Period 3 ~ Grade 7 RED TEAM Science

Period 3 Grade 7 Red Team Science Homework

Monday, 10/16- Finish all Ecosystems 1 Vocabulary (except for "interact" and "energy" by Wednesday).

Thursday, 10/12- Review all energy role vocabulary for quiz tomorrow. 

Wednesday, 10/11- Create a food web depicting the species within the Yellowstone ecosystem in your notebook. 

Tuesday, 10/10- Complete Food Web Worksheet

Thursday, 10/5 - Last call for all  column entries for vocabulary up to biosphere!

Tuesday, 10/3- 1. Finish and review vocabulary up to biosphere. 2. View new wolves video. 3. Update your notebook with new questions. 

Monday, 10/2- Complete vocabulary definitions analogies/sentences, and illustrations for population, community, ecosystem, interdependence. 

Thursday, 9/28 - Complete Ecosystems vocabulary: ecology, biotic, & abiotic using videos on class web page.

Tuesday, 9/27 - Answer quiz questions on the Yellowstone Volcanic activity.

Monday, 9/25 - Brainstorm & generate a list of 10 questions about the Yellowstone wolves in your notebook. 

Friday, 9/22- Fresh Air! Stay cool!

Thurs., 9/21 - NO SCHOOL.

Wed., 9/20 - Last Call for your states lists.

Tues., 9/19 - 1. List all the the U.S states that you've been. 2. List states that you would like to visit. 

Mon., 9/18 -  Answer questions on Newsela article: "Government Decides that Yellowstone Grizzly Bears No Longer Need protection."

Weds., 9/13 - Safety Quiz on Friday, 9/15. Review and study your notes!

Tues., 9/12 - 
1. Review & STUDY today's SAFETY notes.  (HINT! HINT! HINT!)

Monday, 9/11 - 1. Last call for signed science contracts. 2. Complete 4 Do's and 4 Dont's on your safety topic. 

Thurs., 9/7- 1. Signed Science Safety contracts are due by Tuesday, 9/12. 2. Read & highlight "Safety First" article.

Weds., 9/6 - None

Tuesday, 9/5 - Finish the "Power of Words" assignment; otherwise, "No homework!"

Fri., 9/1 - 1. Review suggested Science Supply List.    2. We will wrap up "The Power of Words" assignment on Tuesday. It is due Wed., 9/6.

Thursday, 8/31 -  "Fresh Air!"

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