Contrary to popular student belief,  " Study for Test" does NOT mean that there is no homework for the evening!!!

I recommend that students who have no WRITTEN homework for the night in a certain class spend at least 10-15 minutes per class reviewing notes from class, rereading chapters, PRE- reading chapters, making vocabulary flashcards...

Below are some strategies that may help you and your child get into the study groove!!

1.) Do NOT wait  until the night before a test. Most (if not all) teachers announce that a test/quiz is coming at least 3-5 days in advance. But even before that, you can assume an assessment is coming and start by making those vocab flashcards and reviewing them each night!!

2.) Have a spot that is quiet, well lit and distraction free.

3.) Work with your parent/child to figure out a schedule that works for your own needs and family's schedule and stick to it!!.. Not everyone can come home from a full day at school and get right to their homework... Maybe have a snack and play outside break for an hour and then get to work.... Other people like to dive right in and get the work over with.... Take some time to figure this out about yourself if you do not already know it...

4.) Studying does NOT mean staring at a book or notes and hoping it sinks in... In order to be an effective study session, there needs to be ACTION!! imagine trying to get better at baseball by watching it on TV... NOT GONNA HAPPEN  - Check out my individual class pages for specific ways to study for each individual classes.


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