Spanish 4 Level 1:



Description of Course: Spanish 4 Level 1 provides students the opportunity to further develop, improve and refine their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Emphasis continues to be placed on aural skills with additional emphasis on reading and writing in the target language. Supplementary materials are implemented to enhance language use. Students experience multiple opportunities to demonstrate their proficiency in Spanish in different contexts. Aspects of contemporary Hispanic culture are emphasized through cultural readings, media, games, and class discussions. Assessment of student performance is identified through written tests and quizzes. In addition, students may also be assessed by means of oral tests, spoken dialogues, presentations, short compositions and other displays. Homework assignments are an integral part of this course. They reinforce concepts/skills introduced and explored in class, which enable students to participate in class discussions and activities in a meaningful way. Completion of homework assignments is essential to being successful in this course. Pre-AP activities will be integrated into the curriculum.


Spanish 4 Level 1: Amsco Grammar (AMSCO Publication)

 In addition, the following ancillary materials may also be utilized: Total Physical Response storytelling materials, novels, short stories, soap operas, and authentic realia such as but not limited to frequent level-appropriate listening activities that correspond to the textbook as well as music,  radio announcements, podcasts, SAT II Spanish, and pre-AP CDs, newspapers, magazines, Wiki’s and other online exercises.

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