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Useful ESL Sites ( GAMES) ( Reading, listening to storybooks)Good! ( reading,listening) (VOCABULARY) (excellent) (excellent) (speaking and listening) (listening) (**) ( excellent)



 Useful Spanish Internet sites 





                        ( Great for flashcards and games for all classes)


                        (excellent cultural material, including activities,dealing with cultural events)

                        ( AVATARS)

                        ( WORD CLOUDS)

                        ( PRESENTATION TOOL and BOOK TALKS)

                        ( BOOK TALKS)

                        ( CARTOON GENERATORS)


                        ( AUDIO)

                        ( AUDIO)

                        ( WIKIS)


Newspapers (Spain) (All Latin American countries)









HOLIDAY VIDEOS (Dia de los Muertos: GOOD) (Dia de los Muertos 2.50 mins (Day of Dead Video 4 mins)
Recipes (Latin American) (Mexican) (Spanish) 

Games (Puzzles) 

Avoiding Plagerisim
Working the Web for Education
Answers to Movie Copyright Questions
Copyright Guidelines for Students
Student Created Posters on the Internet
Aventuras de Manolito






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