmark Cases C-Span


21 Most Famous Supreme Court Cases USA Today

CNN Fast Facts Top U.S. Supreme Court cases

Legal Information Institute at Cornell University

PBS Supreme Court Landmark Cases

Washington Post Historic Court Cases 

World History

World & Ancient History website links

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

Queen Victoria's Journals

16th-18th Century Maps

Ancient Cultures

Websites & Apps for Exploring Ancient Worlds

Medieval Times

Medieval Fashion

Medieval Medical Illustrations

The MacKinney Collection of Medieval Medical Illustrations

Napoleonic Wars

Napoleonic Wars - West Point links

Napoleonic Wars - PBS links

Napoleon and the United States

Napoleon and Napoleonic Wars - George Mason University

Napoleonic Wars Timeline


World Religions

Global World Religions Foran Resources


Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Foran's ebook:  History of Western Philosophy

Ebook:  The Big Questions: A Short Introduction to Philosophy


Foran's ebook: A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud

Psychology Resources for Students


Anthropology links










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